MakeUp Revolution Store In A Store At Superdrug

Hiya Darlins This is just a quick post ( famous last words )  On the new concept for Makeup Revolution and Superdrug that I visited on Friday in the Superdrug store in Guildford, it was a 2 and half hour round trip on the dreaded M25, but I'm nosey and wanted to give you the low down. As Lovers of Makeup Revolution and for online shoppers Tam Beauty you will know the range is huge - and I seriously mean HUGE, they are constantly bringing out new items at a lightening rate, so much s… Read more

Four London

Four London Hi Loves Those of you that follow Thelavenderbarnltd on Instagram will have already seen snapshots of my day in London with the Hair Salon Four in Mayfair.  Just to give you a background on Four, the salon is renowned for being the place to go for colouring, Named Four after four of Mayfairs leading hair colour specialists  the salon is home to many famous faces including Nigella Lawson, Tess Daly, Yasmin Le Bon and David Jason to name a few. The salon is famous for its hair c… Read more

Bio Essence 24K Bio Gold Night Cream

Hello to your gorgeous self, Was I right in thinking it would be impossible not to fall in love with this cream based on the packaging alone ?  I did, and was rather hoping that the contents lived up to my expectation, I love anything gold and shiny and with it's 24 Karat Gold particles I was hoping for good things from this glamorous jar. Firstly it would be easy to think that the gold flakes are a gimmick - But no, when absorbed by the skin they release active gold ions that are r… Read more

Calmia Yoga & Wellbeing

Hi Loves As you probably know if you are a regular reader, I have had a few hospital experiences this year, and one has led me to discover I have a bit of a heart problem, this post is not about that as I don't like to dwell on the negative it just explains the reasoning behind my lifestyle changes. I have almost come to the end of a 3 month journey with a wellness coach, there will be a blog post coming soon about this, during this time it led me back to Yoga, I say led me back, bu… Read more

Rimmel Wonder'fully Real Mascara

Hiya Darlins It seems like every time you turn on the TV or pop to the shops there is a new mascara on the market, one that promises, to thicken, lengthen, give fuller sexier lashes, etc. Well, I got caught up in the New From Rimmel London Wonder'fully Real campaign promises, the before and after pictures were stunning, and I have to admit that it has been many many years since I tried anything from Rimmel, they were probably my first foray into the world of makeup and we get seduce… Read more

JD Williams Winter Boots

Hi Loves As much as I am loathed to admit it, Summer is gone and I have begun to think about Winter, packing away all the linens and flip flops is always a tough job and I have to admit I am not one of those people who look forward to the Winter months, I see a lot of comments about loving candles and open fires and while I get it, the thought of being freezing cold and soaked with rain and snow fills me with utter dread. I have to admit that I am actually pretty chuffed to have seen so… Read more

Super Facialist Retinol +

Una Brennon, London based facialist started her own skin care range Super Facialist back in 2012 it now has a cult following of loyal dedicated fans, and I wanted to find out why. The range has something for every skin type and you can mix an match to your hearts content, I have heard a lot about this brand being great skincare at an affordable price, which has to be said is the claim of lots of brands as a great selling point. In this post I am featurning the Retinol + range designed … Read more

Nads Hair Removal

OK OK I know the name causes a giggle in the UK but Nads is the name of the Australian Hair removal company that started in 1992 by Founder Sue Ismiel, it has become a world leader in the home hair removal market, with a huge range of products that are a solution to any hairy problem :) I tested 3 products in the vast range and was lucky enough to be able to use Mr LB as a Guinea pig. Starting with Nads Facial Hair Removing Creme. This cream is specifically designed for the delicate faci… Read more

The Soap Kitchen Bath Bomb Making Kit

Hi Loves Here was a fun evening spent with my Granddaughter, we made bath bombs that would give Lush a run for their money!  all in a kit from The Soap Kitchen, a fantastic website that provides you with everything you would possibly need to hand make bath and beauty products. We started off with a kit which included everything needed to make some floral scented bath bombs in Rose and Lavender. on opening the box you find Essential oils, dried flowers, Bicarbonate of Soda and Citric Aci… Read more

Hiya Darlins This post is all about shopping or to be more precise Sale Shopping, now I know we all love a bargain, especially if it's something special that you have had your eye on a while, but I don't know about you ? as much as I love a bargain I detest going to the shops when the sales are on, all that rummaging - no thanks, it's not for me, however I always end up sighing when someone says " Oh this ?  I got it in the sales "  it's at times like that I r… Read more

Top 5 Beauty Favourites in August

It's that time again, and it never gets easier to make this list, of the 31 products I wrote about in August, I have whittled it down to my top 5 favourites. In No Particular order Beauty Expert Natural Edition XIP Professional Platinum Passion Eyeshadow Collection  Gosh Copenhagen Primer Plus + Skin Adaptor  Nyasa London  Alpha-H Essential Cleansing Balm  That's it from me, as always if I don't like something I don't write about it, but these are the 5 items I wanted to giv… Read more