SBC NEW Cinnamon & Chai Collection

Hiya Darlins The timing of this collection couldn't have been any more perfect. The 3 piece range is perfectly placed for this chilly season, and what a stunning Christmas gift these would make. Firstly just looking at the products are enough to give you a warm winter glowy feeling. The Cinnamon fragrance is strong so if you don't like Cinnamon this is best avoided. I do have to say I had mixed feelings about the fragrance, while I love the taste of Cinnamon I am not keen on the… Read more

Morphe 12 Piece EYE-CREDIBLE Set

Hi My Loves I guess at this time of year we shouldn't really be buying ourselves presents, I do know you definitely shouldn't be saying you like anything if you are not 100% about it as sure enough you will end up with it :)   This whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing that we have inherited from the US has made being restrained REALLY hard, even the most determined of us (not to spend) women struggled. ( I did)  anyway while this frenzy was going on of course I spent hours lurk… Read more

Heyland & Whittle

Hiya Loves I know it's Winter now and I really should be talking about all things Wintry but when I was asked by Heyland & Whittle what my favourite home fragrance was I had to say Linen, I am literally obsess by the smell of clean washing and anything fresh and clean. I think it comes with my love of Summer and the idea of washing blowing on a line in a warm breeze.  The company very kindly sent me 2 products that seriously made me smile.  One being a Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser… Read more


Hello Gorgeous Face Every now and again something comes along that has you thinking Ohhhhhhhh why has this never been done before?  of course when it comes to Phone Apps and gizmo's there are a lot of gimmicks out there that are pretty much a five minute wonder.  This gorgeous piece of newness really grabbed my attention.   How often have you gone to get your nails done and when the technician says choose your shade, you stand there like a complete twonk staring at a wall of colour … Read more

Lacura Aloha Bronzer

Hiya Darlins I'm back again with another Aldi Lacura Dupe, This time it's Aloha Bronzer which looks surprisingly similar to a certain Hoola Bronzer. I have discussed my thoughts on the whole dupe situation on my last Lacura post here Snapshot Primer   so we don't need to go into all of that again. This time around I have compared both of these bronzers side by side and have to be honest and say I found very little difference in shade or in fact usability.  Both bronzers worke… Read more

Zoeva Eye See Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Loves There are so many eyeshadow palettes on the market it really is mind blowing and to be honest often quite overwhelming. How many times have you bought something either based on how it looks in the shop or on an online store without even testing it, often to be disappointed by either pigment or how the product blends?   On a personal note I often get carried away with looking at eyeshadows applied on the fabulous makeup artists on Instagram and Pinterest and completely forget t… Read more

Perricone MD New Essential FX Range

Hi Loves This post has been a while coming although as the title implies the range is New it is not "out this week" new. This new range follows the success of the Cold Plasma range and as always at Dr Perricone the research never stops not even after 20 years! There are 5 items in this new Essential Fx Acyl-Glutatione range and I have 3 here to show you. The main components of the whole range are Acyl-Glutathione and Vitamin F blend. before you start shaking your head saying th… Read more

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish

Hiya Darlins How often have you found that when it comes to Nail Polish price and brand name isn't always an indication of quality?  I can't tell you how disappointed I get when I pay serious money for a high end nail polish only to see it chip on day 2. Yes Chanel I am looking at you! Kure Baazar are a really interesting brand, you could easily just look at these and think - high end, great shades and that's it.  They do have great shades they do look high end but dig a lit… Read more

The Cutest Little Stocking Fillers

Hiya Darlins Let's not even consider boring and dull this Christmas, why would you when you can have the cutest little gifts on the planet.        1,2,3, MOR Boutique Snow Gardenia Little Luxuries        Adorned with exquisite packaging, these beauties are perfectly purse sized        making them the idea stocking filler for pamper queens! Blooming with        bergamot, snow white gardenia and juniper berries, the floral scent is both        classic and feminine. Soapette £6.00 ;Perfume … Read more