Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Micheline Arcier NEW Tonique Bath and Body Oils

Micheline Arcier  NEW Tonique Bath and Body Oils

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How do you fancy pure and utter relaxation ?  can't hear anyone saying no !
As you know this is not my first time featuring the famous Aromatherapy Brand Micheline Arcier  you can read my previous thoughts here .

Micheline Arcier  NEW Tonique Bath and Body Oils

Tonique is a brand new range designed to uplift your spirits and senses giving you a brighter more balanced start to the day.   It is said to be ideal for those experiencing jet lag and to improve circulation and cellulite while detoxifying the body.  The key elements to this range are Rosemary known for it's ability to clear "Mind Muddle"  Lemongrass the quintessential circulation booster and Sage  with it's warm comforting properties to sooth mind and body.

Micheline Arcier  NEW Tonique Bath and Body Oils

My personal favourite are the Bath & Shower Crystals, I do love exfoliation and these are so natural they do a fabulous job without stripping the skin, you can also pop a sprinkle into a warm bath for relaxation.  This time around I did something a little bit different with these, not sure it's the right thing to do, but it worked beautifully for me, after actually getting clean in the shower, I mixed a handful of Bath & Shower Crystals with a few drops of Tonique Body oil and massaged the crystals all over, oh my lord it was sheer bliss, my skin was left super smooth, free from yukky dead cells and totally glowing with moisture.

Micheline Arcier  NEW Tonique Bath and Body Oils

The correct method, is to use a handful of crystals to exfoliate, rinse, pat the skin dry and while it is still warm apply your body oil.  These products go an incredibly long way, you literally only need one tiny cap of the bath oil to fill your whole bathroom and possibly the upstairs of your home with a fragrance that will have you taking full deep breaths just to enjoy it, adding body oil to warm skin really makes it go a long way, just wrap up in a fluffy gown for a few minutes to let all the goodness soak in.

Micheline Arcier Tonique range can be found here 

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