Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel

Hi Darlins As you all know I am just a little bit obsessed with cleansing, so when I was offered the chance to test out the Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel I jumped at the chance, I had read good things about this product and wanted to see if it was all just marketing hype. Having been a best seller and  available in Asia for the last 25 years it is now available in the UK, Asian women are famous for being more into skincare than cosmetics and this product was even quoted in… Read more

Rimmel Super Curler 24HR Mascara | Kate Dare to Go Nude 42

Hiya Gorgeous Firstly I have to say that Rimmel is a brand that I have not used for many many years, I don't know why, in my youth it was the number one go to, but for me it seems to have just got lost in the crowd.......well no more ! Largely due to my 13 year old Grandaughter and TV advertising !!  "Nan (we) have to try the new Rimmel Mascara "   note the royal we ?   I am thinking no actually I don't *have* to try it. But as always I gave in, and *we* picked it u… Read more

Superdrug Optimum PhytoDeluxe Day / Night Cream 40+

Hiya Darlins I am so pleased that this post has fallen in time for Mothers Day, if your Mum is anything like me she will love skincare. Superdrug have really pushed the boat out with these, and have seriously given them a high end look, and superb quality for the price, I adore the sleek shiny silver grey packaging with pump action tops that dispense just the right amount for your face and neck, one more pump and you have the decolletage covered. The key to this fabulous range is Pla… Read more

Grown Alchemist Mandarin and Rosemary Leaf Body Cream

Hello My Gorgeous Reader I don't know about you, but I am notoriously bad at looking after the skin on my body in the winter, hanging around nekid waiting for moisturiser to dry before getting dressed quite frankly gets on my wick.  Well I have discovered a body cream that literally sinks in allowing you to get dressed almost instantly. Grown Alchemist The Botanical Beauty Company from Australia have the most wonderful body cream in Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf.  If you have not … Read more

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator | Ballerina

Hi Darlins The highlight of my day  ( get my clever pun ? )  was trying out this Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in the shade Ballerina from Laura Geller.  I know a lot of ladies my age probably won't have used a highlighter before, we tend to stick with what we know and not trouble ourselves with the whole contour / highlight thing and stick with a bit of blusher, and that's ok if that's what you are happy with, but I urge you to try something new, I'm not saying we need… Read more

Sachajuan Intensive Repair Shampoo | Conditioner | Straight and Shine Spray

Hi Darlins You know that look and feel to your hair when you have been to the hairdressers ?  and as much as you try you can never replicate it at home, even if you buy the products, well forget all that, I have discovered a total hair miracle. You may not have heard of Sachajuan it isn't a high street brand and is available at the likes of John Lewis, Net a Porter, Cult Beauty Space NK etc,  but once you have tried it you are so going to thank the lord you have discovered it. Starti… Read more

Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer | Spackle Tinted Make-Up Primer

Hi Darlins as promised another little treat from Laura Geller Beauty this time it will create the perfect canvas for your cosmetic creation, Starting with Real Deal Concealer, they are not kidding calling it the real deal, I have never experienced a concealer quite like it, if you have anything at all to cover up this will do the trick, it's rich creamy highly pigmented formula is like coverage magic, you need the teeniest amount to cover any kind of blemish totally.   This 16.39 m… Read more

Laura Geller Dramalash Maximum Volumising Mascara | Inkredible Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Hi Darlins Laura Geller probably better known in the USA than the UK, is a brand that needs massive praise, if you like the whole full on cake face, this is not the brand for you Laura Geller is subtle, quality and classy, nothing at all like me ! I do have quite a bit from Laura Geller to bring you over the next few weeks, but wanted to start with eyes, I am such a mascara snob it's not even funny, nothing to do with price as I love what works, not what costs most. My first attempt … Read more

Dr Perricone No Lipgloss Lipgloss

Hiya Darlins  this is a seriously cool product if you are a lover of a natural face look, I have previously posted about another product from this range the No blush blush  from Dr Perricone, now here we have the No lipgloss lipgloss. I am a huge lover of glosses and prefer them to lipsticks for a softer look, but I do like to feel as though I am wearing make up, so this came as a bit of a shock to me, as it claims to be anti ageing blah blah, I was REALLY cynical, but very pleasantly s… Read more

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

Hi Darlins as I am writing this it really is beginning to feel like spring, yesterday was the same, it was so nice it had me taking curtains down to wash  and getting them out on the washing line ! Spring cleaning starting a little too early me thinks :) Talking of cleaning, I have recently been using a skin cleansing brush, Skinvigorate from Mary Kay. If you were unaware this top selling US brand is now available in the UK. On Opening the box you are presented with the unit itself, 2 br… Read more

Living Nature Radiance Night Oil

Hi Darlins my obsession with Oil continues with this gorgeous new discovery from New Zealand Brand Living Nature, basically they had me at the words Oil and Rose ! Living Nature is certified organic and has only the purest ingredients in its range, cruelty free as you would expect. Bought to the UK and supplied by Botanical Brands the complete range is now easily available. With it's superb natural credentials I was more than happy to give this a try. On trialling this gorgeous amber… Read more

Perricone MD No Blush Blush

Hiya Darlins This time of year it's easy to look a bit jaded and tired, no tan, no healthy glow, instead of that gorgeous rosy glow children have when it's cold, we just look, well, quite frankly haunted lol. This is where this unusual product comes in from the famous Dr Nick Pericone range.  I want to say blusher but fear that may be under valuing it, it is named No Blush Blush as it really does give a flush of natural looking colour to the cheeks, it actually makes your skin … Read more

NEW Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil.

Hiya Darlins Yesterday I had possibly the most stressful day I have had in a long time, and got home totally and utterly drained, you know the kind of tiredness that makes you want to not speak to anyone. The only Cure was a long soak to try and unwind.  I also used it as the opportunity to try out the New Eight Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil from Elizabeth Arden. Of course you have heard of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream, who hasn't ?  I first discovered it in the 80's and ha… Read more

What's Your Blogging Agenda ?

Hi Darlins this post is really for all the bloggers out there, I don't suppose it will be of much interest to anyone else :) I keep seeing various posts / statuses that quite frankly baffle me, there are lots of various little sayings floating around that are specifically used by bloggers, ( of all ages )  before I start getting anyones back up, this is not a criticism of the way anyone works, it is merely an observation on my part. So, really here's the thing ?  why do you blog … Read more

Verso Skincare 1 2 3 4

Hi Darlins Today I wanted to bring you the ultimate kit from the skincare company Verso, as you know I have written about this brand before so won't go into the history of Verso again, you can read it here  .  Verso's Patented Super 8 encourages cells to mimic the behaviour of younger skin, and this set brings you the  1 2 3 essentials,  Number 1 is the Foaming Cleanser  This 90ml pump action bottle is a bit deceptive with it's title, it's not just a foaming cleanser, it i… Read more

Goldfadden MD Doctors Scrub

Hiya Darlins. as you know I am a bit obsessive with cleansers, masks, exfoliators etc, I have seriously been considering a full on peel of late but honestly don't know if I am brave enough to go through the whole lizard look for days. I honestly don't know if I am eloquent enough to full describe my excitement to you about this product that I have tried, tested and become totally obsessed with. You may or may not have heard of Goldfadden MD    I had heard of it, but never tried an… Read more