#COLAB Living to Excess

Hiya Darlins,

Life today is more expensive than ever and we are constantly being advertised 
the latest car, bag, palette. 

With the colossal increase in the use of social media and the Instagram generation
we find ourselves surrounded by, every man, woman and child feels the need 
to ‘keep up’. 

With the average U.K. household being £59713 in debt in April 2019, 
it’s all too easy now to get in debt. 

86.5% of new car sales are financed and you can get finance on everything now!
From your car, your computers to a pair of jeans. It’s all temptation. 
We are advertised a small monthly amount but it all adds up.
What with the temptation of finance and the increase in prices (you can’t leave
Sainsbury’s without having spent £20 on a bag of shopping) as well as the lack 
of increase in earnings, we all feel the pinch. 

Debt can cause an awful emotional impact on the person owing. It can cause stress, 
trouble sleeping, anxiety and the same for those around you. In worst case scenarios, 
it can also cause suicidal tendencies.
Often when you find yourself in debt you can feel completely alone and swimming 
against the tide but it doesn’t have to be like that. 

There are some amazing companies like Creditfix who can offer you advice as well 
as helping negotiate monthly amounts you can actually afford.
A credit card on the average interest would take 26 years and 9 months to repay, 
making only the legal minimum repayments each month. Don’t waste more
than a quarter of a century on a single credit card. Ask for help. 
It’s what companies like Creditfix are there for and they do it without judgement. 

Lyn x

Collaborative post with  Creditfix although no input was made by the company in the production of this post.