DAFNA'S Beyond Skin Deep Recovery Cleanser

Hi to your gorgeous self, Let's talk about cleansing, well.....not the whole routine of cleansing, I want to chat specifically about Dafna's Beyond Skin Deep Recovery Cleanser. I have trialled   Dafna's-Revival Bio-active Beauty Mask.  previously and fell in love, this time I have to say it's love again. On first appearance you look at this balm cleanser and think Oh Oh I have seen this before, however.......dig a little deeper and you will discover that this is not like a… Read more

Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush

Hi Loves, I have been looking into the benefits of dry body brushing for the longest time, this natural way of removing dead skin cells, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage has been a wellbeing ritual for those in the know for years, I can forgive myself a little for being late to this party as I did attempt dry body brushing with a cheap hand held battery gizmo, that to be fair was more of a tickle than a brush! This time I have been standing in the bath dry brushing as … Read more

Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer

OK,  let's start by addressing the whole dupe controversy as I am well aware that I will get snarky comments from people that absolutely hate the idea of dupes/copies.  It's something that nowadays seems to be everywhere, from Primark to MakeUp Revolution, W7 and more.  My feelings on this topic?  are if I'm honest mixed, I do feel incredibly bad for small brands that come up with a fabulous idea and then get it copied at a super cheap price, that said I also feel the quali… Read more

Stopping to smell the roses.

Hi Loves, As I write this post I am in a hospital hoo, no sympathy needed the reason I mention this is that I clearly needed this time of peace and quite to reflect on a few things. How often do we really deep down appreciate what we have?  obviously during this boring period I have been addicted to the Internet as a way to while away the hours and a few consumerism posts got me really thinking, we all flick through images on the net at a million miles an hour nowadays and if… Read more

Magnitone Blend Up Vibra-Sonic™ Makeup Blending Brush

Hiya Darlins,  Hope you are well? I have wanted this product for the longest time so was absolutely delighted to get to test it out for the blog! As you know I recently reviewed the Magnitone Barefaced 2 Cleansing Brush  which I am using on a daily basis and I can't see that changing, I now have a new daily obsession this time in the makeup department.  Blending foundation is not something quite as simple nowadays as it used to be, back in my day, yes, yes I know that was a long time … Read more

Little Life Update (chat)

Hi Loves, How are you? I wanted to pop this quick post out just to cover my reasons for being semi AWOL this last week! It has been a little bit hectic here to say the least, we have been waiting for my youngest daughter to complete on her first property, it was promised before Christmas but what with the legal stuff they decided it would be a good idea to exchange and complete on the same day!!! so of course it was all hands to the deck. achieving this at 26 on her own has been nothing … Read more