USB / Battery Foundation Brushes

Hiya Darlins If you keep up with my Instagram?  at least one of you must :)  you would have seen me moaning just before Christmas that my beautiful Magnitone Blend Up makeup brush had broken! you can read my original review here No fault at all of my beloved blender, it was my own fault for being too heavy handed trying to remove the head for cleaning. As it was just before Christmas I felt a little awkward about buying myself a new present although I was heartbroken.  And now with the f… Read more

AlphaH Limited Edition Damask Rose Collection QVC TSV

Hi Loves If you don't already know of my AlphaH obsession where have you been hiding?  AlphaH tends to feature in my skincare routine almost daily in some form or other, my first discovery was AlphaH Liquid Gold which is now something I couldn't ever be without, it eats up those dead skin cells like nothing on earth, leaving your skin visibly glowing in the mornings to the point where you can't help but keep touching your skin to actually realise it really is yours! QVC are o… Read more

Lumity 4-in-1 Cleanse

Hiya Darlins You know of my addiction to Lumity Life supplements I first started using these in 2017, you can read my initial thoughts here . The brand have gone from strength to strength and are now a firm celebrity favourite. My next post including Lumity was where I discussed 5 lessons I would have told my younger self. Today I am here discussing my thoughts on the latest Lumity product. Lumity Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleanse 100ml £55.00 10ml sample size available at £15.00  F… Read more

Vida Glow Beauty Mind helping SAD

Hiya Darlins You all know that I am mad keen on supplements, I like to think a bit like the Tesco slogan "every little helps"   When I heard of something that helps the mind and aids in solving the problem of seasonal affective disorder ( SAD)  I was all for trying it out. I have suffered with SAD for years, I always just put it down to being a miserable mare in the winter until I discovered that I wasn't alone in my moody misery and that Seasonal Affective Disorder was ac… Read more

bubu Skincare Masks

Hi Loves, What better than a mask and a little chill out time?  The market is absolutely flooded with sheet masks currently so it's difficult not only to choose but also to find one that is more than just a trendy package! bubu was sent to me by one of my favourite Pr's  to try out, had she not have been a favourite I doubt these masks would ever have made it to my desk let alone my face!  ( harsh but fair)  I have to be honest and say my first impression of the packaging was a b… Read more