Kore Beauty Hydrogel Face Mask

Hiya Darlins How much has the face mask/sheet mask trend taken off ?  its crazy there are so many to choose from sheet masks to  lace masks the choice is overwhelming ! And now I am about to throw a new one in the mix Anti-Ageing Hydrogel Facial Mask from KoreBeauty, The South Korean Founder who is now resident in the UK brings us Korean Beauty in the shape of this Gel Mask.  I have tried many many masks in my time, the good the bad and the indifferent, when this arrived I have to be ho… Read more

The Cost of Beauty Blogging

Hi Darlins Fancy starting a blog ? ever thought about the cost ? this is a subject that suddenly occurred to me this evening, strange that after 2 years of running a blog that it's only just dawned on me that it is a topic worth thinking about. Before I start please do bear in mind that this is not a how to post, it is purely based on my own experience, and secondly that I do not profess to be an expert in blogging.  You can, as I did set up for free, with blogger or wordpress, a br… Read more

Bodhi & Birch Desert Rose Facial Oil

Hi Loves Back in 2015 I wrote a post about Bodhi & Birch when I first discovered them, it is a love affair that has grown and I can't see ending anytime soon.  In that post I wrote about Desert Rose Oil which I loved, anything Rose fragrance is always a favourite, this time around Bodhi & Birch have re formulated the Oil, it includes oils of Argan, Rose, Prickly Pear and Starflower, the smell is out of this world, fresh and at the same time super soothing and relaxing. I use… Read more

Strive Footwear

Hiya Beautiful If you are young and gorgeous you will of course be prepared to suffer in pain for gorgeous shoes and sandals, I remember once in my teens buying a pair of shoes in a size down because I had set my heart on them and they only had them in a size too small !!  The things we went through to look good :)  nowadays, although I am still a shoe addict, and yes, I have been known to buy shoes that I will 100% never wear just because they looked to flippin gorgeous in the shop, I… Read more

Blogger Freebies

Hi Darlins This is a subject that has been on my mind for a while, obviously this post will be read by bloggers, but for the majority of my readers you will have no clue what I am talking about, in 2015 when I first decided to start blogging, you all know the story, had a retail biz, got sick, closed biz, got bored, started blogging. Naive was not the word, I was clueless, I had a Twitter account that had been dead for years, I had a blog that my daughter had set up for me for my shop, … Read more

Giveaway By Terry Eye Designer Palette

Hi Loves It's Giveaway time again, this time it is a fabulous Eye Designer Palette By Terry. I was given this at Christmas and while it is a great looking Palette the colours are not for me, so why not share it with some who will love it. The price of this is valued at £69.00 Entry is by Raffle Copter below, the winner will be drawn automatically by the system, entries are UK only. You will need to contact within 72 hours of the winner being announced to claim your prize, or the priz… Read more

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal System

Hi Loves This post has been a while coming to fruition as I wanted to give this product a really good trial before I even thought about making a comment. As a regular reader will know my love for Murad dates back to the beginning of my blogging days, I have a huge respect for this brand, it is quiet, wont scream at you with TV ads, reasonably priced for the quality and just simply delivers great skincare. Murad Retinol Youth Renewal System actually got me thinking, that's a BIG claim… Read more

Hello Canvas

Hiya Darlins This beautiful sunshine we are having on the odd days here in the UK really does set your mind off on dreams of exotic locations, or just fabulous old fashioned days out on the beach with the kids, whatever your thing you are bound to take some great pictures that you want to treasure forever, you know, that odd one that you fall in love with as it was so natural and so easy to take. I am now going to sound ancient, whilst I love all that today's technology brings us, I… Read more

AlphaH Liquid Gold Rose

Hiya Darlins I know you have heard of AlphaH Liquid Gold, I don't think there is a woman on the planet that has not heard of it, now, in addition to this miracle product there is a new limited edition with the same amazing properties but with the addition of the softening effects of Rose, unlike the original which smells like a salon chemical ( don't be put off ) the New Alphah Liquid Gold Rose brings you all the power but with a therapeutic Rose fragrance.  Use this "toner… Read more

Mini Moderns Darjeeling Washbag

Hi Loves Holiday season is coming up, and if you are anything like me to take far too much shizz with you, but there is always that fear of going away and not having that one item you forgot to pack. I am a nightmare with beauty products for travelling, as the fear of not having the right cream or serum grips me, and of course I take far to much with me :) I have recently discovered Mini Moderns a company that was  launched in 2006 by London based designers, Keith Stephenson and Mark Hamp… Read more

Style Freedom Dry Shampoo

Hi Gorgeous Hair washing, love it or loathe it sometimes you are just hard pressed for time and need a solution to getting ready and out the door in super quick time. I have never been a lover or user of dry shampoo as my outdated ideas were from the time when it very first hit the market years and years ago, back then it was little more than a can of talc that left you feeling grubby and looking powdery, oh my word, how things have change, I often read about dry shampoo's and still… Read more

No7 Softening Generations of Laugh Lines

Hi Loves What with Mothers day only the other week I was delighted to have 3 generations in my house for the day, my Daughters and Granddaughter's filled the house with laughter and I could imagine the room if we still had my Mum and my Nan, as a family I have to say we are blessed with fairly good skin although some of the things I have done over the years and seen the girls do really don't bear thinking about ! yes I used pure Lemon Juice and flour in my youth in an attempt t… Read more

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub

Hi Lovelies Yep, you heard it right Scalp Scrub !  I have to be honest and say that this was something I really wanted to try as I had never heard of anything like it before, but you know what I am like for any kind of scrub/exfoliating !  so when I heard about one for your scalp, I was all over that ! The product from Lee Stafford is designed for hair that gets to a certain length and refuses to grow, I don't have this particular problem, but the idea of deep cleaning your scalp an… Read more

Smartbuy Glasses Prada

Hi Darlins Whoa the Sun is finally showing it's face, all of a sudden we are thrown into this amazing feeling that Winter is gone and it's sunshine all the way. The shops are now full of beach wear and flip flops and a ton of cheap sunglasses, you know the ones, they look cute but you can't see a thing when the sun shines, and offer absolutely no protection to your eyes at all ( been there done that ) try driving in rubbish glasses, seriously dangerous !! I have had the pleas… Read more

Check your Tumble Dryer

Hi Loves, This is a super quick post as I really want to get this message out there, a couple of weeks ago my tumble dryer was getting a bit hot, as It happened my daughters were over that day, and informed me of this huge recall a lot of suppliers were doing, I said oh mines ancient it won't be one of those, well my daughter insisted on checking online, and yes it was a dodgy dryer !!! It was really easy to do apparently she just typed the model number into google and there is a li… Read more

Le Savon Lune Argentum Apothecary

Hi Gorgeous Here's an interesting question, when is a soap not a soap ?  for all intents and purposes this is a bar of soap right ?  well no not really, it contains no soap ! Argentum Apothecary are not a company that will churn out product after product, in fact there are only 4 products in the entire range I have written about them here  As always with this Company there is a huge emphasis on the Patented formula of Silver Hydrosol  DNA HP along with Betonite a  colloidal clay made… Read more