Kiko Make Up Review

I first Discovered Kiko on a holiday in Ibiza, the joy of spending and age lusting after this brand new brand that I had never seen before was amazing, and so reasonably priced for such a glamorous store, needless to say I came home with quite a collection. When I discovered Kiko in Brighton, It was a no brainer to step straight in. My first purchase was a fabulous compact foundation which is the BB glow compact, a gorgeous creamy foundation with really good coverage but with no heavy m… Read more

New Products being Tested

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Pound Shop Beauty Bargains

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New Grey Hair

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Bellamianta Self Tanning Lotion

You are probably thinking, hang on it's almost Christmas, why is this woman writing about self tan ?  well; it's exactly the reason I am writing about it, Christmas ! Who in their right mind would want to go to a Christmas "do" in a gorgeous new dress all pasty white and winter looking ?      nope, even if you didn't manage to get away for a winter sun break, no need to look as though you have sat in the shade all year. Bellamianta is no ordinary self tanning produ… Read more

Skin Chemists Advanced Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum Review

Before I talk about this product specifically I wanted to just say, I have tried a few products with strong claims about wrinkle etc.....quite recently I was at a beauty show when a lady stopped me and offered to give me a try out of her * miracle* face lifting cream, well......not one to turn down the offer of a wrinkle reduction I sat in her chair while she duly applied this magic formula to my face, I was handed a mirror while she fanned the product dry on my face, ( under eye area… Read more

Bloggers Fragrance workshop & PR

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Salon Systems Naturalash Review

First let me say I am not a full time eyelash wearer, I have been known to have the odd flutter on a big night out, but in truth I have not applied these myself, I rely on my daughter. When I met the team at Salon Systems it was suggested I go with the most natural Lashes and to start with the easiest ones too apply..good thinking Salon Systems, no good asking me to try Ru Paul type lashes, it would be wasted on me :) The First pair I was given to try out were the pre glued naturalash i… Read more

Belle Gel Rapide Home Nail Kit Review

If you are anything like me, you love the look of freshly polished nails, but don't have time to keep going to the salon to get them done, then this really is worth a read. I will go to the salon, adore the result and then find that I am too busy or simply can't be bothered to go back and get them taken off/re-done, for me it's a 20 min drive and find a parking space blah blah.......too much hassle ! I always find they will be at their worse when I need them to be their bes… Read more

Blogger event products

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Empties | Liz Earle| White Hot Hair | etc

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Who Is She ?

Bit of a funny old post for me, as it's all about me . I think the title of this post speaks for itself, Who Is She ? I have heard rumour of some negative feedback lately by bloggers once again criticising other bloggers, in terms of.......who knew ? ........ we actually have to qualify ourselves now as being * something* in the beauty industry, lol, this really did make me laugh, I am nobody, my opinions are not those of a beauty expert, I could send you a list of qualified beauty… Read more

Things that make me feel old

Don't we do well with all this technology ? I think so, but there are times when I just feel old lol, yeah yeah, I suppose you could say 58 is no spring chicken, but these things frustrate the drawers off me, as I don't like this feeling. Here are a few things I don't understand and things that make me feel ancient lol. I would like to blame this confusion on the Menopause, but that ship sailed leaving me with no place to hide my stupidity. Buzz feed  Spotify Flippagram html and … Read more

He Drives Me Nuts Because

I probably had the raging hump through lack of sleep, but being in bitch mode made me think of all the other things that drive me nuts, I'm sure at least one will strike a chord with you ha ha. Pants on the bathroom floor that you failed to notice before friends arrive. Snoring............ Talking through your favourite programme. Snoring............ Being a pain in the arse when shopping until fed. Snoring............ Bringing you tea when you are sleeping, who gets thirsty when they ar… Read more

Aldi Lacura Expert Mimox Intensive Care Beautifying Serum Review,

You go in for loo roll and come out with Serum ! I personally Love Aldi it is a haven of the weird and wonderful and always ends up being top of some best Christmas food review list or another. This new product from Aldi came to me highly recommended so I thought I would pick it up along with the odd pineapple and avocado,  as you do :)  I have in the past tried other bits and bobs from the Lacura range at Aldi, nail Polish which was pretty good, and lip gloss which was fab actually, t… Read more

Murad Skincare Review

I very much doubt there is anyone who has not heard of Murad, but if you haven't it is, in my opinion one of the very top skin care brands, founded in 1989 by Dr Howard Murad Md everything about this range screams not only luxury but sheer quality and science. if you check out the website there is a solution to every problem.   I was fortunate enough To try The Resurgense Regeme Starting with The Renewing Cleansing Cream 200 ml Step 1 that is another of the reasons I like this bra… Read more

Flat Pack Wine. |Travel | Wine lover |

This I just had to write about, a new discovery for me that when I first heard of I was sceptical to say the least, I honestly couldn't see why anyone would need wrong was I ?  Flat Pak Wine.  The Foldable Wine Bottle. This really is what is say's on the Pack ( A Flat Pak Wine Bottle )  it's also a hell of a lot more; I actually think the inventors of this bottle have missed a trick......I am no marketing guru, but even I can see it's uses are being underso… Read more

Female Viagra The Little Pink Pill

The little pink pill, I know we have all heard of the little blue pill, but when I saw something on the internet saying that Viagra for women was now available, I had to have a look, as you do ;  you are by now thinking ohhhh yes, ?????  I know what she is up to !  ha ha, my curiosity was peaked, thinking about it peaked is probably not the best choice of words when talking about Viagra. And yes I do know that this subject is no laughing matter, but being English humour is the best way … Read more

Make Up Revolution Review

Make up Revolution is my new addiction.  Here's the thing, I am very lucky and get sent a lot of skincare to try but for some reason I never seem to get get asked to try out make up, I can only think that make up brands are of the opinion us old birds don't still have fun playing make up;  wrong......on so many levels, anyhow, not one to be left out of the loop I spend a small fortune on trying new brands, colours etc, and my new love is the Brand Make up Revolution, now I kno… Read more

Cowshed | Gorgeous Cow | Grumpy Cow | Knackered Cow | Review

When I first discovered Cowshed as a brand I had fallen a little bit in Love before I had even tried the products.   Everything from the website design to the smile worthy names of the ranges. Although I did hope for a personalised bottle of miserable old cow, but alas no, maybe that's just me :) When these products arrived ( thank you Cowshed )  I was really hoping not to be disappointed, a bit like a first date that turns up looking great, opens his mouth and it's all downhil… Read more

BBeauty Korean Masks review

Korean skincare ?  the current buzz in the beauty market seems to be all things Korean, let me start by saying I am no expert on these things and have never been to Korea !  If anyone is offering to loan me their home I thank you in advance :) Moving on.............I have recently had the joy of discovering Korean Face masks, not just any old masks claiming to be Korean skincare, these masks are supplied in the UK from Korea by a little known Company by the name of BBeauty Limited  Thes… Read more

LAB2 Make Up Brushes Review

Is it possible to have too many brushes ? no, of course not............unless they are cheap horrible quality brushes that make you look as though you have had an affair with a hairy animal, and you have lots of spare time in the mornings to pick black hairs off your face ? I have recently had the pleasure of testing out 3 different packs of LAB2   "Strokes of Genius" "I'm Turning Pro" "Triple Threat" LAB2 have created a whole range of professional quality… Read more