BioRePeelCl3 from BeautyFX Pro

Hiya Darlins Ever fancied a face peel?  scary thought eh?  whenever I think of a full on peel I expect to have my face dropping off with a really long recovery period while the skin heals, or on the other hand a product that calls itself peel that does virtually nothing to your face other than leaving you wondering why you spent the money. Just before Christmas I was invited to Harley St to try out a BioRePeel, this is a clinical grade treatment with no downtime, sounds good right? I ha… Read more

Rubis Classic Scissors

Hi Loves,  OK how excited can you get about a pair of scissors?  I am here to tell you, very flipping excited actually, you know sometimes in life you come across something you didn't know you needed then once you have it you wonder how you ever did without it? I feel the same way about this little pair of scissors as I do my apple corer/slicer!  I mean seriously, some things just make life so much easier.  Confession time.  I usually use nail clippers to trim my nails!!!  Yes I kno… Read more

Magnitone Feather Blend Replacement Brush Head

Hi Loves Following up on my post USB/Battery Foundation Brushes   I am delighted to announce that my first love Magnitone BlendUp  Vibra-Sonic makeup brush is back!  not just back but back with improvements!  Who Knew? My initial review and first impressions of the Blendup are here Since my first Magnitone BlendUp the brand have added to the range with new brush heads and a fabulous travel case available directly from Magnitone for only £10.00 HERE The addition of this black quilted case w… Read more

PLouise Base

Hiya Darlins If you are a blogger I can hear you groaning "OMG late to the party"  well this blog post is not for bloggers it's for my ladies who wouldn't usually have heard of Paige Louise from Manchester!  I was blown away when I read her story  ( after purchasing the base) I have to admit I was seriously impressed by her story, plus she loves her Mum which cinched the deal for me. I wanted to try out the alleged worlds best eye shadow base, one of the reasons for thi… Read more

Color WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Hiya Darlins, I have been tempted to Color WOW Dream Coat for a little while now, mainly being the Magpie that I am I was particularly attracted to the shiny shiny silver bottle!  Yep, I am a self confessed packaging trollop! if it's pretty or shiny it has my name all over it and calls at me rather loudly. Recently I had a spa day with my daughter, and while we sat in the sauna eves dropping I heard a lady telling her friend about this product that she had bought for her hair to tot… Read more