MOR Candied Vanilla Fragrant Candle

Hiya Darlins If there is only one thing to love about winter it's candles, I am not a winter lover by any stretch of the imagination but even I have to admit to falling in love with a beautifully candle lit room filled with fragrance.  As we know there are candles and there are candles!  not all are created equal, some smell fabulous on first sniff and even the first time lighting which means the fragrance isn't all the way through the candle and it wasn't designed to last. … Read more

Time Bomb The Gift Of Glow Collection QVC 16th December

Hiya My Gorgeous Friend You know I do like a bargain and especially love it when I can share bargains with my reader friends, this time I have the offer of all offers for you. Running for one day only Sunday 16th December on QVC. Time Bomb The Gift of Glow Collection retails at RRP £206.50  and can be yours on this one day only TSV from QVC  ( Today's Special Offer)  for the crazy price of £47.68 Seriously talk about value for money!  The reason for this super offer is the launch of … Read more

E.L.F Nude Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Loves Do you ever find that sometimes makeup just gets a little bit over complicated?  especially when there is so much choice. Sometimes you just want something simple and practical that will make life simpler for even the novice makeup lover. E.L.F  have you covered.  This Nude Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette really does hit the mark, gorgeous and uncomplicated in 10 of the most flattering shades ever that would really suit any complexion.  The box describes theses as 10 Matte Shades, … Read more


Hiya Beautiful I had heard of ARTDECO makeup but had not tried it for myself so I have been enjoying testing these 3 items out for you. The brand Started 30 years ago in Germany and now for the last 15 years has been the market leader in it's country, available in 78 countries across the globe.  For something to have this level of success there has to be something pretty good going on,  I can with hand on heart say there is!  this is makeup at it's absolute best.  The quality an… Read more

Empty Beauty Products Ready For The Recycle Bin

Every now and again I remember to throw my empty bottle and jars into the empties bin as I always want to write about them.  I am blessed to get lots of different products to try out so when something makes the empties bin it must have been extra fabulous for me to actually use it completely up.  This time around we have Shampoo and Conditioner, Cleansing Oil, Eye Makeup Remover, and Bath & Shower Crystals. Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover 125ml Funnily enough I have never wri… Read more

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter Eye Shadow

Hiya Darlins, How often have you picked up something super sparkly and glittery and thought, oh it's so gorgeous but I am too old? or not brave enough for something that daring?  I am here to tell you that firstly there is no such thing as too old and secondly you are brave enough and trust me on this one you will absolutely fall in love with the results. You don't have to go overboard and look like a Christmas Tree when it comes to sparkle I often think less is more, just that … Read more

B. Boosters at Superdrug

Hiya Loves, This time of year plays havoc on our skins, what with the constant changes in temperature with central heating to standing outside in the biting wind it's a lot for our poor faces to cope with. B.  at Superdrug have come up with two amazing little bottles of gorgeousness to provide us with a solution to skin that needs an extra oomph.  Based on the Korean ampule concept these little Boosters are used as & when you feel the need for some skin rescue. I personally love… Read more

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo | Volume Conditioner + Ocean Mist Beach Spray

Hiya beauty bunnies. I am back again with a new range from Sachajuan this time it's Ocean Mist my last review of Sachajuan can been seen here  Starting off with the  Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo 250ml of Marine blue gorgeousness, as always with this brand a little goes a very long way, the fragrance in the Ocean Mist range is pure holiday paradise, even if your holiday this year consists of sitting on your balcony in Clapham, this shampoo will have you dreaming of tropical locations with … Read more

Laura Kay London Pt1

Hi Loves I don't usually write a blog post the next day after a treatment or a service but wanted to bring you this one while its fresh in my mind. As you will see in the title this is Part 1 of what will be a 2 Part blog post. Last Thursday I went to the Chelsea Harbour Club and met with Permanent makeup expert Laura Kay in the Amida Spa. The reason for my visit?  I was having my eyebrows Micro bladed for an article for the Daily Mail, I have been fascinated by looking at other peo… Read more