Yase Cosmetics Skincare from Poland

Hiya Darlins Bet this is a new one for you ?  I had never heard of Yase Cosmetics until I was contacted a few months ago to try out some items from their skincare line, I had never heard of this Polish skincare brand and from looking at their website I was curious, firstly I was impressed that I had to wait for the date shown on the site before the products could be shipped to me, odd.....but no, these products are so fresh they are made in small batches, not stored and are sent to you… Read more

The Best Gifts For A Diamond Anniversary #AD

#AD  The Best Gifts for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary A diamond wedding anniversary celebrates sixty years of marriage, and is an important milestone for any couple. Achieving sixty years of married bliss is definitely something to be celebrated, and traditionally, couples who celebrate this amazing achievement are given special gifts to mark the occasion. Whether you are planning to buy a diamond wedding anniversary gift for your husband, wife, parents, grandparents, or other relatives… Read more

Niod from Deciem Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% + Niod Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex

Hello to your gorgeous face. I am starting this post with a huge sigh, the reason being I never really feel that I can do Deciem products full justice, I am no Scientist I am not even slightly bright, but I do know what works on my mature skin and that quite honestly is the best I can offer you in terms of a review. Lets pretend you don't know Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company , take a look at their website and you will see that this company is anything BUT normal :)  make sure your… Read more

Heart Health on World Heart Day

Hiya lovely Not sure if you are aware but 29th September is World Heart Day. And to support this there is a new kid on the block to supplement heart health and aid in lowering cholesterol, Beta Heart  by Herbalife is a powder supplement that can be mixed either as a stand alone drink mixed with fruit juice or water, or mixed in with Oats for breakfast, also excellent mixed with protein shakes and smoothies which is my favoured method, there is no taste at all when mixed with shakes, as a… Read more

Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster

Hey Beautiful Thanks for popping by, Summer may be on it's way out, I say way out because I hand on to every last glimmer and refuse to accept that it is gone until I need a coat ! That said we need skin protection all year round, I wish I had known more when I was younger about the abuse I was inflicting on my poor face with all that cooking in the sun, I know better now, older and wiser ?  nope just scared of any more wrinkles :)   The gorgeous Dermalogica now have a daily solutio… Read more

How Important is Vitamin D ?

#AD Hi Lovelies,  This is  really interesting topic, just recently my Daughter was diagnosed with lacking vitamin D, she is 40 and was really suffering with hair loss, we put it down to the amount of chemicals she has used with hair colour, dry shampoo etc, and it turned out to be as simple as a few blood tests which showed her lacking in both Iron and Vitamin D, it really made me think, in these times we are all so paranoid about blocking the suns rays we are depriving ourselves accide… Read more

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport | Dermalogica After Sun Repair

Hiya Sun Lovers Am assuming that or you wouldn't be reading this :)  I am one of those sad people that only functions in sunlight, I think the official term is SAD  although I read a really funny article in Cosmo recently that re-named it as Sad Arsehole Disease, apparently that's what we act like by freaking out when the sun shows it's face LOL.  I am ashamed to admit to doing quite a few of the saddo things they described. Moving on, I was lucky enough to take my second br… Read more

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

Hiya Beautiful Do you love a bit of bling ?  I first spotted the company Glitter Lips last year at a beauty show and at the time I remember thinking oh that's pretty cool, but with so much to see at the show I didn't give it too much thought. As you all know by now I am a massive supporter of small business and couldn't wait to see the owners present their pitch to the Dragons on BBC Dragons Den, it was fab but alas the Dragon's failed to give the girls the funding they … Read more

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

Hiya Hottie phew it's el scorchio here in Surrey, today I wanted to share with you something that you may never have experienced, this was totally new to me and at first I was like why ? WELL !!!!  if you have never used a hair perfume you are missing out I promise you, I couldn't get my head around why I would need it ?  why I would want clashing fragrance all over the place ?  and really the whole point. To answer my own thoughts, I didn't need it, but the compliments I get… Read more

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash

Hey Hey do you wash your face ?  bet you don't, now I am not saying you are grubby ha ha but not many of us actually wash our faces anymore, I don't I will always use an oil or cream cleanser with a hot cloth, the reason being that anything with bubbles dries me out and makes me itch ! Mr LB funny enough has the same problem with shower gels and bubble baths, I would like to say he is a sensitive soul, but only his skin when it comes to anything  that contains soap. I have just d… Read more

Lookfantastic bad service.

Hiya Darlins here is something I NEVER ever do, but I am so cross I feel the need to rant, having owned my own business I would have been mortified had someone complained about bad customer service, it seems that nowadays no one cares ! Here is my saga  (aka rant.) I have for a while wanted AlphaH Liquid Gold,  and when they tweeted that Lookfantastic were offering buy one get one free I thought great, one for a blog post that I would keep and one for a giveaway to readers of the blog. I … Read more

Tints of Nature Hydrate Shampoo / Conditioner

Hello Gorgeous You may never have heard of Tints of Nature, I hadn't, so I was delighted to try out their Hydrate shampoo and conditioner, this company is predominantly a natural Hair care company using the maximum in organic and ethical products with the absolute minimum chemicals, they have a huge range of permanent and semi permanent hair colours, which I would have dearly loved to try out but as you know I colour grey, so was unable to trial it, but hold on for a further post, … Read more

Into The Garden Mary Kay

Hiya Darlins I have been very remiss with my rambling of late as I have been away in Spain and the internet was almost non existent. This post should have come out before I went away but I have been using this on a regular basis and I actually took this little palette with me, as it it filled with Summery colours. The Palette is a complete colour compact designed by Partricia Bonaldi especially for Mary Kay, with a quad of the most finely milled shimmer powder shadows, and three super sh… Read more

Hand Chemistry Glow Oil | Deciem

Hello to your gorgeous face It isn't often I get desperately excited about a product enough to bump it up on my list of reviews, but THIS !!!!!!! One of my favourite brands by Deciem is Hand Chemistry I adored the first product I ever tried, read it here   and this has way surpassed any expectations. OK, so what is Glow Oil ? It is a dry oil that is an alternative to self tan ! but wait....... it is way way more than that, upon opening you will see what looks like a simple bottle of o… Read more