Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Concentrate.

Hi Darlins This is totally my first outing with Weleda as a brand, which is pretty shameful as they have been around since 1921.  I have to be honest and say I would have easily walked past these products as the packaging certainly doesn't scream at you like a lot of brands, but having discovered it I can see now why it has no need to be bells and whistles !  As a Company Weleda were at the forefront of biodynamic farming and horticulture, guaranteeing the ultimate in "pure&quo… Read more

DHC Reservatrol Skincare

Hi Darlins, I am seriously late in bringing this fabulous skincare range to you, DHC the Japanese skincare company are becoming well known for simple step skincare that packs a powerful punch. There is nothing too complicated about this, which I absolutely love, those of you that know me already know my views on over complicated skincare routines, and I often think it's a ploy to make us spend more. The Reservatrol system is a simple 3 step procedure, easy to do, quick no complicated… Read more

Bodhi & Birch Love Bath & Candle Aromatherapy Duo | My thoughts on Valentine

Hiya Darlins, I am hanging on to my laptop as I type this, I swear the house is going to fly up in the air, and my dogs name will change to Toto !  Mad weather ! Anyway, my love for Bodhi and Birch is no secret to my regular readers, but my love has been heightend by the addition of a collaboration with the beautiful Heartwood Candle Company, I have to be honest and say I probably would not have discovered them had it not been for Bodhi & Birch, and I am so glad I have :)  I am not … Read more

Rebel Eyes Mascara Gosh Copenhagen SS16 Collection

Hiya Darlins, Mascara !  would you go out without it ?  not me, I look like a newborn piglet without it, having been blessed with blonde eyelashes, the natural look on me is pretty scary.........who stole my eyes ?  This New mascara Rebel Eyes about to be launched by Gosh Copenhagen really is pretty flipping fabulous, I am usually a two to three coat person, and often have to have a little clean up after being a bit cack handed.  This black tube of gorgeousness only needs one coat, and … Read more

Gosh Copenhagen To Be Cool in Copenhagen Eye Shadow Palette SS16 collection

Hiya Darlins I wanted to bring you this shadow palette from Gosh Copenhagen, again it is from the upcoming SS16 range that will launch in February at Superdrug.  I actually really like this palette the size is perfect, I am not a lover of huge palettes as I find them a little difficult to handle,  with its sleek back matt case and large inner mirror this one is just perfect.  Although not available until February this really is one to put on your must have list, especially if you are th… Read more

Space NK Sale

Morning Darlins I wasn't actually planning on writing a post this morning, as I am on my travels today in and out of meetings in London. BUT............. I have just come across the BEST sale on the planet, even if you need nothing, as in truth we never really do, Big Make Up Brands with prices starting at £1.50 are too good to miss. I am just quickly listing what I have in my basket, but I'm sure you will find your own goodies at these prices. Read more

Verso Intense Facial Mask Review

Hi Darlins, As you all know by now I am mad for a face mask, sheet masks really seem to be the love affair of 2015 and set to continue due to ease of use and total feel good factor. I have had the absolute pleasure in testing out a brand new mask to me from the Swedish skincare experts at VERSO. This phenomenal brand are set to take the beauty industry by storm in the UK, as I believe that once you try these products you will become hooked, already boasting a huge fan base among beauty o… Read more

Gosh Lip Oil | Gosh LumiDrops Highlighter

Hiya Darlins, Here is something a little bit new from the fabulous Gosh, always up to date and often ahead of the trends, in my humble opinion Gosh is make up  brand that really needs exploring, the prices are brilliant, though don't be fooled into thinking you are forgoing quality for price. I wanted to share a couple of bits with you in this post. from the new SS16 Range That will be released in February. The First one is the Gosh Lip Oils  £7.49 that will be available in February… Read more

Week 3 Diet | Fitness update

Hiya Darlins,  well here we are again, another week of being *good*  well you will be the judge of that to be fair.  Whenever I write this thing there are always a couple of things I know I shouldn't have done, or could have done better, and I always think my readers are thinking, well what did she expect eating that ? BUT I promised myself this would be honest, so I have to take the good with the bad. I don't know if I mentioned before, but I always write this diary on Sunday e… Read more

Slissie Guilt Free Sweetness

Hi Darlins, here is something totally new in the diet revolution SLISSIE , no pills, no potions, no starving, now I'm not going to tell you this clever little gizmo will stop the need for dieting but alongside a healthy diet what It WILL do for you is curb your sweet tooth cravings, suppressing your appetite,  you know those times where if you don't get a sugar fix you are likely to kill ?  What is Slissie ?  The invention of Liz Casely who lost 9lb in her first 3 weeks using Sl… Read more

Gold Collagen Forte

Hiya Gorgeous, Collagen, yep we all have it, we had it in abundance in our youth, with bouncy springboard skin, once again it's something else that Mother Nature ( bless her ) decides to rob us of as we get older, like it isn't  enough to diminish my brain cells ! There is a divided camp on the use of internal Collagen Supplements, I am on the Pro Supplement team, we are the ones in the team wearing the red knickers.  I totally believe in feeding the inside and as you know I wil… Read more

DHC Liquid Eyeliner

Hiya Darlins,  Hope you are all well and warm, it was minus 4 when walking the dog this morning, so glad to be back in the office in the warm. This is a bit of a new one for me as I don't actually wear eyeliner, not because I don't like it, but when I was younger it seemed to suit, and over the years I have just not used it. Scrap that !  I have discovered the easiest ever eyeliner on the planet, regardless of age, I am pretty lucky in that I haven't quite got hooded eyes yet… Read more

AEOS Active Energised Organic Skincare Review

Hi my gorgeous reader, I am really quite bad and should have written this post back in November, but what with Christmas blah blah, enough excuses, I just need  to sack myself as a blogger. Aeos skincare ( Active Energised Organic Skincare )  is a brand that I had never experienced before being asked to try it out, I sampled the Optimal Essential Kit Which is suitable for all skin types.  It arrived in a rather clever packaging kit, which was brilliant for keeping the products, stored o… Read more