Sol De Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturising Shower Cream-Gel

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturising Shower Cream Hi Lovely Sol De Janeiro as a brand first came to my attention when I saw lots of promotion of their Brazilian Bum Bum cream, I think it must have been a PR mailout as a lot of bloggers where writing about it at the same time, I remember thinking it looked pretty cool and had it in mind that I would try it but never did. The name popped up again when I was watching some US Youtubers raving about this shower gel, when I say ravin… Read more

Striving For Perfection

Hiya Darlin This is a bit of an odd post for me, and I guess you could call it a ramble, which is probably the story of my life now :)  yesterday I saw something on Twitter that really made me thing about things being in perspective.  It said something along the lines of when you die you will not be remembered for having a perfect Instagram grid, please forgive me here if you are not a blogger or Insta addict, as unless you are absorbed in a cyber world these things will seem like shee… Read more


Hiya Darlings Have you heard of or tried the German Body care range Bilou? The first thing you will notice is the stunning fun designs, bright colours in great packaging. This Vegan bathroom range is actually quite surprising, and it's not until you start using it do you really appreciate just how fabulous it is.  On first glance you would be forgiven for thinking OK shower foam and body spray, nothing new there. But the brand is much more than that I was pleasantly surprised. Starti… Read more

Monkey Faced Orchids

Hi Loves recently my followers joined me in my excitement when I shared pictures of these amazing Orchids in a Twitter post.  I literally felt as though my week had been made when I first saw these gorgeous little flowers.  I love Monkey's and am a huge fan of Monkey World in Dorset, this last two years I have been really falling in love with Orchids after receiving one as a gift from Imedeen Supplements. I have turned into quite a saddo, sharing my flower pictures when I manage to g… Read more

Knight & Wilson Pureplex Revolutionary Hair Repair

Hi Loves Have you ever wondered about the abuse we put our hair through nowadays? bleach, colour, heat and products all take their toll. We are constantly on the look out for the next product or tool to make our hair look great, but in our attempts to look great we are actually screwing it up.   If you are a regular follower you will already know that my hair colour of choice is Silver Blonde by Colour Freedom, again from Knight & Wilson, so when I was offered the chance to try this… Read more

PUR Dream Chaser Vanity Palette

Hi Loves, Palettes!  How many do you own? and more to the point how many do you actually use?  I have a ton of palettes (shamefully) and I could count on one hand how many I actually use, and even less how many I use more than 2 shades in each palette, it's such a waste. We get suckered into buying the latest shiniest newest thing that is all over the Internet , and quite honestly look far better in an Instagram photo than they will ever look on your face!  being of "cough"… Read more

Aldi Lacura Illusion Touch 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer

Hi Darlins As you know I am a huge fan of Aldi Lacura skincare products, and can't resist sharing them as soon as I pick them up over on my Instagram, this one I haven't shown as yet as I wanted to give it a wear test. Firstly can we just take a moment to admire the packaging!  How this company produce this kind of packaging and product for the money is beyond belief, this glass bottle with it's dual foundation/concealer container costs just £5.99.  The only negative I am go… Read more

Superdrug Loves Edit March

Hi Loves, Today I wanted to tell you about the amazing Superdrugloves beauty edit bag which is officially on sale on the  23rd March .  I absolutely adore this bag of beauty treats and it is so much better than other multi item deals I have bought before.  All the products are full size which is amazing and there is literally something for everyone in here.  Included in the bag is: This stunning MUA prism loose powder highlighter which I searched the second I got it. It’s gorgeous and there … Read more

Mary Kay Timewise Repair Lifting Serum | Vitamin C Activating Squares

Hi my loves This review is a little bit  different and includes Mary Kay Vitamin C Activating Squares, which are something totally new.  Vitamin C really is the buzzword ingredient at the moment and the brand have found an unusual new way to give your complexion and extra boost. Mary Kay Timewise Repair Volu-Firm™ Lifting Serum.  29ml The hygienic pump system dispenses just the right amount of the creamy serum for a full face application, another pump deals with the neck and decolletage.… Read more

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Firm & Lift Cleansing Set

Hi loves Are you a fan of double cleansing?  I hope so.  Just recently I have seen some YouTube videos for mature women that are waxing lyrical about the virtues of cleansing wipes and Micellar Water as the things to use when removing make up. I have no issues with either of these things in their place, Wipes - for a quick freshen up maybe on holiday or in an emergency, Micellar Water for use after proper cleansing, or as a whip over in the morning on a clean skin.  There is nothing on… Read more

Lost Blogging Mojo

Hi Loves As you all know I am a fervent blogger, I try as much as I can to write daily, one of the main reasons for this is that I am lucky enough to receive fabulous new items from PR agencies and brand owners to try out and share with you.  I have to say here that I only share the things I like and a proportion don't ever reach the blog, if you are a blogger and thinking of doing this, please always contact the brand and explain your reasons why. The products that reach the blog … Read more

Body Ballancer Treatment

. Hi Loves As many of you will know from seeing my antics on Instagram recently I was lucky enough to get to try out Body Ballancer.  Not heard of it?  not to worry neither had I.  Once I did get to hear about it, my curiosity was at it's peak, yes, yes I am nosey and I do like a treatment! About the Founders. Naomi Northen-Ellis : Naomi worked in sponsorship marketing and event management in the professional sports arena for many years.  In 2008 she was diagnosed with primary lymphoed… Read more

Windows To The Soul #sp

Hi Darlings As you all well know I am dubious/lazy when it comes to eye care, I obviously test out lots of products with varying results when it comes to eye creams. I will admit to not looking after my eyes as much as I probably could.  I do think the one thing that brings youth to the eyes is a sparkle, the sparkle you can see in any age of woman, that cheeky glint that shows a good life has been lived or that the potential for a really good laugh is always present. I also think that … Read more