Hylamide C25 | Deciem

Hello my darlings Here is a post that has taken me forever to research, I am probably preaching to the converted on Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company, as by now you have probably heard of them if not already use the products - but let's pretend you haven't, if you are a normal everyday person who buys product because you like the look of it, you will no doubt pick up products from Deciem, read a lil bit of info and put them down thinking - well it could be good but I don't… Read more

Mary Kay Into The Garden Pedicure Set

Hiya Darlins I don't know about you, but the first time you drag your sandals out can sometimes be a bit of shock seeing your tootsies up close and personal, dry skin and cracked heels, not a good look by any stretch of the imagination. I have recently discovered the solution in a rather snazzy mesh bag from Mary Kay, This great little pack delivers everything you need to treat your feet. A pack of 10 Foot Fizzes ( bath bombs for feet ) Emery board Two sets of toe separators And the ama… Read more

Crystal Dream from ECI Healthcare

Ever have trouble sleeping ?  How annoying is lying awake looking at the clock ?  the night just seems to go on forever, I hate it. I was offered a trial of Crystal Dream, which I was happy to do as it is  100% free from pharmaceuticals and hormones, so will not leave you feeling drowsy or hung over in the morning. To be fair Mr LB suffers more than me with sleep problems, so obviously when he wakes up telling me he had a bad night all I can answer with is *I Know ! *  so we both took th… Read more


Hiya Lovlie When it comes to skincare you know by now I am not influenced by price tags, although by nature we get an internal feeling that something with a high price tag is extra special and something to be coveted.   I wrote a while ago about the brand  ARgENTUM when their showcase product was  La Potion infinie   they have now introduced l'etoile infinie Twin Enhancing Face Oil. In is seductive dark purple almost black glass dropper bottle especially designed to keep the light away… Read more

Lavera SPF30 Sun Cream | Lavera After Sun Lotion

Hello Sun Lover :) Well, we have had a couple of hot days here in the UK, one of them being the hottest day of the year so far. We are a funny bunch us Brits, we spend all year lusting after pictures of sunny climes, blazing hot beaches and anything summer related, moaning about our rubbish weather, and when the sun eventually shows it's face we are all melting with frizzed hair and wet patches, unlike the glamorous Europeans who can totally rock the weather we just wander around fa… Read more

Vichy Neovadiol Eye & Lip Contours

Hiya Darlins As you know I have spoken before about products for us Menopausal gals, who even knew that that were any ?  You don't need me to tell you the changes our hormones play on our skin, euughhh The Scientists at The Vichy Labs have really got this issue nailed with the introduction of ranges specifically designed for us ( forgive me if you are reading this and are no where near having *Tropical Moments * )  I have reviewed the Neovadiol Range previously and you can read abou… Read more

My Vanishing Act

Hello Gorgeous I wanted to write this post to explain my virtual vanishing act from all things internet, I have popped on and off my social media really just to support and share other peoples work, as I have myself been very lacking in producing my blog posts and for that I apologise from the bottom of my heart. Things here have been a little bit hectic of late, how dare real life get in the way of my blogging !  Although I do blog full time and have the *luxury* of being home full tim… Read more

Lavera Face Self Tanning Cream

Hiya Sweet cheeks This weather is totally letting us down on the sunshine front, plus it's never a good thing to cook your own face :) I have to be honest and say that I have been a total failure with trying to apply self tan to my face and tend to rely on bronzers for a bit of a healthy glow, I was delighted to discover that Lavera a company that I have had a fantastic experience of previously read here   had introduced a facial self tan. I was obviously a little dubious with my prev… Read more

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hello Gorgeous The current trend for matte lips has been around for a while, but has managed to bypass my make up collection, well this week I thought I would give it a try. I bought NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade 16 a really lovely pinky nude shade, I had visions of having chalky dry lips that cracked and looked pretty rough after a couple of hours, not so with this lip cream, it is highly pigmented so you dont need tons, while looking matte it is soft and creamy and never feels dry… Read more

SBC Gels Simply Beautiful Collection

In 2015 this British Brand celebrated 25 years, and I am ashamed to say this is my first outing with them. SBC which stands for Simply Beautiful Collection, is a company with a very strong botanical bias, it prides itself on being practical, effective and affordable.  The Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser  250ml complete with Shammy Cloth £16.00 A super thick creamy cleanser that is applied directly to a dry face and rinsed off with warm water, using either the SBC shammy cloth, or your own was… Read more

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

Hiya Gorgeous face If you are a regular reader of my little corner of the interweb you will already know my love of the Japanese brand DHC I have written about them many times before, just hit the search bar. This time it is to bring you a brand new to the market product  the DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack, which is basically a pack containing fabulous soft cotton feel eye masks that are packed into pairs in a peel off type system which retains all the serum filled moisture to each set, al… Read more


Hiya Darlins  You know the disappointment you feel when a brand stops making the product that you absolutely love ?  well I suffered that this weekend, as you know living in a village I have nowhere to buy anything decent, so when my daughter was taking my grandaughters into Bromley I was up for the trip, the Boots there is to die for ! and I always head for the Kiko store, I had a particular reason for my Kiko Visit I was out of my favourite foundation which is actually a BB cream in … Read more

Anastasia Beverley Hills DipBrow VS NYX Tame & Frame

BATTLE OF THE BROWS  I have been using Anastasia Beverley Hill Dip Brow for some time now and have previously written about it HERE  I recently got very excited to find that NYX Cosmetics are now available in larger branches of Boots, I discovered what I thought would be a bargain alternative to the famous DipBrow. £15.00 Anastasia £5.50 NYX On first impression I was really disappointed in the size of the NYX pot compared to ABH  but we are talking about £10.00 difference. If you have ever… Read more