New Look Summer Outfit taking care of the "Arm thing "

This week's weather has got me shopping again, and as much as I like a vest/strappy top for the garden, I think when it comes to going out a lot of us give some thought to the "arm" thing......well lucky us, my favourite kind of drop shoulder top is top of this seasons list, these tops enable you to show off your shoulders while at the same time keep the less flattering bits covered !  win, win. This top is from New Look and really has the perfect relaxed Summer vibe, 100… Read more

The thing about Blogging

I adore blogging, there I said it, for me it's perfect as I can talk the hind legs off a donkey.  I get so excited when I find something new  that I bore the pants off my family, and I get a lot of  "you told me that already ". I get such pleasure at just how brilliant and funny other bloggers can be, before the Google and the Interweby we only had glossy magazines and they sure as hell were only going to show you a perfect idealist life, yep I know  we all like to dream, … Read more

10 Things your Mumma Said.

10 things your Mumma said !  " Will you just look at the dirt on your face"  if this were possible I would have joined the circus. "Charlie's Dead" Leaving me desperately worried as a child that some long lost relative had died, when what she actually meant was that my slip was showing ! "Eat your dinner people in Africa are starving"  This one earned me a slap at about age 8 when I suggested she post it. "Don't you look at me with those eyes &qu… Read more

Moda in Pelle Happy Feet

How excited was I when the postman came today ! I was absolutely desperate for these sandals to arrive as to me they are simply perfect for any occasion, the sparkly 2 tone jewels really do go with any colour, and I just love the leather insoles with the gold toes.   They actually come in silver, gold or black.  I chose gold as I just love it with white in the summer, but to be honest I may well treat myself to another pair in silver while they are on sale,  lets be honest they are hard… Read more

St Tropez gradual tan in Shower lotion

I have to admit I am a bit of a tanning freak in that Summer and Winter I do like to have a little bit of colour, I just think it makes the skin look healthier and clothes just that little bit nicer, also, and this is a big plus for me,  I think it makes you look slimmer.  I have recently discovered the EASIEST way of fake tanning EVER, St Tropez  gradual tan in shower , it literally takes 3 minutes to apply, very similar to in shower moisturisers, simply shower, rinse, turn the showe… Read more

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

If you have never tried a Hot Cloth Cleanser you really have been missing out, there is nothing like the feeling of freshly washed skin without the dryness or itching of soap, back in my day you were very posh if you used Pears  soap ha ha. At Christmas I was lucky enough to be given Liz Earle products as a gift, Including the Hot Cloth Cleanser, I loved it but using it twice a day it didn't last too long.  I came across Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser purely by accident, I&… Read more

Loft Space tale,

Recently I had the task of entering my Loft, and by loft you are probably thinking  of some airy New York looking space............... No...........I mean the REAL loft, that scary grubby space that is a hole in the ceiling that you enter with a dodgy ladder at best, I have lived in this house for around 20 years and have entered the hole possibly once, by enter I mean poking my head inside the hole while being very brave on a ladder ( I don't do heights) even standing on a chair i… Read more

Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age reversing line/wrinkle creme spf 15 Review

Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme SPF 15 This is my absolute favourite daytime moisturiser. It really is one of those products that lives up to it's reputation, and as always with Estee Lauder you are getting quality that lasts, this is an excellent base for foundation and works really well if you like to use a primer, it has a lovely creamy consistency that dries in really quickly and I swear you really can see the difference, it's not Botox but i… Read more

My juicy review

I have since Monday embarked on a juice only diet, cutting out all caffeine, I decided to give this old bod some TLC............well its been a lil journey this week. Day one was haaaard especially as I had to cook a full English fry up for Mr Lavender Barn and sit drinking my juice with him while he ate dinner lol. but I survived, went to bed thinking I never expected to get through the first day, chuffed. Day two was a little difficult in that this was when I felt most tired, felt hap… Read more

10 things about ageing

Ok here we go, this is going to hit some home truths hopefully in a lighthearted way lol. 1 . Getting out of bed...this is not how it's supposed to feel, I would like to jump up throw on some trainers and run around the village, well that ain't happening !  getting up requires a great deal of stretching just to get things bloody moving. 2 . Getting up to pee a zillion times in the night.......yes you know ! 3 . Looking in the mirror and seeing your Mum looking back at you, no matter… Read more

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Review

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II  There is a lot of hype about Anti Ageing products and believe me I have spent a fair amount on most of them, I do believe though that you get to a point where you find a product that you have absolute faith in and just stick to it.........this is one of mine, not cheap prices start at 49.00 for 30ml's one of those  *you get what you pay for * products. A little of this magic serum goes a long long way, and the bottl… Read more

Feeling Vintage

I had to write about this as it was a pretty amazing experience, My Son and his girlfriend were visiting for the weekend and after months of being nagged I finally gave in and let him in the loft ! He has been bugging for a while as there was an old Dansette record player up there and a suitcase of my old records. In truth, I failed to see why these were of any interest to him.  I am so glad I conceeded, it was a complete eye opener for me.............they had never seen one before let … Read more

Thoughts on Reflexology | Holistic massage

And relax................ For the very first time in 58 years I experienced a full body massage this year, I was lucky enough to be bought a spa day by my granddaughter for a birthday gift, off we went to The Marriot at Lingfield Park Racecourse, we both had facials and full body massages..............well !  I have never experienced any thing like it, although a little chaotic in that we weren't told for our £100  each we could use the full spa facilities, the treatments were fant… Read more

Nutribullet | The juice Master | Primal Bluebrint | Fat sick nearly dead | The Body Coach

Lets talk diets, This is a biggie so grab a cuppa ! Not the usual Slimming World, Weight Watchers kind of diets, been there done that got the tee shirt, I am not knocking them but as I have got older the focus for me is more on health, with this in mind I have spent untold hours reading books, websites, blogs etc on the subject, if you have netflix there are a ton worth watching, and they really do make a lot of sense about the *fuel* we put in our bodies. My journey started with looki… Read more

Bored ?

I keep getting asked the question "Don't you get bored being at home ? "  Well quite frankly no lol, I honestly don't know how I had time to do anything when I was working full time, I was clearly superwoman *joke*  or at the very least an exhausted woman, the only downside to being at home is that my poor old brain has relaxed so much I keep forgetting stuff, and walk into a room and wonder why I am there, now I know this is a standard joke but it REALLY is happenin… Read more

Chillaxing !

Look at me using trendy terms like chillaxing..........I hate the word but it seemed appropriate lol. What do you wear on those days when you really don't want to doll up but still need to look decent so as not to scare the postman or anyone that has the nerve to pop in unannounced ? Jammies or nightie may seem to be a really attractive thought, and yes I have been known to hide at home spending a day in nightwear ( shame on me lol )  but seriously haven't we all ?  but a matchi… Read more

Ikea Furniture

At last the decorating of the lounge is finally finished, If you have never bought from Ikea before it really is an eye opener. Every radiator needs hiding :) A set of spare covers was only £55.00 worth every penny. Some of my beloved accessories or as Mr K likes to call them clutter lol Read more