Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly Review

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. This Moisture Jelly comes in a pump type dispenser and the company tell you to use a pea sized amount, the pump dispenses the perfect amount of clear jelly, almost no perfume so nothing to make your eyes water, I was surprised by this moisturiser at first as it's a new one for me to use a Jelly and not a cream, it sinks almost straight in and really does provide a lovely base for make up. I think I may be convinced now having used it w… Read more

Indeed Laboratories Hyduralon Moisture Booster Review

I had heard a lot about Hydraluron Moisture Booster, so needed to give it a little try. Indeed Laboratories are known for highly technical skincare, and this gem is no exception. The company say that this serum penetrates the skins surface to provide lasting hydration from beneath, with an ultra high quality hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times it's weight in water. Available Here Use this serum on clean skin under moisturiser, I actually used Hydraluron moisture jelly from I… Read more

Phase Eight Dress Bargains

Phase Eight sale continues with absolutely crazy bargains, this time I wanted to bring you a few dresses that are too good to pass up, this is a tiny sample of the dresses that are in the Summer Sale, some of them are over 70% off the normal price, and I don't know about you but I really don't mind a bargain hanging in my wardrobe waiting for the right occasion, as always when you need a decent dress you can never find one, this way you only have to go to your wardrobe ! Win W… Read more

Niod Photograpy fluid Review | Deciem | skincare

Niod Photography fluid from Deciem. I have to admit to having a tiny bit of a love affair with Deciem products, so was eager to try out Niod Photography fluid  I am going to write this assuming you are not a beauty expert, and like me had never heard of such a thing, most of us are users of a bit of moisturiser and some foundation !   skincare has moved forward by leaps and bounds and I do admit it's pretty hard to keep up, especially when you don't even understand what a produc… Read more

Teen Bedroom Bedding

I couldn't resist this, it's for my almost teen Grandaughter's room in our house,  now don't judge :) I am not a one for cheesy sayings usually, BUT......this is one of my absolute favourite sayings so thought It a good reminder for a 12 year old who thinks it's ok to want Benefit make up ! probably coz Zoella says so lol, I love the internet :) This King size duvet set was a stupid bargain  £18.00 for the king duvet and 2 pillowcases from Wilko   "When you love e… Read more

Phase Eight Sale Shopping Review

It's not actually often i go to what I call * the big shops* I am a huge fan of online shopping so can't usually be faffed with doing Sale shopping, this Sunday we were up early and decided to have a little mooch, I didn't need anything which at this age kind of goes without saying :) BUT.....on entering Debenhams which was lovely and quiet we ended up in the Phase Eight concession. I don't know about you but Phase Eight is one of those brands that are really easy to for… Read more

Indeed Labs NANOBLUR Review

That is one seriously huge claim for the day glow groovy box to make , if it works the TV programme is going to be out of business. How many times have we heard these kind of claims ? to be fair they are usually on the late night shopping channels and are so expensive they let you pay in instalments ! Ok, so Nanoblur by Indeed Laboratories . First I will tell you what the Company say on the box, apparently in a study of......ready for this ? a whopping 45 men and women they all looked … Read more

Happy Birthday Helen Mirren

Now here's a woman that knows how to embrace being gorgeous at any age. Happy Birfday to youuuuuuuuuuu  dear Helen ........sung in my bestest singing voice :) And in the words of this ageless Goddess...... ‘Your 40s are good. Your 50s are great,  Your 60s are fab. And 70 is fucking awesome.’ Love N Hugz Lyn x Read more

Wrinkles, Grey Hair, Stretch Marks and Age Spots

OK, now I have your attention with the title of this post, I need to start by saying I don't have any miraculous remedies in this blog, I just wanted to talk about the things we see as the years cheating us. I remember getting to 30 something ( yes ,I know you are impressed that I can remember that far back ) and asking my Mum when do you actually feel like a grown up ?  I had children, full time pressure filled career, mortgage etc, and yet still had moments when it all felt way t… Read more

The White Company End of Season Sale

Let me just start by saying if you have never bought clothes from The White Company  you have never lived !  Well you clearly have as you are reading this :) From Linens to Cashmere the comfort and quality of their clothes are second to non, and will last forever still looking good. There is still lots left to choose from in this end of season sale, with a lot of items 70% off. The Sale is right across the whole store including Luxury Bedding, Furniture and Children's Wear. If you want … Read more

La Redoute Massive Sale

This really has to be the sale to end all sales !  unlike a lot of so called sales La Redoute have fantastic stock levels on their sale goods, so you are sure to get your size, there is nothing more annoying than finding a sale item online and finding only size 8 is left grrrrr. There are a whopping 63 pages of women's fashion just in the sale section, I have bought you a snippet of the things in my basket. This was a total no brainer for me, 2 colours off white and brown. and reduce… Read more

Maybelline | Max Factor | New Cid | No7 | Mascara review

Lets talk about the one of the most important make up  items that  you wouldn't leave the house without, well maybe that's just me, having blonde eyelashes I do a really good impression of a new born piglet without my *eyes* on I do like a bit of a full lash look, not manga or dead spider but thickish lashes. This past 2 weeks I have bought 4 mascara's to test, well actually I lie as one was free with Cosmo mag this month. Lets start with Boots no7 Intense volume, just a note… Read more

Laura Ashley Storage solutions SALE

If you are anything like me you can never have enough storage, I have the same passion for storage as I do stationary, in fact I even store my stationary in storage boxes ha ha. I just wanted to bring you a quick post about some fantastic storage solutions I have found in the Laura Ashley Sale, which ends on Sunday. This Set of two Woven baskets are down from £55.00 to £29.70 , I particularly like these as they are perfect for magazines, and storing winter throws tidily in the lounge in … Read more

Wallis end of Season Sale

This End of season Sale from Wallis has crazy low prices for example this Coral Off the shoulder top is now £2.90 from £12.00 also comes in Lime. Fabulous Coral block heels down from 75.00 to 24.00 Love Love Love this dress down from 60.00 to 39.00 ! This adorable overlay top in Black is now 9.00 down from 30.00 This is Just a snippet of the bargains that are currently on offer, I think it's really easy to forget the end of season sales, when it truly is a great time to grab a bargain… Read more

Soap and Glory Freebie Offer

How funny is it that Soap and Glory are my go to brand every Christmas and Birthday for my girls ? I always get a gift set as an add on prezzie and they always love it.  But I have never bought it for myself ! No reason, just never really given it much though although I adore the smell and the sets I buy as gifts, and who can't resist something pink ? While out shopping the other day  noticed an offer on the Soap and Glory counter, spend 10.00 and get the Righteous Butter FREE Well w… Read more

Back in the day 70's style

Remember the 70's ?  This little photo collection should take you back, Remember the days of waiting for Thursdays just to grab your copy of Jackie magazine to take to school ?  It was an absolute must at my school and you really couldn't turn up on a Thursday without your own copy,  Doing the memory lane thing I had to add my very first grown up perfume, remember Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden ?  can you remember your first ? bet you can. They were the days when we had aliens mo… Read more

Habitat Candle Review

If you are anything like me Habitat has been with you since you had your very first home, My very first purchase was back in 1973 from the Croydon store, with my meagre £5.50 a week wages I used to spend lunch hours, wandering and lusting after the gorgeous homewares, well lucky me stumbled across a sale and made my very first purchase a white enamel coffee pot, very trendy for the day and at the princely sum of 75p it served as a very trendy little kettle in my pretty shabby little b… Read more

The wonder of the WWW

How lucky is this generation ?  The wealth of information on the internet is endless, you can literally have any subject at the click of a button, personal trainers, fashion stylists, make up artists, yoga mentors, the list goes on..... Are we though ? lucky ?  or are we being drip fed this idea of perfection that is totally unobtainable, lets take just the Instagram app as an example, in it's raw state it was for us ordinary folks to share snapshots of our lives, be they ordinary, … Read more