Teacups and flowers

There is something just lovely about vintage tea cups and saucers, and as lovely as they are to own, how often do we give visitors a cup and saucer ? apart from turning them into candles or having them just sat in some sort of display cabinet the idea of using them to display floral displays really appeals to me. Easily done, all you need for a basic display is some oasis, either from a garden centre or florists suppliers. Now you may even want to get a little bit more exotic and add… Read more

"Mutton dressed as lamb "

This afternoon I was in the shower thinking, as you do :) the reason for showering in the afternoon was that I had been pottering in the garden, anyway, my thoughts turned to a saying my mum used to use quite often,   "mutton dressed as lamb ". How strange is it that women would think so badly of each other, when nowadays we celebrate the fact that a woman looks good for her age, in fact we are  a world obsessed with age,  but I think now it's in a good and positive way… Read more

Excited much ?

Today I had the joy of my latest H&M delivery, I had been desperately waiting on it's arrival as the parcel seemed to go via Australia,  thanks to Hermes. Inside my little box of joy were 2 jumpers and the nude handbag I had been lusting after, I have an absolute obsession with this colour as I find it so easy to wear with most things and is for sure the most flattering colour around at the moment,  and my purchases were an absolute bargain, handbag 29.99 online, for some str… Read more


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Summer's on the way

What a feeling when you know Summer is on it's way, it seems that winter is just something to get through until the Daffodils show their little faces, proving Spring has arrived. With the event of closing the retail shop last year this is my first Summer at home, yippee for me, that said, I am no gardener so really had no plans other than sitting in the sun catching some rays :) easier said than done methinks the garden is a mess ! and being the tidy freak that I am couldn't… Read more