Nothing for Christmas !

Hiya Darlins,

How often are you asked ......."what do you want for Christmas ? "
I don't know about you, but there is something about that question that really makes me uncomfortable, maybe it's because growing up I was taught that greed was desperately unattractive, or is it a British thing where we don't want to put anyone out ? 

As a child I could have produced a list as long as an Andrex roll with puppies, of the thing's I wanted, a Post Office Set, a cash register etc, but nowadays when asked the question my reply is always ........

Not because I am being British or the fear of my Mum frowning at my greed, but because at a certain age I neither want or need anything, that's not to say I am not totally blown away at Christmas when I receive a gift that I didn't realise would fill me with delight, and I am always shocked that my Family have managed to buy me things I didn't even know I wanted until I unwrap them and realise just how clever they all are for knowing me so well.

Also, the poor things have double trouble as it's my Birthday on Christmas day :)

One of my Grandaughters really hit the nail on the head a couple of years ago, being bored of the usual, I want nothing line from me, she literally got me a present that said Nothing, I was hysterical at how apt it was.

It actually said for the person that asks for nothing lol.

Once again, I have driven them all mad with my "Nothing" wish list and my " Nothing" birthday list, and once again my little crew will come up trumps and I will be the worlds most spoiled Mum, and will spend the entire day with the OMG you shouldn't have guilt, but the secret inner glow that I have such a beautiful thoughtful family.

Are you the same ? is it an age thing do you think?  maybe we just realise the importance of life rather than things as we get older.

Love N Hugz
Lyn x 


  1. Lovely post Lyn. The nothing present made me chuckle. I'd say I'm not quite at that stage but my mum's there! xx

    1. LOL do you think she would like an empty ball ? xx

  2. Exactly! I love this post, I hate the thought of someone going out their way to buy me something especially when times are hard. Happy hearts and full tummys at Christmas make my day.

  3. You are totally right Featha, have a good one, Lyn x


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