The English Mineral Makeup Company

Hi Loves This is a really interesting post for me as it has been a real discovery and somewhat of an eye opener. The English Mineral Make Up Company is the brainchild of Mother and Daughter duo Jeanette and Grace Burrows, and was founded with the desire to find a product that could enhance mature skin whilst gentle enough for younger skins.  The reason I say it's been a discovery is that I don't like Mineral make up, this opinion was formed a few years ago when mineral make up … Read more

The English Mineral Makeup Company pt 2

Hi Loves My love for The English Mineral Makeup Company continues with some new discoveries, if you have not heard of the brand take a peep here  where I first discovered them. There are a few photos with this review as I wanted to give you the full effect of the powders   ( especially one ! ) Tone Correctors There are 7 tone correctors in the range one for every skincare problem, shown here is the Green which reduces redness, a fabulous base under foundation to reduce the redness of *hot … Read more

Dr Ceuticals Hand SOS Intensive Balm

Hi Darlins, Winter!  Love it or hate it we have to admit it can cause as much damage to our skin as blazing sunshine. Chapped sore skin is no joke, I can remember years ago as a child being told off for not drying my hands properly. As a child,  I thought it was something to be ignored and not having the reason explained to me couldn't see the big deal, it was only as I got older I understood the reason for the nagging! I know lot's of women who use hand cream as if their life d… Read more

TOO FACED Chocolate Gold Eye Shadow Palette With Swatches

Hi Loves, This is what real love looks like, I cannot describe the joy just owning this palette from Too Faced brings, it really is a thing of beauty from the packaging to the chocoholic fragrance there is nothing not to love. Infused with real Gold and rich Cocoa this is luxury at it's best. 16 butter soft shades including 4 matte shades, 2 of which are prefect transition shades, the foil shimmers are out of this word, easily blendable with a staying power that's second to none.… Read more

DAFNA'S Revival Bio-Active Beauty Mask

Dafna Shaham founded her range of award winning skincare using her own name which translates from Hebrew as Laurel Leaves - hence the company logo. Based in Spain Dafna Skincare is largely based on Ayurvedic philosophy (Ayur’ = life, Veda=knowledge). Which sees the body and mind as strongly connected. The Ayurvedic philosophy is based on 3 Dosha (People) Types, the following will describe these types, if it's not for you, skip this section. The 3 Dosha Types are; 1. Vata Dosha Energy… Read more

Weybridge Dental

#Spons Hi Loves, I don't know about you, but the dentist fills me with dread, we know it's 100% necessary but it doesn't make it any easier, although 99% of the time I have left the surgery wondering why I made it such a big deal in the first place. Heading to the dentist is something we all (should) endure at least every six months. But for many of us, sitting in the dentist chair is an uncomfortable and stressful experience and we dread the day when we might have to have mo… Read more

Head to Toe Vegan at Superdrug

Hi Loves I really felt the need to write this post as whenever I put any Superdrug products onto Instagram and tag them #vegan I get so many messages from people not realising that ALL Superdrug own brand products are Vegan, Vegan Skincare, Vegan Make Up, Vegan Body care, the list is endless. Due to the success of all things Vegan Superdrug actually have a pop up shop in London's Shoreditch that is purely dedicated to showcase their Vegan Beauty. Cruelty Free and Vegan has become so … Read more

Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask

Hiya Darlins If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen pictures from a beautiful launch event that I attended, held for the release of Emma Hardie's latest addition to her world renowned skincare range. I get really excited when something new launches and especially when it comes from a skincare favourite.  Drum roll...........presenting.........Emma Hardie Morninga Renewal Treatment Mask. 75ml  Here I will tell you what's in the tube, next I will tell you if it actually d… Read more