Too Faced Pretty Rich & Dazzling High Shine Sparkle Lip Gloss

Hiya Darlins, When Too Faced bring out newness I'm diving in face first! The new Pretty Rich & Dazzling High Shine Sparkle Lip Glosses are my latest acquisition from the Too Faced Store at Bluewater alongside the fab Too Faced loves London makeup bag. The Pretty Rich range consists of a new eyeshadow Palette, lip glosses and highlighters. Which are obviously all to die for! These are the newest of the shades in the range that are only available currently in store or on the Too Fa… Read more

NYK1 Lashforce Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum

Hi Loves, Everyone wants long lush eyelashes and fashionably shaped bows nowadays, I guess that in itself is nothing new, however now you don't have to put up with whatever you were given by nature in terms of short sparse lashes or spindly brows, technology has come to the rescue. Or has it?  I was really sceptical about trying out this serum as I honestly didn't think anything could make a difference worth talking about, there are quite a few brands popping up on the market an… Read more

Transparency In Blogging

Hi Loves, If you are a blogger you may want to skip this post as most of it won't be news to you in view of the recent guidelines we are all talking about.  This post is to ensure that I have complete transparency on my blog and that there is no confusion for readers as to my intentions with the blog. Firstly let me just say, I am not here to sell to you.  I am not an influencer I am well aware that my readers are intelligent enough to choose where they put their hard earned pounds … Read more

Maria Nila Silver Hair Care

Hiya Darlin If you are a regular visitor to my little space on the inter webby you will know that I strive for grey hair perfection.  As my hair is now almost grey I lighten it a couple of times a year and usually add a grey permanent colour to it, this time around I wanted to see if it were possible to achieve a silver grey without the use of a permanent dye,  really in an attempt to be a little kinder to my hair. I have had the pleasure of trying out the Swedish brand Maria Nila if yo… Read more

Thank You And Forgive Me

Hi Loves I actually didn't think anyone would notice that I had kind of gone a little quiet of late, but from the many gorgeous emails I have had I thought it may be easier to do a little explanation. In fact I need to vanish more often as my blog views have never been higher?  what's that all about? the less you work the more popular your blog?  that can't be right lol.  New Year is always a funny old time for me, I am not one of these people that bounce into the New Year w… Read more

Hair Podz Diamond Edition 2 in 1 Detangling Brush & Mirror

Hi Loves, Just sometimes something comes along that combines good looks and practicality, Hair Podz Diamond Edition 2 in 1 detangling brush & mirror by Hair Secretz is just that thing! I have totally fallen for this magical little hair brush tool, not only does it detangle even the messiest hair  wet or dry with ease it has a removable brush to make cleaning super simple, it flips open to reveal a handy mirror,  with another twist, your brush pops back inside the pod to keep it clea… Read more

New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies

Hi Darlin, I don't know about you but I do love a supplement, I honestly feel that nowadays no matter how hard you try with healthy eating, diets etc,  today's food is seriously lacking in everything we need. With that in mind I was delighted to try out Hair Volume Gummies from New Nordic. These gummies if I'm honest are totally like sweets so 100% enjoyable, they taste of fruity Apple and  as they are sugar coated it tends to be something to look forward to rather than a cho… Read more

e.l.f Marsh-Mellow Soothing Mask

Hiya Lovely, How funny that when we think of e.l.f we tend to think usually of makeup?  I have had a bit of a long term love affair with e.l.f ever since first discovering them in the states, anytime anyone went over I used to pass my list on and be desperate for my goodies to return, no such problem nowadays as e.l.f is readily available in the U.K e.l.f Marsh-Mellow Soothing Mask 50g If you are like me and love a mask containing clay then this will be right up your street, the smooth w… Read more

Glowing Skin With EMMA HARDIE

Hi Loves, It's the time of year when we have overindulged, had too many late nights and can generally look and feel a little lack lustre.  Emma Hardie Skincare has always been right up there bringing us products to bring back a glow to the skin and these three are guaranteed to bring results and get you glowing again ready to face the New Year and all that it has to offer. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Brilliance Facial Oil 30ml This fine lightweight golden oil brings an instantly radiant… Read more

Well that was 2018

Hiya Darlins I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and while I appreciate I am kind of late with this I have to admit to being so switched off an zoned out over the Christmas/New Year Period I am only just starting to get back to normal.  Everyone has gone back to work and the house is empty for the first time in ages, it feels odd but I actually love it, I am quite happy rambling away to myself while I get stuff done, most often to ask myself why I walked into a room as I stand th… Read more