Skin Doctors Ampoules

Hiya Darlins, I hope you are staying safe and well in these crazy times! I think we all find our own way of dealing with it all, whatever that may be I think the secret is to be kind to yourself, no point beating yourself up for things you can't control. Personally I can't wait for the day we can hug someone without fear and the day I can get into the shops using the back of my hand for all the beauty testers again. In today's post I want to talk about the new craze for amp… Read more

Boucleme Colour Toning Drops

Hi Loves, Anyone that knows me will know of my transition from what was once a Burgundy bob hair cut through to bleaching in an aim to eventually become fully grey, which is thankfully where I am now, interestingly so many people on my social media are attempting to become fully grey during this Covid situation, I think during lockdown so many missed their hairdressers they decided to brave the grey roots and embrace the transition.  The relief of no longer having to deal with root to… Read more

Aquis Lisse D' Air Travel Turban

Hi Loves, You all know by now my absolute passion for Aquis Hair Turbans and Towels, I use nothing else on my hair as there is nothing else to compare to the drying time produced by these amazing products, the Aquitex® fabric literally wicks away water and leaves your hair 50% dryer in less time than using an ordinary towel, you can read my previous thoughts on Aquis Hair here. The new Lisse D' Air Turban has been created with travel in mind being 45% more compact and weighing in 22… Read more

Playtex Secret Comfort Range

Hiya Darlins, I don't know about you but during this time of spending so much time at home, my bras have become pretty redundant, not that I would leave the house without one!  Oh no, those days are long over!  but for us ladies who like to remove the instrument of torture as soon as we get indoors, it's been quite freeing not to have to bother of late.  That said when you do find that you have to wear one it seriously feels strange are really uncomfortable, it's a transiti… Read more

Thalgo Exception Marine

Hi My Loves, I do love it when I can bring you what is to me a totally new discovery. Thalgo is just that brand, obviously like everyone I had heard of them but had not got round to trying them out, sowhen Thalgo got in touch  with an offer to try out some items I was delighted to say a very quick "yes please"  It's always interesting trying something out that has been on your radar, as in the past I have been super excited only to be left feeling a little flat and   somew… Read more