Monday, 22 January 2018

Becoming Vegan

Hi Darlins
As many of you know I had some Heart issues in 2017, On reading many many articles on how to reduce high blood pressure the one thing that kept on coming up time and time again was the reduction in meat. At that time I was eating Chicken around 3 times a week,  Bacon every weekend alongside red meat every Sunday, it's fair to say we were having meat or Fish every day of the week, Mr LB took 3 Chicken breasts to work with him everyday as part of his gym protein! to be honest we didn't give it much thought and I believed we were having a balanced diet, I had been raised on meat and two veg.  
I decided to try a strictly vegetarian diet and Mr Lavender Barn soon fell in with it as he will eat whatever is put in front of him :)   after 4 months a Doctors visit confirmed that I had dramatically lowered my blood pressure.  That was the proof I needed to decide that this way of eating was now for life, I wanted to know more and started exploring a Vegan diet, I watched every available video on YouTube regarding animal welfare and that was enough for me, I am not advising you to do the same as it really is quite disturbing.

We have been Vegan now since Christmas, which was interesting as it was our first Christmas meat free, I didn't miss it a bit!  I know a lot of people are doing #Veganuary and am curious to read blogs as to how they are managing, for me personally this has become a lifetime way of eating, giving up meat was easy, dairy not so much. That said I now have Almond milk in tea which I hated at first, but couldn't imagine going without my "cuppa tea"  now it all seems perfectly normal, and whatever food you have you can always find a vegan alternative out there. The one thing I do is make sure we take enough supplements as I would hate to think that something is missing and don't want to undo the good work the diet is doing.

Just on a side note, take a lot of what you see on the internet with an open mind, there can be huge amount of snobbery and judgement attached to the Vegan lifestyle with some people thinking they are holier than God and ready to tear another person down. In my thinking it is a personal choice and not a tool to judge someones lifestyle.  Each to their own.

Have you changed your eating habits ?  If you fancy asking me any questions or chatting on this subject please get in touch via the comments section.

Lyn x 



Hi Loves
I was really pleased to be introduced to the fashion website, to be honest I had not heard of them before BUT I had seen some styles on Instagram and wondered where they were from. Now I know. 
The first thing that took my eye on Instagram and Pinterest was a tee shirt that was kind of a tongue in cheek take on Gucci, I found it on the site and to my delight in came in sizes up to 28. How often do you spot something only to discover it comes in sizes 4/6/8?

The sizing on this site is fabulous they run from size 6 to size 28  and prices start at around £6.00, they have over 25,000 products and ship to 125 countries worldwide.  Free delivery over £40.00 and completely free returns I can't see anything to fault.

Avery knitted twist front jumper  comes in 7 shades, size 8-10  or 12-14  £24.00

Cher short sleeve guilty slogan tee 6 shades, all sizes up to size 28  £15.00 find it Here

Jade slogan heart print top, all sizes up to 22. £9.00 find it Here

I can't tell you how pleased I was to find these and especially as they come in accessible sizing. is definitely worth checking out and showing your Daughters, they will love it.

Lyn x 

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Friday, 19 January 2018

Boots Botanics

Boots Botanics
Boots Botanics 

Hi Loves
I have had huge pleasure reviewing these products from the Boots Botanics range, the last time I reviewed for Boots was in October last year with the launch of the phenomenally successful YourGoodSkin launch which you can read about here.

The Boots Botanics come in a variety of ranges even down to accessories, all produced in partnership with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Carefully created collections which have been tested on people not animals and contain no parabens will suit every skin type even the most sensitive, the skincare collections are colour co-ordinated.

  • Pink - Brightening
  • Green - Organic
  • Blue - Hydrating
  • Purple - Mature

Boots Botanics

Hydration Burst 3 in 1 Micellar Cleanser 250ml

Designed for dehydrated and sensitive skins this cleanser removes eye make up easily ( not tested on waterproof mascara) removes daily make up and grime while leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated with no signs of redness or tightening. Alcohol free and infused with Clary Sage known for it's soothing and antiseptic properties this gentle formula has no strong fragrance and left my skin feeling really soft with no irritation at all.

Boots Botanics

80% Organic Eye Cream 15ml

From the Organic collection this soothing eye cream is 80% organic and contains Rosehip, known for it's repairing qualities on fine lines, stretchmarks and scars. The cream absorbs easily leaving the eye area moisturised and hydrated without feeling greasy or leaving a film on the skin. Used mornings either alone or under make up, and in the evenings as part of your night time routine. I didn't notice any real fragrance with this cream so there was nothing to irritate the eyes, and to be honest mine are fairly sensitive when it comes to fragranced products.

Boots Botanics

93% Organic Hydrating Super Balm 11ml

Super balm really is a fabulous description for what I would call a little pot of miracle, 93% Organic, again containing Rosehip this little pot should stay with you always, it's super convenient for dealing with any areas of dryness on the face or body and is perfect for sore dry lips. It's one of those products that you didn't realise you needed until you try it!

Boots Botanics

Hydration Burst Day Cream 50ml

Designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin this gel like formula is literally a drink to your skin, it absorbs easily and left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft to the touch, the fragrance is a light delicate floral which is clean and fresh. There is something rather special about the formula of this cream that really leaves you feeling you have soothed your skin and given it the best start to the day, I love this simply for the fact that it does what it says without leaving any signs of greasiness to the skin.

Boots Botanics

Radiant Youth Night Cream 50ml

As you would expect from a night cream this is a much richer formula, that said, it absorbs well and leaves a light film to the skin, it's not so heavy that your pillow will be wearing it. The fragrance is a soothing botanical smell that will allow you to drift off to sleep thinking you are at a luxury spa, both the fragrance and quality of this night cream are that of brands 4 times the price. On waking I had visibly moisturised and hydrated skin which still showed signs of the product on touching. It really was a pleasure to use this at night and I looked forward to drifting off with the comforting fragrance.

I have to say I have been 100% impressed by this range, at first glance ( Boots don't hate me for this) but I think it would be easy to walk past this range on the shelves as while the packaging is nice it doesn't shout out at you.  I also think it would be easy to underestimate the quality given it's low price, but once again as with YourGoodSkin Boots have blown me away with their own brand, I should by now know not to judge a book by it's cover and can honestly say I am delighted to have discovered the Botanics range.

I am also delighted to say that even though the prices are exceptional there is currently 25% off the entire range at

Lyn x 

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

KNOW Cosmetics

Know Cosmetics

Introducing Know Cosmetics.
I had not heard of this brand so was curious to explore a concept I had never seen before.

Known as the "Fixer Brand"  Know Cosmetics have a solution to every make up problem ensuring that whatever products you are using Know will make them perform at their best. Well known in the U.S.A and a favourite in Sephora, Know are now available here in the UK.

Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips

Know Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips

No Bleeding Lips™

If you are a lover of darker shade lipsticks I would imagine that you have suffered at some stage the "lippie creep"  you start off looking stunning and rocking the film star deep lip vibe, to all of a sudden notice that your lippie has decided to creep over your lips in a not very attractive look!
Know Bleeding Lips is a clear twist up pencil that eliminates the need for any coloured lip liner and 100% stops lipstick bleeding, it is such a genius idea. I love it, even though I don't wear dark shades I have used this in place of normal lip liner and it works a treat at giving definition to the lips.

Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows

No Dark Shadows™

The twist click applicator delivers just the right amount of product to the brush for easy application. The formula is available in two shades. Waterproof and Oil Free it blends easily either over or under foundation totally covering any areas of darkness. Perfect as a highlighter to brighten up any dark shadows on the skin.  It really does give a great finish that doesn't look heavy or caked as some concealers can, one of the points I particularly loved about this is is that it doesn't sit in or highlight fine lines.

Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips

No Thin Lips™

We have all seen and probably tried lip plumping products, my usual method is to apply, wait for the tingle and keep checking the mirror, not always to any great effect. This liquid works!  My top lip is thinner than my bottom lip so this works beautifully at giving more balance. When I first tried it I did my usual routine but 100% saw an improvement in both texture and definition, my lips were plumped and my top lip visibly has more definition, it won't last all day and will need the odd top up and I have to say could easily become addictive!  as you get to really like the look it leaves you with.

Know Cosmetics No Bare Brows

No Bare Brows™

When is a brow pencil not just a brow pencil?  This is a universal buildable shade that should suit everyone. I personally love this as it's a complete 4 in 1  brow kit in one stick, pencil, brow wax, brush and sharpener. The formula is soft with good staying power, especially when waxed and groomed with the brush, the beauty of having the all in one sharpener is that you can have a perfectly sharp point at all times allowing you to draw on tiny individual hairs.

To sum up. These are an unusual addition to your make up kit, and when i first saw them I thought, love the packaging but can't really see the need!  How wrong was I? since using these products I have found them pretty much invaluable especially the lip products. I love it when something you thought you didn't need surprises you and leaves you wondering what you did before you discovered it.

The products shown are available in the UK at LLoyds Pharmacy Here
and at Sephora in the USA

Lyn x

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

Hi Loves
OK, here's the thing. If like me, you have trouble saying let alone spelling Astaxanthin  bare with me while we talk firstly about;

What it is?
Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant which is found in marine plants and animals. It is hailed at the King of Carotenoids one of the most powerful antioxidants known in nature, largely found in Lobster, Krill, Crab, Craw fish and Shrimp it is the reason that Flamingos are pink and Red birds retain colour.

Secondly What are the benefits?

You would be surprised at the amount of benefits Astaxanthin provides, here are a few. Bearing in mind that the Antioxidant can also be taken in pill form it has both internal and external qualities.To name a few

  • Increased energy
  • Reduction in the risk of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Improved vision
  • Repair and recovery after injury
  • Reduced signs of ageing
  • Joint support
  • Reduction of skin damage to the skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles and age spots

Reported to be 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C, 550 times stronger than Vitamin E,800 times more powerful than COQ10. You can see that this is a mighty powerful ingredient.

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

DHC have taken the power of Astaxanthin and provided it in an easy to use all in one Collagen Gel.

Pale Salmon pink creamy gel type formula that absorbs really easily and almost vanishes into the skin, you are not left greasy or sticky after using this.  No real fragrance to speak of, so I can't imagine it irritating even the most sensitive skins. You apply after cleansing morning or night and will find that this is one of those products that while it feels nice to use initially, you will reap the benefits over time, and very quickly fall in love with the sheer simplicity of this effective skincare.

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

My skin literally drinks this up, I have also been able to use it as a stand alone product, simply applying foundation straight away with nothing else! I am not saying this would work long term, but on days when you are in a rush or just simply feel lazy this works a treat.

Find DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel HERE

Lyn x 

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