Look Good Feel Better Foundation Brush Set

Hi Darlins If you have never heard of the Cancer Charity Look Good Feel Better Please do check them out. The  #Warpaintforlife  campaign  celebrates the power of beauty for all women everywhere. To feel confident, in control and empowered in life is every woman’s right and Look Good Feel Better exists to make sure that cancer doesn’t get to take that away. We all use make up brushes, but how lovely to know that the brushes you are using are donating a portion to help another woman at a tim… Read more

DHC Double Protection Mascara

Hiya Gorgeous Face Mascaras, how many are on the market ? the number must run into the thousands ! quite frankly you can waste an absolute fortune on trying them from a TV ad or a groovy looking package, I know I have wasted a lot of money over the years. My wish list for a mascara is Longer looking lashes Thicker looking lashes No panda eye No smudging No flaking No clogging No spider leg appearance Easy application within one or two coats DHC Double Protection mascara does all that and more, i… Read more

Gosh Giant Pro Kajal

Hi Loves I have a serious love for Kohl / Kajal pencils and have been using them since the late 70s, my reason for this admission proves I know my way around a kajal pencil or two, The Gosh Copenhagen SS17 collection has bought many new joys not least of which is this Giant Pro Kajal, I want to say pencil but its more of a giant crayon. It is the deepest black I have ever experienced and is butter soft making it really easy to apply, be gentle or it will end up as too much, I used it on… Read more


Hi Loves This is something a little bit fabulous, I do like something new and interesting, and when the lovely people at Evoshave asked me if * him indoors* would like to try it out I was fascinated, I have never seen anything like it before in my life ! These amazing little double sided razors let you shave by touch, I did have to ask himself why you would need to do this ?  as It isn't something I had ever considered, his answer was, " why wouldn't you want to ? "  i… Read more

Garnier Pure Active

Hi Darlins A while ago I was approached by Garnier to try out a new range of skincare called Pure Active, you may have seen the recent TV ads. I have not used a Garnier product for many years, not for any particular reason as they were always my * go to* product as a young Mum, but for some reason seem to get overlooked nowadays, so I was keen to try out this new range although, if I am honest I 100% couldn't see it being for me, as from what I can gather it is aimed at a more youth… Read more

Blogging for Bloggers

Hiya Lovelies Am rambling again, I have just done my usual early morning scroll through Twitter, yep naughty habit I know but I do it everyday, and a thought suddenly occurred to me ( dangerous ) Firstly the number of tweets about other bloggers, sniping and just general bitchiness, and secondly the "look at me " style that seems to have become synonymous with blogging, of course I am not saying you shouldn't want to promote your blog, of course you do, it's something… Read more


Hiya Darlins This post has been a long time coming as there was such a lot to try out, if you have never heard of Bio-Extracts you are in for a treat, not only is it a highly effective complete skincare range it's also great fun to use ! The company produce 3 skincare creams in airless containers which form the basis of the routine, these come in Light, Normal and Rich, I opted for Normal for the purpose of my trial, next there are a range of 9 Boosters, these come in airless syring… Read more

AlphaH Liquid Gold Luxe Resurfacing Body Cloths

Hiya Darlin Forget Roses and Chocolates for Valentines, I wanted AlphaH Liquid Gold Luxe Resurfacing Body Cloths, I honestly couldn't tell you were I first heard about them, but I was on a mission to try them out, well, quite frankly it was a mission, I couldn't find them anywhere, I tried Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, Marks & Spencer all of these are my usual go to sites for AlphaH but alas no joy. I did, however find them as part of a set on QVC, to my delight it was the best b… Read more

Gosh Liquid Matte Lips SS17

Hiya Gorgeous There is something a little bit lovely when Gosh announce a new season, this time it's the Spring/Summer 2017 collection that is inspired by Urban Nature, I really do love these launches, rather than drip feed a couple of new products into existing collections, Gosh bring complete newness every season. It is quite an impressive new collection and for this one I am starting off with the Liquid Matte Lips, as you know from previous posts I am not a lover of the liquid mat… Read more

Spring Re-Decorating #Collab

Hiya Darlins Do you get the bug ?  as soon as Winter starts to look as though it is on the move my mind starts to think of decorating and Spring, it must be some kind of nesting instinct I always get itchy for change at this time of year. For years my style has been French Shabby Chic, it is evolving a little in that it's not so much Shabby Chic, the frills have gone although everything is still white, that will never change, I have in my dining room a white vintage set of table and… Read more

Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque | Super Greens

Hiya Darlins What's the first thing you think of when you read a label saying clay mask ? if you are anything like me the first thing that springs to mind is grey almost gritty, drying like a cracked pavement clay yes ? Well let me change your mind, I have to be honest and admit that I was so so wrong in my pre testing thoughts. Sukin as company I have written about before and you can read the posts here and here  and am really developing a soft spot for, as much as I love the the tho… Read more

Throw Out The Guilt

Hi Darlins, this will be another one of my rambling posts as I am currently stuck on the sofa recovering from flu, and of course doing nothing gets you thinking, I have been attached to this sofa and fluffy throw for 6 days now which is by any ones standards a very long time, do I feel guilty ? not in the slightest.   Having spent years commuting thinking the City of London would collapse without me I have learnt that nothing is as important as your health, back in the day I went to wor… Read more