FolliOne Shampoo For Hair Growth / FolliOne DHT Scalp Therapy

Hiya Darlins Hair loss, is it a thing that we only associate with Men ? I think that often it is and we overlook the fact that it can happen to women of any age at any time, for a number of different reasons, as you may recall from previous posts I have mentioned that my eldest daughter in her 40's is suffering from thinning of her hair, fortunately we are blessed with thick hair, so hers is not noticeable to anyone other than her, but it has been falling out by the handful every t… Read more

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman

Hiya Beautiful As a regular reader of this blog you will know already that I am partial to a supplement, as much as I love my skin care and make up, I do think that if you can work from from the inside you are giving yourself a fighting chance to do all that you can to look after yourself. With that in mind I am just at the end of a four week course of taking Seven Seas Perfect Woman 7, designed specifically to work on the seven things most important to us as we age. Containing; Zinc for … Read more

Hope Fashion

Hiya My Loves I am really hoping that you have never heard of Hope Fashion ( unlikely) but I am so excited about this brand I want to share something new with you. Here's the thing, when was the last time you bought something that you 100% knew was going to be the very best quality, would fit perfectly without hesitation and was probably more comfortable than sitting around in your dressing gown ?   my guess is never !   I love clothes but hate shopping, having put on **** amount of … Read more

Murad Invisiblur Protecting Shield

Who knew that one product could do so much ?   Murad, that's who..when they launched this little bottle of goodness I wonder if they knew it would turn into an award winner. Winner of Best Primer - Best Beauty by Stylist' awards 2016 Winner of Best Every Day Sun Protection - Best Beauty by Stylist' awards 2016 Winner of Beauty Breakthrough - Beauty Shortlist Award 2016 Winner of Best New Skincare Product - Pure Beauty Awards 2015 You can read my previous thoughts on Murad ski… Read more

Liquid Exfoliating Toners Three of the best.

Do you use a Toner ?  not a toner in the sense of the ones we were sold as part of a three step beauty routine, cleanse/ tone /moisturise.  I personally don't think these type of toners ever did anything damp cotton wool pad couldn't do, but we all used them, and some people still do and that's great if it works for you, things have moved on in leaps and bounds in terms of toners/tonics and the new wave are much much more in terms of skincare than a wipe over with a damp p… Read more

Dermalogica Best Selling Skin Brightenting Duo Skincare Gift Set

Hiya Darlins The big C day is edging closer and I have been very good and been cracking on with the prezzie shopping, fortunately for me it is mostly females that I have to buy for, the men are just hard work and boring :)   I have real mixed feelings about gift sets, I actually quite like to receive them and love buying them as they are usually so gorgeous looking, yes yes I am a packaging lover, but I always feel on giving them the the recipient of said gift box must think there is no… Read more

David Nieper #spons

Hi My Loves There is something really unusual about a company that is British, well not so much that it's British more the fact that it truly British in every sense of the word, the products are made here in the UK, by real seamstresses, the customer service is what you would hope for, I say hope for as unfortunately nowadays we cannot expect good customer service as standard !  At David Neiper, you deal with real people, on a real phone, not some call centre halfway across the worl… Read more

Prestige Flowers

Hello My Loves Is there anything nice than a knock on the door with a flower delivery ?  I can't think of anything that is a better surprise. I had such a surprise recently from a company I had not heard of before Prestige Flowers.   A Knock on the door by the Postman with a huge cardboard box, funnily enough he said with a cheeky wink "Oh someone loves you "  to which I probably mumbled something LOL On opening the box, not only was I presented with the most sunning display… Read more

Micheline Arcier NEW Tonique Bath and Body Oils

Hiya Gorgeous How do you fancy pure and utter relaxation ?  can't hear anyone saying no ! As you know this is not my first time featuring the famous Aromatherapy Brand Micheline Arcier  you can read my previous thoughts here  . Tonique is a brand new range designed to uplift your spirits and senses giving you a brighter more balanced start to the day.   It is said to be ideal for those experiencing jet lag and to improve circulation and cellulite while detoxifying the body.  The key el… Read more

Aquis Hair Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

Hiya Lovelies Sometimes in life along comes something that you had never thought you needed, something that changes what we are used to into something you wondered how you did without, I feel like that about my apple corer and slicer.......I digress Aquis Hair have given me something I didn't know I needed and now won't be without. I am now the proud owner of An Aquis Hair Lisse Luxe Hair Turban in the shade Cloudberry :)  it also comes in other colours.  I can hear you thinking,… Read more

Rush East Grinstead

Hiya Darlins I was lucky enough to be invited along to the opening of the new Rush Hair Salon in East Grinstead, West Sussex. On driving through the High St to the car park, the street was filled with onlookers, well wishers and even the Mayor !  This was my first visit to a Rush Salon so had no idea what to expect in terms of layout, service or products, which was great actually as I had no pre conceived ideas, The layout of the salon is beautiful, with it's grey panelling and flat… Read more