Daughter Of The Soil

Hi Darlings, Daughter Of The Soil is not a brand you may have heard of. It's new and is set to find a top spot in the natural skincare market. With it's ethical priorities the brand comes with a gorgeous story that goes back generations and has the founder CEO Maria Magembe fulfilling a family history dating back to the 1950's in Africa. You can read the brands story here. The products are of natural origin and contain rich emollient botanical oils that soften, smooth and im… Read more

The Woolroom Mattress

Hi Loves, You could be forgiven for not having seen or heard of The  Woolroom .  They have four showrooms in the UK and a fabulous website. I had never heard of wool beds or bedding so this was all a new discovery for me and to be honest while I am extremely grateful for my new mattress and bedding I think it was incredibly brave ( generous) of the company to gift them to me. As you my lovely reader know, I am a woman of a certain age and as such we suffer with what only can be described … Read more

SmoothSkin Bare IPL Device

Hiya Darlins This post has just about taken me forever to bring to you. The reason being that I wanted to give this device a seriously good trial before coming to any conclusions. I don't know if you have ever considered alternative ways of hair removal?  Unwanted hair is the bane of our lives that's for sure! I remember it always being a standing joke that as women we were hairy in the winter as no one would see, but with Gym, Yoga etc there is now a need to be hair free always… Read more

GIVEAWAY L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Make-Up Kit

Hi Loves I am delighted to be able to offer this giveaway from L'Oreal Paris, as you know I have just written a post on this fabulous new range designed specifically for mature skin, you can read my thoughts on it here Here you have the change to win the entire kit, yes !  everything you see here will be yours. Simply enter by Rafflecopter below, the winner is picked anonymously by the system at random, and the prize will be sent to the winner direct by L'Oreal Paris. Seriously ho… Read more

#AD L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Make Up

Hiya  Darlins As you know I am what is deemed to be an "Older Woman" . O lder than what I'm not quite sure, but those of you that know me know this really isn't an issue for me, as oddly enough my inside s  still feel the same as when I was 20!  I remember years ago asking my Mum when I would feel like a grown up?  H er answer was " Oh Lyn you never will"  and it was true . N owadays I look in the mirror and there is a grown up looking back at me, phew when did that ha… Read more

Thats'So On The Go Sun Makeup

Hi Loves Do you tan in Winter ?  I know a lot of girls who tan all year round, I personally don't but I do like to have a bit of a tan with a special occasion outfit, and at this time of year there are plenty of reasons to get dolled up. I have just discovered That'sSo the Italian brand of self tan that won Editors Choice in the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards.  This little can can get you from pale and interesting to riviera glam in 3 hours.  Developed without the ingredient Ethry… Read more

No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Hi Loves This time of year foundation tends to be a part of our daily routines  just as cleaning our teeth, in Summer it's an option although I personally find it essential in Winter ( teeth cleaning all seasons :)  No7 from Boots is well known for its Lift & Luminate skincare range I have written about the serums previously here   I had high hopes for the Lift & Luminate Triple Action Foundation and to be fair I really wasn't disappointed,  a creamy medium coverage which… Read more

The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks

Hiya Darlins We can be forgiven for not having heard of Tonya Crooks aka The BrowGal here in the UK, if you are one of my stateside readers I am probably preaching to the converted.   I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Tonya at a press event, off her own back she offered to do my brows,  keeping in mind that she had worked all day !  and I can say without any hesitation she is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to chat to, she is one of those women that you would… Read more

Top 5 Beauty Favourites in October

Hi Loves I am so late with this line up It will be December before we know it !  Here are my top 5 favourites for October, I'm sure some of these will be no surprise, and in fact this was particularly hard this time as October was filled with gorgeousness. Once again in no particular order XIP Professional Platinum Passion Eyeshadow Collection Babor Age-ID Serum Foundation Beauty Expert 12 Days Of Christmas No Mo -Stache  Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask So there we are for ano… Read more