Mary Kay NEW Petite Palette

Hi Darlins, When it comes to make up we often expect more nowadays than just a standard lipstick or eyeshadow. We want products that are hardworking while hopefully at the same time value for money, when I say value I don't always mean cheap - to me value is a product that I reach for often and especially in the way of eyeshadows, I don't want a ginormous palette that I only dip into for one or two shades. Mary Kay have come up with an ingenious little palette that really does o… Read more

True North Skincare

Hiya Darlins, This product has been a fascinating journey for me, I had never heard of True North Skincare, the brand is available directly via the company or at Harvey Nichols. This Scandinavian brand emphasises on de-stressing the skin while at the same time balancing. Read The True North story here . Here's the really fascinating part.  How well do we know our skin? it's fascinating as unless you get analysis you never truly know what's going on. Without leaving your house… Read more

Superdrug & Marie Curie Pamper Party

Hi Lovlies, This is a very quick post as I have just had news of something pretty fabulous, the lovely guys at Superdrug are once again supporting Marie Curie in their fund raising by donating profits from Superdrug own brands for this fabulous cause. Grab the girls, get the prossecco in, sign up here for your party pack and have a pamper party in aid of Marie Curie. Imagine the face mask selfie fun you could have! Just a thought but how about holding one at work?  you may have to swap t… Read more

Beauty Expert Hydration Edit

Hi Loves if you are serious about your skincare you wont want to miss out on this! I wanted to bring this to the blog as it's such a crazy bargain it would be a shame to miss out. the first run of this Edit sold out within the first 2 hours of release, but I have been assured by Beauty Expert that there will be another release coming soon. The stunning collection contains everything you need to keep your skin hydrated in this glorious heat wave. Products include EVE LOM Gel Cleansing B… Read more

B. Cosmetics | Superdrug

Hi Loves, Once again B. Cosmetics at Superdrug at totally on point for the season, Wedding season that is! If you are looking for clean natural looking makeup for your big day, or indeed any special occasion B. have you covered. As always Cruelty Free and Vegan which is always good news you can bring a natural glow to your face that is perfect for this weather. Beautiful without looking overly made up, to be honest I think it's a look most of us can get behind as the sun shines. I t… Read more

Time Of Your Life Beauty Box

Hiya Darlins When is the Time Of Your Life? I personally think it's anytime you want it to be. There are no limits nowadays and a "certain age" is a thing of the past. I only use the term in a mocking tone as it never occurs to me that I am too old for anything.  That said, we ladies of a "certain age" have been neglected in the past and our spending value was totally under estimated by the beauty industry, thankfully now things are on the turn and the beauty wo… Read more

Fitness Savvy #ad

#ad Hiya Darlins, As you all know since the ups and downs with heart problems, this last few months I have got my lazy backside back into the gym, the main reason for wanting to do this a drop some poundage was to lower my blood pressure, again you will have seen me write about becoming Vegan to aid in this journey.  When I was approached with this project my immediate response was "not again"  another useless promotion.  However as it sounded a little different I explored the… Read more

Holistic Green Beauty Chocolate Cleansing Balm

Hi Lovelies, Who can resist Chocolate? I was desperate to try out this cleansing balm from Holistic Green Beauty just for the sheer novelty factor, I love cleansing balms and am also partial to Chocolate so I figured it must be a win win. The brilliantly size 100ml heavy black glass jar comes complete with its own Soil association approved organic cotton cleansing cloth, made from green fibres. This 100% natural formula is both Organic and raw and as such the product is made in small ba… Read more

Random Money Saving Beauty Tips

Hi Loves, It's clear from this post that I haven't always had a ton of make up or even enough money to buy a ton of make up so I wanted to share with you my top money saving tips.   Mascara . If your Mascara is as dry as you bank balance stand the closed tube in a cup of boiling water for a couple of minutes, it will be like brand new. Lipstick . If your favourite shade is discontinued or running low, invest in a little lip brush, I promise by digging away you will at least get ano… Read more

Mary Kay Limited Edition Sheer Dimensions Powder

Hiya Darlins, Back by popular demand this range of what Mary Kay call dimensions powders?  To be honest I was unsure as to what a dimensions powder actually was, it's not something I have come across before. They are described as an all over powder designed to add dimension and accentuate and compliment every complexion, and you are advised to sweep them across the entire face. Hmmmmm let's see about that. I used each of these beautifully embossed powders in different ways and fo… Read more

Too Faced White Peach Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Loves, Every time Too Faced release something new my heart skips a beat! I only have to get a glimpse at the packaging and I'm sold, I mean seriously - is there anything better out there when it comes to packaging? This Palette is no exception in it's fabulous heavy weight gold packaging, even the front fasteners are little gold peaches! That being said it's what's inside that really counts and I think often we can get caught up in marketing hype and forget tat we are… Read more

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

Hiya Darlins, I have of late been on the hunt for foundations that give a lighter coverage but  still give a foundation finish, while I love BB & CC creams I often struggle with shades and tend to find them too dark. Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation came to my attention while I was on my search for the perfect foundation, lightweight water based and seriously easy to apply. I tried a beauty blender ( not great) a brush (better) fingers (perfect)  this foundation applies lea… Read more