Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Contra Time Scrupulous Treatment Cleanser

Hi Loves I doubt there is a person on the planet that doesn't know the name Joan Collins, our very own UK glamour icon that we saw hit Hollywood at age 21 and never look back, of course she is famous for her role in Dynasty as Alexis Carrington but with 50 films under her belt before this role Joan had some serious experience of make up artists and tricks of the trade, these she has shared over the years via her books;   The Joan Collins Beauty Book (1980); My Secrets (1994) Health,… Read more

The Best Not Naff Christmas Jumper Deals | #Colab

Hi Loves I don't know about you, but I love the idea of a Christmas Jumper, but just don't want to be seen sporting a large Christmas Pud or a Santa Face splashed across my frontage, plus another thing, do you want to buy a jumper that's just for one day ? In this little Christmas Jumper edit, I have ( hopefully) found some that are : NOT Naff can be worn over the Winter season Are serious bargains Lets start with the: Vila.  Vianna Rose Sweatshirt  Was £34.99 Now £27.99 Only. Li… Read more

Dermalogica Shave Kit

Men's Skincare, should be standard right ?  and if you are in your teens, twenties, thirties and possibly forties it probably is, but what is it with older guys who totally think that the skin God gave them can't be improved ?  You may well love his face but trust me it can be improved :)  same man just fresher looking. I asked Mr LB to test out this shaving kit for me, to be fair I didn't have to ask twice, he is pretty good at the whole skincare thing, BUT as good as he t… Read more

Half Price Christmas Beauty Bargains

Hi Loves I just wanted to quickly share with you some great Christmas savings, that are available for one week only.  I am not a lover of doing Christmas gift guides but I do love a bit of a bargain and just wanted to share these finds. Liz Earle The Botanist's Cabinet Half Price £60.00  £30.00 price increases 16th December   HERE Always a Christmas Favourite. Soap & Glory The Whole Glam Lot £60.00   £30.00  Limited Edition HERE And for Him Hugo Boss Bottled Intense Whopping 100ml £… Read more

Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment

Is there ever a time of year when tiredness is more at its peak ? we are so busy running around to make sure everyone has the best Christmas we totally exhaust ourselves, and can, if you aren't careful end up looking a bit ragged round the edges with a couple of mini suitcases under the eyes by the time the big day arrives. Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment is the first in a line of professional treatments from Murad, these treatments have always been used by Dr Murad i… Read more

Starting a blog ......One year on

Hi My Loves This is a more of a personal post, it's stupid o'clock in the morning and for some reason my year in blogging popped into my head,  so wanted to share some thoughts with you. I started this blog in 2015, as you can see I have actually owned a blog since 2010 when I wrote the grand total of one post for the year and then increased to a massive nine posts in the following years, until 2015 when I started to take things a little more seriously, long story short, gave up… Read more

Lola All In One Mascara + Lola Duo Kajal + Eyeliner

Hi My Loves you would have seen me write about Lola make up previously so am always excited when something new from the company pops up to try.  Lola All in One Mascara £12.00 The reasoning behind the All In One label is that it both lengthens and curls at the same time, the rounded brush is ideal for catching each and every lash and I just LOVE it for the bottom lashes as it fits right along the lower lash line, which is sometimes tricky with a fat mascara brush.  The deepest black, non… Read more

Aldi Lacura CellSATION Day Cream

Hello to your gorgeous self Can I just start by appreciating the sheer flippin glamour in this Aldi Lacura packaging !  I mean seriously at £6.99 just the packaging alone is worth every penny, don't you agree ? However, as much as I am a sucker for great packaging, I have learnt not to be fooled by all that glistens when it comes to skincare products, I have found some of the dullest jars to contain the most hard working products, and some of the most beautiful to contain nothing le… Read more

Skinn Chin Up Pro Redensifying Neck Serum By Dimitri James

Hi Darlins Let's talk about necks Babyyyyyyy,  is yours something you are happy with ? if it is, let me be the bearer of bad news, it wont last unless you look after it, we typically spend our money on face creams and even body creams, hand creams and feet creams, BUT one of the main things that will show our age are our necks and decolletage, annoying yes !  I have been  guilty of just carrying my usual face creams all the way down and not really giving it much thought, until I tr… Read more

FolliOne Shampoo For Hair Growth / FolliOne DHT Scalp Therapy

Hiya Darlins Hair loss, is it a thing that we only associate with Men ? I think that often it is and we overlook the fact that it can happen to women of any age at any time, for a number of different reasons, as you may recall from previous posts I have mentioned that my eldest daughter in her 40's is suffering from thinning of her hair, fortunately we are blessed with thick hair, so hers is not noticeable to anyone other than her, but it has been falling out by the handful every t… Read more

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman

Hiya Beautiful As a regular reader of this blog you will know already that I am partial to a supplement, as much as I love my skin care and make up, I do think that if you can work from from the inside you are giving yourself a fighting chance to do all that you can to look after yourself. With that in mind I am just at the end of a four week course of taking Seven Seas Perfect Woman 7, designed specifically to work on the seven things most important to us as we age. Containing; Zinc for … Read more

Hope Fashion

Hiya My Loves I am really hoping that you have never heard of Hope Fashion ( unlikely) but I am so excited about this brand I want to share something new with you. Here's the thing, when was the last time you bought something that you 100% knew was going to be the very best quality, would fit perfectly without hesitation and was probably more comfortable than sitting around in your dressing gown ?   my guess is never !   I love clothes but hate shopping, having put on **** amount of … Read more