The MicroOil by NeuroSkinFeeds

 Hi Loves,

Throughout my life, be it when working in the office or running my own shop, I have come across people that just don't agree with fragrance. From perfumes to plug-ins, I have had to be careful of what I spray so as not to cause harm to colleagues and friends.

Even though I do not experience fragrance sensitivity myself (albeit an aversion to certain perfumes I simply do not like) I know that for those who do experience it, it can cause nasty effects. Effects such as migraines, dizziness, tiredness, skin irritation, asthma and more. For these people, the world of skincare and beauty can be a minefield.

Enter NeuroSkinFeeds. A new brand focussed on skincare for body and mind. The brainchild of Tatu Cutillas who herself is historically affected by fragrance and chemicals. This aversion lead Tatu to discovering Earth Oils, which give the benefits of fish or algae based oils without the offensive fragrance.

From this discovery, MicroOil was born.

MicroOil is a multi functional skin oil that is packed full of incredible ingredients which, in combination, not only improve your skin but can help enhance and balance your mood. The oil itself contains;
Camelina Sativa Oil which includes high levels of vitamin E and works as an anti-inflammatory, moisturiser and even boosts immune systems due to the high levels of omega 3.
Plukentia volubilis seed oil protects against the damage caused by sun exposure, softens skin, regulates oil production and hydrates.
Sweet almond oil which hydrates, nourishes using calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin E as well as helping to reduce fine lines.
Squalene oil which helps skins defences against free radicals, boosts circulation, helps with eczema and acne and promotes collagen production.

Now all the sciency stuff is over, for me this oil is simply lovely. The scent is clean, calming and soothes my mood during and after use. It's a real self-care product and I take my time applying it after cleansing for a really relaxing treatment. The oil itself soaks in well and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. 

After use I notice my skin feels incredible nourished, deeply hydrated, soft, smooth and relaxed. I even have a little glow about me which is lovely. 

For times like this when we are all stuck indoors and bored senseless, self care really is a priority as it can easily all go out the window when we're lacking a routine. I highly recommend adding this oil into your self care routine, regardless of whether or not you experience fragrance sensitivity as it is so beneficial for everyone.

I'm seriously looking forward to what else this brand comes out with in the future. Available here

Lyn  x

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