Time Bomb Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue

Hello Your Gorgeous Self We have all done it at one time or another, stayed too long in the sun when we know we shouldn't, it may have even been like I did years ago before we were totally clued up on SPF protection. Yes - I was the one cooking in baby oil frying like a chip. Lulu's Time Bomb want to give us the naked truth, too much sun exposure can make your skin look rough, leathery and wrinkled at any age.   OUCH they say the truth hurts,  but it's true,  we all know the … Read more

Superdrug Treat Me Range

Hiya Darlin Are you feeling fruity ? whatever the answer you will be once you have tried the new Treat Me Range at Superdrug ! I have recently been using The Body Sorbet in both Avocado & Strawberry and Mango & Coconut.  These lightweight body moisturisers are simply the freshest fruitiest thiNgs I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing !  they are out of this world fresh - the absorb almost instantly leaving your skin fragranced, softened and comfortable, they are honestly like… Read more

Alpha-H TSV at QVC

Hiya Darlins Once again I have the pleasure of bringing you a fantastic offer from Alpha-H via the TV shopping channel QVC , if you are not familiar with the term TSV it stands for * Today's Special Value *  and it's where a brand team up with QVC to bring you a very special deal exclusively via the shopping channel, you will not find this offer anywhere else, they are offered on a first come first served basis and if you are serious about your skincare and love a bargain, not t… Read more

Supermood Youth Glow | Ego Boost | Beauty Sleep

Hi Darlins Now you may not have heard of Supermood They are the innovation of Anne Kukkohovi a Finnish Entrepreneur Who was formerly a Fashion Model and now amongst other things hosts Finland's Next Top Model.   During In her years in the fashion a beauty she was curious as to why there was not a skincare range based on beauty as a holistic experience, thus Supermood was born. The thing I found really interesting about this brand is that is created for all skin types and based on li… Read more

Kenneth Turner Candle in Posy Vase

Hi Darlin Reader, Every now and again something arrives that causes a massive smile, the most beautiful package from Kenneth Turner who is famous for floral couture was just that thing. They very kindly sent me The Bubbly Scented Candle in a Posy Vase.   A  mix of Freesia, Rose and Jasmine, with tones of Pear and Patchouli, it is simply Summer in a vase.  The gorgeous glass posy jar Is engraved with the KT logo and adorned with a little silver leaf ornament that bears the name of the fra… Read more

Lee Pycroft and My Make-Over

Hi Loves, I wanted to write a post really in praise of Lee Pycroft, I am sure many many of you will already have heard her name, she is a renowned Makeup Artist who has worked with some very famous people in her time and was also head of the Makeup team on Britain's Next Top Model. I first discovered Lee via Twitter about 18 months ago, I don't know why it caught my eye but it was just one tweet that led me to discover the amazing work that she does, and no I am not talking abou… Read more

Gosh Growth Serum - Brows

Hiya Darlins Are you like me, of the overplucked generation ?  Why did we do it ?  what seemed like a great idea in the 70s has now left us struggling now that eyebrows are the be all and end all of your face ! Who knew that was ever going to happen ? We are now in the sparse gang struggling with all manner of brow products trying to keep up, I have for the last few weeks been using this new release from Gosh Copenhagen which is part of their AW17 Collection. Gosh Growth Serum  This serum … Read more

XIP Professional Golden Touch Sculpting Palette

Hi Loves Nothing makes me happier than trying something totally new, I had heard of the brand XIP on the grapevine, well Instagram to be precise, I honestly think nowadays you find the best products via social media and word of mouth, I'm not sure any of us believe the hype behind a super expensive glossy ad's any more ? This Dutch brand is the creation of makeup artists and industry experts, there are a few things I love but none more so than the fact that the packaging is rec… Read more

Look Fabulous Forever

Hi Loves This is a really quite exciting discovery for me, I have seen this brand name before it is especially popular on Facebook and YouTube where there is a massive army of dedicated fans, and I am beginning to learn why ! Look Fabulous Forever is the brain Child of Founder and CEO Tricia Cusden who won't mind me saying is one of us "mature" ladies, as such she wanted a makeup range specifically designed to flatter and enhance mature skin as our makeup needs change.  Th… Read more

GOSH Primer Plus+ Skin Adaptor Anti-Pollution

Hiya Gorgeous I don't know about you, but I do like to go no make up on occasions, and yes I was recently caught out by one of my gorgeous readers in a supermarket lately, where I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, I found myself saying " oh it's so lovely to meet you, excuse my face ! " LOL  I wish I had been wearing this NEW product from Gosh Copenhagen at the time. Gosh Primer Primer Plus Skin Adaptor Anti Pollution is unlike anything I have tried before, … Read more