#SP Incorporating More Natural Beauty Products Into Your Regime

Nowadays, we are relatively used to picking up whatever beauty products we are recommended without really taking any notice of what they’re actually made from. We’re so used to everything having an extensive list of ingredients on the back that we don’t even stop to question what some of the previously unheard of elements are or where they are sourced. This is, of course, problematic. Various chemicals, artificial filler ingredients, and artificial colours or scents that are commonly us… Read more

Norvell Ultra Vivid Boost Colour Building Tan Extender

Hi Loves I keep looking out of the window every single morning hoping for the return of our glorious sunshine, it seems to have left us, let's hope not for long. When you manage to get a bit of a tan either from the UK or some gorgeous foreign holiday the last thing you want is for it to disappear before your eyes!  I recently tried out Norvell Ultra Vivid. A tan booster which gradually builds colour. So basically a fake tan!  I am a complete coward when it comes to tanning products… Read more

Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Lipstick + Lip Pencil

Jane Iredale combining Skincare & Cosmetics Hi Loves Open any Jane Iredale pack and you are told that there are application videos available at I flipping love this idea, it's so helpful when a brand want to actually show you their products being used in real time, and for me it also shows a confidence in the products being completely transparent in everything they do. Worth grabbing a cuppa and heading over for a little viewing time. Jane Iredale Lip Pencil 1.1g I… Read more

AlphaH Supersize Customer Favourites TSV at QVC

Hi Darlins Here is a sneak preview of a fabulous offer coming up from our favourites AlphaH, I often wonder if everyone knows what TSV stands for. It's QVC home shopping channel shortcut for Today's Special Value.  These offers literally save you a fortune on regular prices, and AlphaH is definitely one to look out for. This particular offer will save you £80.00 if bought at the regular price. QVC say that if these items were purchased separately the cost would be £113.50! And be… Read more

AlphaH Multivitamin Super Cream

Hi Loves I don't need to tell you my love for AlphaH it really is one of my go to brands on a daily basis and I get very excited when something new from AlphaH arrives, it is quite simply skincare that works!  It needs no fancy flowery descriptions, it just works. It's as simple as that! You only need to hit AlphaH in my search bar to discover lot's of reviews. This time round I have been thoroughly enjoying the New Multivitamin Super Cream with vitamins A B C E. B lended with… Read more

ImPress One-Step Gel Nails By Kiss

Instant Gel Nails imPress By Kiss  Hiya Darlins Getting your nails done or painting your nails yourself is either something you love or loathe, I know some people find the whole nail painting process fun and relaxing, after all you only have to see all the amazing designs on Pinterest or Instagram to spot that it's big business!  As for going to the salon to get your nails done with Gel that's great if you have endless time on your hands and have a salon near enough to make the … Read more

MissLyn Cosmetics

MissLyn Cosmetics Available In The UK Hi Loves Here's something you may not have seen before? Bringing in the Summer Vibes with this fabulous looking Retro Pop Art Collection are MissLyn Cosmetics. MissLyn  started trendsetting over 30 years ago in Italy with nail and lash products. After expanding to France and Germany, Misslyn’s nail polish and cosmetics are now in demand in over 40 countries. These gorgeous little palettes are ideal handbag size and to be fair too cute to pack away… Read more

W=Hb² Power Duo Face Serum | la formule secrète

Secret Formula Power Duo Face Serum W=HB² Hi Gorgeous. Introducing  W=Hb ² (Wellness = Health &  Beauty squared) , la formule secrète  an exclusive, premium beauty brand committed to perfe ction through the science of wellbeing and inspired by the Yin Yang Chinese philosophy of total balance. Created by Yilin Wang, a leading Bio-Chemist, W=HB ²  has been researched, developed and produced in one of the leading skincare laboratories in Switzerland using advanced technologies to create a bra… Read more

Catrice Camouflage High Coverage Concealer UK

Is Catrice The Best Budget Concealer? Hi Loves, As I have probably mentioned before I am an avid fan of US YouTubers, and with that comes a real frustration whenever I see brands or anything new being raved about the we can't easily get out hands on here in the UK, if you have ever tried buying from the US and having it posted to the UK you will know what a complete pain in the rump it is, and then of course you have the joy of the postman standing on your doorstep demanding way mor… Read more

BH Cosmetics Launch Desert Oasis Palette

Hiya Darlins, I know there are a tonne of Eyeshadow palettes out there and there is a huge variation in quality and price, but as I have learnt over the years things aren't always what they seem! When it comes to value for money I don't think you can go far wrong with some little known brands,  don't get me wrong these are not little known as in nobody has heard of them, I mean little known to us in the UK.  BH Cosmetics is one of those, now here's the thing, I won't… Read more