HJ Nail Polish

Hi Gorgeous, hope your day is beautiful. Have you heard of HJ Manicure ?  I hadn't until recently I was asked to try out this Vegan/animal friendly range of polishes which are really keeping up with today's demand for less chemicals and cruelty free products, bang on trend with 20 colours, the design and look of these polishes are clean and modern a good size 14.8 ml bottle with a soft flexible brush, they apply easily and cover perfectly with just one coat, no wishy washy 4 co… Read more

ARK Agedefy Brightening Cleanser + Nourishing Moisturiser

Hiya Darlins You have heard me talk about the brand ARK recently when I discovered the Ark Pro Remove Pre Cleanse , a fabulous pre cleanse that simply melts away make up and grime, I followed this with Ark Agedefy Brightening Cleanser, the agedefy range that I tried is specifically designed for 50+ skin. This beautifully creamy cleanser is applied to damp skin, massaged in and removed with warm water, completing my double cleanse. This cleanser contains a host of goodies including Red Al… Read more

My Floatworks Experience

Hiya Darlins I was recently lucky enough to be invited to the opening weekend of Floatworks in Vauxhall, London, due to confusion on my part I couldn't make the opening weekend, but co owner Chris Plowman very kindly arranged for myself and my eldest daughter to re-book. Along we went, quite excited as we had looked at the website but really unsure what to expect, we were greeted at the reception by a super smiley welcome where we were taken through to the locker area to leave our s… Read more

Grown Alchemist | Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser | Detox Serum Antioxidant+3 | Hydra Repair Day Cream

Hello Beautiful  You may well have heard of the brand Grown Alchemist these Australian modern day chemists producing outstanding skin and haircare products with only pure Organic ingredients, you can read more about the companies philosophy HERE  I started out by testing the Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser with Olive Leaf & Plantago Extract . ideal for Normal/Dry skin, the first thing you notice is how rich and creamy this cleanser is, and applying it to your face with your hands leaves… Read more

Keeping It Real

Hiya gorgeous darlin reader, Thanks for stopping by, I don't honestly know what made me think of it, but having spent the usual hours looking at blogs and pictures on Instagram it suddenly occurred to me how lucky I am not to be 20 something, in these day's of anti ageing products, botox and fillers, I'm not saying  "mature" ladies don't want to look good for their age, and my generation is probably the luckiest yet, as the age barriers are certainly slowly bu… Read more

Aldi Lacura Thermal Spring Facial Care

Hiya Gorgeous Let's talk bargain, once again our friends at Aldi have come up with a fabulous skincare range  Thermal Spring which is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Thermal Spring water is a natural mineral groundwater that emerges from the ground at a temperature of over 20 Degrees Celsius containing minerals and trace elements it is ideal for use in a sensitive skin range. I tested out the Thermal Spring Facial Care, the 50 ml glass jar contains a light soothing cream th… Read more

UFIT PRO50 Supersize Protein Shake

Hiya Darlins As you will have have read in my previous post I am a bit of a fan of UFIT protein drinks, not that I am a hench muscle ripped bodybuilder but I do believe in adding supplements to our daily diet especially when doing any kind of fitness, Mr LB takes protein a couple of times a day, has an extremely physical job and also like to throw around metal weights for fun, I on the other hand don't take as much as don't climb trees for a living but I am not a huge meat eater… Read more

Celebrity Stylist Jen Atkins OUAI Haircare

Hiya Darlins I cannot tell you how excited I was to try out the New OUAI haircare range from Celebrity stylist Jen Atkins, you will probably know her as the Kardashians stylist but there is much more to her than that, she was recently names by The New York Times as the most influential hairstylist in the world ! In February 2016 te OUAI range was born, until now only available in the USA, us lucky Brits will be able to grab it on April 25th exclusively at  Selfridges London.  There is s… Read more

Laura Geller Spackle Treatment Even Tone Make Up Primer

Hiya Gorgeous  My love for Laura Geller is no secret to you all, and once again I have discovered something that simply had to be shared, and this has come at the perfect time of year in my opinion. Spackle Treatment Even Tone Make Up Primer I know you are probably thinking this is just another primer, but I promise you it isn't, I think the name actually underestimates it, yes it is a fabulous primer that gives your make up a flawless finish, BUT it also has the capability of totall… Read more

Why you need Collagen #AD

#AD Hiya Darlins Firstly let me say I am a blogger not a scientist, but as regular readers know, I have a bit of an obsession with Collagen, and I thought it may be an idea to talk about, in terms of what it is and why we need it. I only discovered the whole Collagen story within the last couple of years, and as such take it daily without fail.  As you can see from the clever little graph at birth you start with the maximum amount of Collagen in your body  as indicated by firm peachy, bo… Read more

Dr Renaud Iris Anti Ageing Kit

Hiya Darlins, First let me say as always, nothing will stop you ageing, you can slow it down, you can look great for your age, but unless you go for surgery or fillers, but my personal opinion is they are the only ways to turn the clock back, what you can do is use good skincare and begin to see a vast improvement in a very short time, especially if you are a bit hit and miss with your skincare routine. Dr Renaud have cleverly devised these little kits  at such a low price £9.00 that all… Read more

Swarovski Crystal Make up Brush Sets

Hi Darlins I was very kindly sent two sets of the most amazing make up brushes featuring Swarovski Crystal handles, I can honestly say they are stunning, currently these brushes are only available from  Swarovski Austria in Crystalworld, Innsbruck and Vienna. however they will be available from the brand partners Total Partners on a website that is currently under construction The first set of three include a large very soft powder brush, the flat square head shadow… Read more

Aldi Lacura Spray On Body Moisturiser

Hiya Darlins How handy is this little bit of newness from the Lacura range at Aldi ? A spray on body moisturiser containing Aloe Vera and Argan Oil, I instantly thought about it being perfect as an after sun with the cooling Aloe Vera especially if you have over done it a little bit, this isn't what is designed for, just my initial thoughts. This spray is fabulous, it doesn't spray in a wide area, say like deodorant, so there is no waste, it smells totally amazing and really does… Read more

Summerdown Mint Body Wash | Lemongrass and Mint

Hiya Darlins Talk about fabulous weather we are having the last few days, it's as though Spring is here with a bang, and you just feel that Summer is on it's way. I have just had the pleasure of experiencing Summer in a bottle in the form of a Lemongrass and Mint Body wash from the English farm Company Summerdownmint, This company re introduced English Black Peppermint to it's farm in the foothills of the Hampshire Downs.  This fabulous Body wash really does have the most re… Read more

Ark Skin Essential Pro Remove Pre Cleanse

Hi My Darlins I am hoping you will have heard of the skincare brand ARK, if not I am delighted to bring them to you.  Ark have established that there are two main transition periods in the ageing process where there is a dramatic shift in hormone production and a significant change in the way the body functions: late 20s to early 30s and late 50s to early 60s.  They have devoloped three age specific ranges teens & twenties, 30s & 40s also 50 upwards.  The product I am featuring t… Read more

Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter Golden Lights

Hiya Darlins If I am honest I don't think I have ever written about Make Up Revolution before, I have spoken about them Often of my YouTube videos and twitter, I think the problem with me and Make Up Revolution is that I take it for granted that everyone knows and uses the brand, there is nothing new I can bring to the table :) HOWEVER !!!!!   As you all know I have Daughters and Grandaughters and as a gaggle of females between us we probably should own Shares in Make Up Revolution,… Read more

Laura Geller Filter Finish Baked Radiant Setting Powder

Hiya Gorgeous  Here's a review you have never seen me do before ( Face Powder )  why ?  because I NEVER ever use it. Since becoming a *certain* age I have over the years found powder ageing, I have tried ultra fine loose powder, mineral powder and compact powder, they ALL sat in the lines making my skin look older and more wrinkly, I am not one for wanting my my face to look like un-ironed bedding, so for years I have avoided any form of face powder. Now..........being the nice polit… Read more