Beauty Expert 12 Days Of Christmas

Hiya Darlins Tomorrow is the day that this amazing value box releases on I half wanted to leave this reveal until we were nearer to the big day as traditionally the 12 days of Christmas are from Christmas Day ( which happens to be my birthday 😉 )  through to the New Year, however this is going to sell out FAST the box has a value of over £340.00 in cult beauty  products and retails at the amazing saving of just £100. 00  making it either the ideal Christmas gift o… Read more

CND VINYLUX Polish & Topcoat

Hi Loves We all know the trauma of getting a manicure or spending an evening doing your nails only to see it chipping and peeling within a couple of days, bearing in mind that nowadays we have dishwashers and rarely get on our hands and knees to wash the floor by hand.  If you are anything like me, and I hope for the sake of your hands and nails you aren't, my hands are constantly in bleach, I fail to ever wear gloves for housework or gardening and should really hang my head in sha… Read more

Ten under Ten Pounds

Hi Loves   I have been thinking about the days when I was a suit wearing commuter and used to fill Santa sacks of little goodies for my girls, stocking fillers, secret Santa's and little table gifts needn't be some old bit of toot that nobody actually wants, and forcing them to give the polite & embarrassing "Thanks it's lovely" all the time thinking..... Christ another one for the charity shop ! I have been searching for little bits that should cause a genuine… Read more


Hi Loves This is an interesting one, Boots commissioned thousands of women over a two year period to share their skincare stories both good and bad, it was over this period and with this information that the dermatologists at Boots developed the range YourGoodSkin, it is formulated for all skin types and with specific problem solvers Boots are so confident that we will love it, they are offering a 28 day money back guarantee. Launched this month in store and online.  ( confident indeed … Read more

Emma Hardie Lift & Sculpt Firming Neck Treatment

Hiya Darlins A few weeks back I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous event where I met Emma Hardie and watched her demonstrate her latest innovation in skincare. Known for her best selling Moringa Cleansing Balm this time round Emma has been concentrating on the neck and chin area, we all know neck and hands are a dead giveaway when it comes to looking a bit "weathered"  I remember as a child being fascinated by my music teachers wattle wobbling throughout the class, fortunat… Read more

Superdrug LifePlus Report on 50 plus Beauty

Hiya Gorgeous I wanted to write this ( hopefully ) quick post about a study that was undertaken in August 2017 by Superdrug with 400 + women of over 50, asking them their views on beauty and ageing.  I personally found this report really interesting so wanted to share some of it with you as I think it makes for interesting reading, let me just say that as a 60 year old woman I found the results pleasing although not too surprising, but what I love is that they have actually taken the t… Read more

Mad Beauty | Perfect Stocking Fillers

Ho Ho Forgive me I know it's early, or is it ?  I am beginning to see lots of Christmas promotions appearing already and the shops selling Christmas goodies before we have even had Halloween, so maybe I'm just old fashioned in my desire not to experience the holiday too early, that said this year I am determined not to get caught up in the last minute rush. Spiced Apple Reindeer Hand Cream and emery board. Moisturising hand sanitizers ideal for popping in your handbag or office d… Read more

Monroe London

Hi Loves This is one for the boys, if the man in your life is either into personal grooming or indeed could do with a bit of a spruce and dragging into the new age this award winning new brand is really worth investigating. I had not heard of Monroe of London so used Mr LB to test it out, he is good with his skincare especially as he works outdoors, also after a recent hospital trip and a skin scare he has become very aware of the need for daily SPF regardless of the weather. The first t… Read more