Recind Beauty Kit

Hiya to your gorgeous self As you know, my poor old face goes through lots of product testing on a regular basis, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes very very ugly !! When I am asked to try something out I have never heard of there are two emotions, one is desperate to try it, the other is complete fear as to how my face will respond.   When I was offered  Recind to trial once again these emotions were in place. Starting with first impressions, glamorous shiny black and gold pa… Read more

Primark Summer 2015

Bargain  of the century ! This outfit really does have to be the bargain of the century, My thoughts on Primark is that it's the equivelent to Ikea in that you go in needing nothing and come out with bag fulls, and at those prices why wouldn't you ? The navy and white zip waist Maxi skirt was the  bank breaking amount of £5.00 and the white cotton crop top a mere £1.00. Now lets get real here, where else on the planet do you find a complete outfit for £6.00 flippin quid ? The t… Read more

Super Facialist Neroli Firming Skincare Range

Hi Loves I can't tell you how much I have fallen in love with the brand Super Facialist by Una Brennan, I tried out the Retinol range back in September which you can read here .  I was delighted to try out the Neroli range which is the one on review here. If you are new to this brand, trust me you will be astounded at the quality of this brand, for want of a better word I will name it as budget skincare, although please don't confuse the value with cheapness there is nothing che… Read more


Hiya Darlins, The Christmas shopping is now in full swing and I think it's too easy to get caught up in panic buying and the buying of a present just for the sake of it. How often do any of us put real thought into what we buy? I think the intention is always there, but the sheer panic of the season often makes us make rash choices just to get the job done. I spent almost an entire evening browsing which for me is the perfect place for those thoughtful gifts, … Read more

Cosy Christmas Home #AD

Hi Loves, I bet you were thinking cosy Christmas home would be full of red tartan and log fires? I am not for one moment saying that traditional isn't perfect for some but for me personally I prefer the thought of glowing copper, fluffy rugs, and warm cosy throws. Any of you that know me know that I like to keep things light when it comes to the house, which in truth goes against cosy, so I have been having a little think of how to get cosy without dark and traditional, these are m… Read more

Hollywood Browzer Hair Removal Tool

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi Loves, OK, now we have all heard and seen the craze of women shaving their faces, Instagram pictures and social media have made it look incredibly glamorous to have a face full of foam and pull faces like a man in a mirror, not for me I'm afraid. There is no way I am using shaving foam on my face and attacking it with a mans razor, call me a coward but I can live with that. I have seen blog posts written where women say no tough hair grows back throug… Read more

Daughter Of The Soil

Hi Darlings, Daughter Of The Soil is not a brand you may have heard of. It's new and is set to find a top spot in the natural skincare market. With it's ethical priorities the brand comes with a gorgeous story that goes back generations and has the founder CEO Maria Magembe fulfilling a family history dating back to the 1950's in Africa. You can read the brands story here. The products are of natural origin and contain rich emollient botanical oils that soften, smooth and im… Read more

The Woolroom Mattress

Hi Loves, You could be forgiven for not having seen or heard of The  Woolroom .  They have four showrooms in the UK and a fabulous website. I had never heard of wool beds or bedding so this was all a new discovery for me and to be honest while I am extremely grateful for my new mattress and bedding I think it was incredibly brave ( generous) of the company to gift them to me. As you my lovely reader know, I am a woman of a certain age and as such we suffer with what only can be described … Read more

SmoothSkin Bare IPL Device

Hiya Darlins This post has just about taken me forever to bring to you. The reason being that I wanted to give this device a seriously good trial before coming to any conclusions. I don't know if you have ever considered alternative ways of hair removal?  Unwanted hair is the bane of our lives that's for sure! I remember it always being a standing joke that as women we were hairy in the winter as no one would see, but with Gym, Yoga etc there is now a need to be hair free always… Read more

GIVEAWAY L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Make-Up Kit

Hi Loves I am delighted to be able to offer this giveaway from L'Oreal Paris, as you know I have just written a post on this fabulous new range designed specifically for mature skin, you can read my thoughts on it here Here you have the change to win the entire kit, yes !  everything you see here will be yours. Simply enter by Rafflecopter below, the winner is picked anonymously by the system at random, and the prize will be sent to the winner direct by L'Oreal Paris. Seriously ho… Read more

#AD L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Make Up

Hiya  Darlins As you know I am what is deemed to be an "Older Woman" . O lder than what I'm not quite sure, but those of you that know me know this really isn't an issue for me, as oddly enough my inside s  still feel the same as when I was 20!  I remember years ago asking my Mum when I would feel like a grown up?  H er answer was " Oh Lyn you never will"  and it was true . N owadays I look in the mirror and there is a grown up looking back at me, phew when did that ha… Read more