Superdrug B. Face Mask Range

Hi Loves what is it about a face mask that makes you feel as though you are treating yourself to something special? It's probably the "me" time, even though you are probably buzzing around doing chores while it's on!  That 10-15 minutes is a mini treat that we all deserve. B. Is For Beautiful from Superdrug, which you have seen me talk about before has added to it's fabulous Cruelty Free, Vegan collection in the form of 4 amazing masks that treat your skin whatever… Read more

Christian Breton Age Priority De Luxe Gold Serum

Hiya Darlins For me this is probably one of the longest times I have ever tested out a product (over 3 months)  the reason being is that this serum had a claim that only time would prove if it worked or not! I was not familiar with the history of Christian Breton and wanted to know more; The story begins in the 1960s, in France, when Christian Breton’s mother, an eminent scientist and genetic specialist, headed an elite team of researchers. The question: “How can Genetic and DNA-RNA help… Read more

The WoolRoom Sheepskin Rug

Hi Loves As you all know I am a huge fan of the WoolRoom products, I sleep on a WoolRoom bed   and use WoolRoom Bedding  which I love. These led me onto the accessories section of the website which hosts a sumptuous collection of pure wool throws, blankets, nursery items and home accessories for the cosiest rooms ever, and with the knowledge that pure wool is allergy free you know you are safe from any dust mites or nasties. I am now the proud and happy owner of the worlds most luxurious … Read more

SUPERDRUG NEW Vitamin C Detox Skincare

Hi Loves With the threatened weather warnings we are having at the moment,  I am pleased to bring a bit of sunshine into your daily skincare routine courtesy of our friends at Often things appear in the post that have me thinking "here we go, another novelty"  and I have to be honest and  say I raised an eyebrow at Jam face mask! However, I have been seriously keen to try out this new range and the higher end skincare brands seem to have gone Vitamin C crazy an… Read more

PUR On Point Lip Liner

Hiya Darlins I am continuing with my love of PUR Cosmetics by trialling the impressive range of Lip Liner shades. It's a funny thing how years ago Lip Liner was seldom used, or when it was you had the definite contrast of a light lipstick with a darker liner, nowadays Lip Liners are as much part of our daily make up routine as mascara, and I for one couldn't imagine making up without one, I think no matter what your age every ones lips benefit from a little definition and these… Read more

Struggling With Routine

Hi Loves Yesterday as you will know if you follow me on Instagram, saw me adding yet another Ikea storage cupboard to the office. It got me thinking at how those images could have had me looking perfectly  organised and in control. Nothing could be further from the the truth, I fly through life by the seat of my pants, and I honestly cannot fathom why. I have days where I get up before the birds, go into the office at home and work like a mad woman, leaving exhausted but feeling smug, I… Read more

JOJO SIWA Be You Eau de Parfum

Hi Loves You may or may not have heard of JoJo Siwa, I confess to not having heard of her, that said at my age (61) I don't keep up too much with TV or what the youngsters are into. When I spoke to my girls they were hysterical at the thought that I didn't know the girl with *BOWS*  from the TV show Dance Moms, so obviously I had to do do some research as I hate being out of the loop.  All I can say is WOW this little one is a cult phenomenon and actually I can see why, she has… Read more

GOSH Turn Me On Mascara | GOSH Fake It Primer

Hiya Darlins Every new season I look forward to the new releases from GOSH Copenhagen, I truly think this brand needs a huge amount of attention, they are innovative quality products at a really good price. I do have a few things to share with you from this years SS18 range which I will be featuring, but a couple of pieces instantly jumped out at me.  Firstly the new shades in Gosh Lip Oil  I wrote about these when Gosh  first released them in 2016. Once again they surpass brands at 4 x th… Read more


Hi My Loves By now, those of you that know me will recognise my passion for AlphaH Skincare. Today I have some amazing news for anyone who already loves AlphaH or looking to start their AlphaH skincare journey.  QVC shopping channel will be hosting  ALPHA-H THREE PIECE LIQUID GOLD COMPLEXION RENEWAL TRILOGY   on Saturday 10th Feb as the Today's Special Value feature. If you haven't already experienced a TSV then hot foot to set a reminder on your TV for QVC, these events a literal… Read more

NUDESTIX Lip & Cheek Colour

Have you heard the buzz about Nudestix? If not let me give you the quick SP.  Former M.A.C product developer and Co Founder of of Cover FX.  Jenny Frankel took a break from her career to spend more time with her daughters while they were growing up. Watching her beautiful girls and their natural style make up habits was the inspiration behind Nudestix. A range of make up pencils that allow you to *Go Nude But Better*   Jenny comments “It doesn’t matter if someone’s come out with the late… Read more