Revolution Eye Glisten

Hi Loves, When it comes to new releases I honestly can't keep up with Revolution Beauty, it seems as though there is something new a couple of times a week, when these arrived all I knew is that they were an upcoming new release. I had no idea of when so I just played with them until after I saw they had become available and here we are! 5 tubes of bling that are the easiest things to apply ever, even for the most inexperienced.  At one end you have a foil like shimmer which feels w… Read more

Mary Kay Enchanted Wish Eau De Toilette

Hi Loves, This Fragrance from Mary Kay is described as  whimsical, fruity-floral scent is inspired by women who find enchantment in the everyday. I'm not sure about finding enchantment in everyday I personally think that's a huge task however, this fragrance is lovely, light soft and very very feminine. The Faceted turquoise glass bottle topped with a purple flower shaped stopper reminds me of a single flower in a vase, really pretty.  When this arrived I didn't expect to lik… Read more


Hiya Loves, Let's start by getting the elephant in the room out of the way.  The look of this tool could be considered by some to resemble some sort of adult toy!  Not that I would know, but a lot of you naughty girls had some very cheeky comments when I posted pictures of this to my Instagram some time ago when it first arrived!  It did cause quite a giggle. HOWEVER we are grown up mature women who need to stop giggling like school children and concentrate on the job in hand (no p… Read more

Being Old in a world of beauty bloggers & Influencers

Hiya Darlins, Today I fancied a bit of ramble, as is my way! Firstly I have no clue why I used the word influencers in my title I bloody hate that word. Anyways I was thinking about being old, I think at 62 I could now say I'm officially old- Boots think so I get extra points on my card for being an old bird, plus I get to go to London with a granny rail card, so it has some advantages. Ya'll know I started blogging when I gave up my full time business, I got bored of cleaning th… Read more


#AD Hi Loves, I have been absolutely desperate to share this offer with you, SBC Gels are featuring on QVC as a Today's Special Value TSV this Thursday 21st Feb You can be one of the very first to grab this offer from midnight on Wednesday 20th The Original Price of this  5 piece offer if bought separately is over £123.00 you can purchase it at a special price of under £40.00, it is in fact worth a lot more as the prices are based on the usual 500ml product and both the Honey & A… Read more

PixiGlow Cake

Hi Loves, When it comes to glowing skin Pixi are the brand that always have that little extra, with skincare to give you glow alongside shimmering makeup you need look no further. Pixi Glow Cake are such a great name for these huge slabs of glowing cake 3 in 1 luminous transition powder gives you blush, highlight and subtle contour all in one,  infused with ceramides, peptides and antioxidants they are doing your skin good while at the same time looking gorgeous. The palettes have an om… Read more

Playtex Invisible Elegance Bra & Brief

Hi Loves, Have a look in your underwear drawer, does it make you feel proud? *sang in my best Heather Small  M People Voice* If you are anything like me then probably not, at what stage do we give up trying to look smexshy and opt for comfort?  We can all remember the cheese wire G String days but when did we give them up and opt for something far more bloody sensible?  I think my pants started to get bigger at about 55, I remember holding on to a draw full of pretty little things from … Read more

MakeUp Revolution Skincare

Hi Loves, for quite a while now I have been trying out Makeup Revolution Skincare, there are a lot of products in the range so some of my thoughts will be more in depth than others which will be first impressions. Firstly let me start by saying my initial thoughts when I first saw this were of Deciem and the Ordinary range, I don't say that in a bad way and in fact for me personally it came at the perfect time.  Any of you that saw the struggle Brandon Truaxe went through  before hi… Read more