Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

Hi Gorgeous, If you love all things natural and organic then Sukin really is the brand for you, this Australian owned company use nothing nasty in their products at all and are so reasonably priced they make goodness totally affordable. In these days where we all rave about super greens It was a joy to see that Sukin had produced a range, I have used The Sukin Body Scrub previously which you can read  Here  I loved this so much it actually got completely finished which is pretty unusual i… Read more

Nip & Fab Half Price

Hi Loves I don't usually use the blog to bring you special offers, but this one I just had to share, If you have ever wanted to try out Nip & Fab then now is the time, these prices are crazy, the cleanser is down to £3.97. I have been desperately meaning to try the Glycolic Fix Night Pads and have never got round to it, but they are now less than half price at £5.97. My little haul of Nip & Fab is now on it's way :) Find all these bargains HERE Lyn 💋 Read more

Aldi Lacura Caviar 3 Minute Peel Mask

Hi Gorgeous, My Love for Aldi beauty continues and to be fair I have not yet found a product that I don't like. Aldi Lacura Caviar Illumination 3 Minute Cell Renewal Peel Mask is Aldi's version of La Prairie Cellular 3 Minute Peel Mask at the ripe old price of £153.00  I have looked at the ingredients on both of these products and to be perfectly honest there is not much difference between the two, but I would expect for the price La Prairie would contain higher values of the in… Read more

Joan Collins Glorious Lip Gloss

Hi Love I don't know about you but the current trend for Matte Lips is really not for me, I look dull and the lip lines are just highlighted in most cases, I do love the liquid metallics, but my real love of gloss remains, Joan Collins Beauty was new to me in 2016 and really is becoming a bit of a love affair, you can read my previous reviews HERE I cannot tell you how many glosses I have bought in the past only to discover the colour on the tube is a complete miss match to what'… Read more

DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner

Hiya Darlin A bit like Arnie "I'm Back " with my love for DHC the Japanese brand that brings us not only great skincare but surprisingly great make up, I say surprisingly as I am sure it isn't a brand that you would usually *go to* when thinking of make up, although I do think that once you have tried them they really will make you sit up and take notice, I could be talking totally out of turn here but my opinion of using various DHC products is that you don't nee… Read more

ISUN Phyto-Infusion + ISUN Intense Ultra Restore

Hi My Lovely Reader This is my first time trying anything from ISUN but as regular readers know I do love a brand with a story, and ISUN do have a lovely story with the founder Bunnie Gullick creating the company in her 50s   (read it here ) When I started out with the brand as I always do I start with the product before I investigate prices etc, to me price is not an indication of quality nowadays when it comes to skincare.  Since working with the products I have now come to learn that … Read more

DHC Quick Film Smoother

Hi Loves Now you are probably wondering what on earth is a Quick Film Smoother ? well let me explain. You know how it is when some days when your face just won't play nice ? it insists on looking old and tired no matter how fanatical you have been with your skincare and foundation application ?  DHC the marvel from Japan have the answer to all our prayers, well almost, I still don't own a house in Spain but you can't have it all :) This amazing golden tube of fabulousness  li… Read more

SKINN Dimitri James Hand Restore

Winter !  don't even get me started about this season, I know some people love it and we get bombarded with visions of woolly socks, chunky knit throws and large cream filled mugs of hot chocolate, but my reality is that the sooner it's gone the better.  Give me a beach and flip flops any day in preference to de-icing a car ! I personally suffer with a few issues in this delightful season, hair that wont behave in the damp, dry skin and hands that need constant protection as th… Read more

Below The Belt Grooming For Men

Hiya Darlins As I am writing this post I have next to me a very large box of tissues, no I am not upset, but I do cry a lot when laughing ! Male anatomy is not something you would in all honesty expect me to write about ever, it is not something that  (pops up) on my radar and as old fashioned as it may seem to the modern girls out there, is not something that I honestly believe to be a conversation for women unless we are alone and fuelled by copious amounts of Prosecco.  However, my g… Read more

AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Hiya Gorgeous Face I honestly don't know where to start with this, my love for this brand is totally off the scale ever since my first outing with Liquid Gold.  And you know my love of all things peeling and exfoliating ! For those of you that don't know AlphaH as a company please please do look at the website, and if you ever fly with British Airways pick up the limited edition AlphaH Liquid Gold 50ml size that is available to BA passengers, I promise you with everything holy t… Read more

10 joys of being an " Older Woman "

I don't have to keep up with what Cosmo says I need to wear I don't have to show everyone hysterical clips on my phone every 30 seconds I don't have to swipe to get a boyfriend I feel no pressure to be out of the house every Friday night I don't care who went where or who has what I don't need sky blue pink lips coz MAC tells me so I have learned that a designer bag will not keep you off Prozac I can have one non perfect brow without a breakdown  I can say I want to holida… Read more

Heaven Skincare Bee Peel

Hi Loves by now you know my mad passion for exfoliation and I have to admit to always wanting a full on salon peel, but have been afraid of the recovery look and time, when I was offered this Bee Peel from Heaven Skincare I thought it would be pretty good as I had used a product previously from Heaven  ( Silver Bee Venom Mask ) which you can read here   This product is described as Face Lift in a jar !  well that sentence worked for me. Let me start with the packaging, as always from Hea… Read more

Skin Chemists Advanced Caviar Range

Hello Darlins When you think of Caviar it's either a love or hate for those little black fishy balls, but one thing always springs to mind...... expensive as with everything luxury there comes a price tag, and the Skin Chemists Advanced Caviar Range is no exception with prices from £79.00- £129.00. Regular readers will know that I have a bit of a thing for Skin Chemists and have written about them a few times previously which you can catch up on here . Starting with Advanced Caviar Han… Read more

Vincent Longo La Bella Luce Highlighter

Hiya Darlins As you will see my love for the make up brand Vincent Longo continues and this time I wanted to share with you these two amazing highlighters,  La Bella Luce translates to 'Beautiful Light ' in Italian, and a beautiful light they are indeed. Available in two shades Flora & Patina, these multi-tonal highlighters are buttery soft and give you either a very light reflection or full on(wear sunglasses to look at my cheekbones ) look, fully buildable so you can go as… Read more

Lumity Supplements

Hi Loves Now anyone that knows this blog will know that not only am I obsessed by creams, potions and lotions I am also an avid believer in supplements as I think that today with so much caffeine, pollution, additives and quite honestly frankenfood that we abuse ourselves with, our insides need a helping hand too. I was delighted to be offered Lumity Supplements to trial for one month as I had already heard the buzz about these and with the knowledge that they are available in Harrods y… Read more

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Mascara

Hiya Lovelies  As you know I have recently just discovered the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Range, and have written previously here  This time round I have sampled the Class Act Mascara and have to be honest I was hooked from the first application, my eyes were once described by a charming soul as looking like a new born piglet without mascara, I have to be honest and say it was a harsh but fair comment :)  my lashes are blonde and almost clear, which is a total pain as there is no popp… Read more