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Below The Belt Grooming For Men

Below The Belt Grooming For Men
Below The Belt Grooming For Men 

Hiya Darlins

As I am writing this post I have next to me a very large box of tissues, no I am not upset, but I do cry a lot when laughing !

Male anatomy is not something you would in all honesty expect me to write about ever, it is not something that  (pops up) on my radar and as old fashioned as it may seem to the modern girls out there, is not something that I honestly believe to be a conversation for women unless we are alone and fuelled by copious amounts of Prosecco.  However, my grandaughter and I were minding our own biz recently when an advert came on TV that we thought was a joke, so much so she re wound and recorded to send to her friend, she is 22 by the way, not my lil grandaughter (phew) this amused me no end and I put the clip on Twitter which started a little bit of banter with us ladies of a certain generation, long story short, this led the brand to offer me the product to trial, and whilst I am a very brave woman who likes to think she has balls, in fact I don't have a real pair so used Mr LB as my testicle Guinea pig.

On discussing this area with him, I discovered that Men do often have a problem down below, with dare I say LOL dampness, and this in turn leads them to be uncomfortable and sometimes sore in the lower regions.  ( well who knew ? )

Apparently it's not just a problem when doing sports as you would imagine, it's quite common for anyone doing manual work or sitting all day, him indoors is a Tree surgeon and has to wear really grotty chain saw trousers of a fabric that is nothing like silk and as such was delighted to test these out for me, much to the amusement of his mates at work, YES he did tell them all and sent pictures of the products !

Gonads, Crown Jewels, nuts, knackers, bollocks, balls I could go on :)  whatever your man calls his and trust me they do have names for things !  they are going to love these products.

Q ....Why do men name their Penis ?..........

A.....Because they like to be on first name terms with the decision maker in their lives.

Below The Belt Grooming For Men
Below The Belt Grooming For Men 

 Below The Belt Instant Clean Balls 75ml 

A spray product that is aimed to clean them when a shower is not available, ie: festival or sporting event etc, Mr loved the idea of being able to give them a freshen up during the day midst daily showering, apparently it helps them feel clean and fresh..........reaches again for tissue LOL

Below The Belt Grooming For Men
Below The Belt Grooming For Men 

Grooming For Men Sports Lubricant 100ml

A balm for areas that get chaffed, ideal for runners and sports addicts but apparently also for the groin area that even in non sporty types can get sore and uncomfortable.  This he claims was great but would really come into it's own in the Summer months when the region gets a bit tacky. ewwwww

Fresh And Dry Balls 75ml

THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!   I believe is the wonder product of the whole range, now bare with me girls you may want to buy this for yourself ! 

When these products arrived we sat on the couch discussing the topic while I tested the bits n bobs on the back of my hand, THIS felt to me like the best silkiest primer I had ever felt, so proceeded to try it on my face !!  yes, yes, I know it puts the term  "bollock chops" into play, but it had to be done LOL
It was amazing, honest to god just fabulous, dry & silky with no white film, apart from me finding a new use for it, my tester absolutely loved it, and now won't be without it.  In case you are wondering, I declined the shout of FEEL how soft they are ! 

 Trust me babe I will take your word for it.

On a serious note, yep I can be !  I am amazed that there is a range of products out there to solve a problem Men have apparently had for years, no wonder it sold out online at Boots within the first two weeks !  the prices are a whole lot lower than I would ever have expected which is amazing as it means it can be something they pick up along with the usual can of deodorant.

P.S  no more talc thrown all over your clean bathroom.

Thanks Below the Belt Grooming you have now added to my regular shopping list.

Thoughts ?  I am sure you have some, let me know in the comments section :)



AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel

AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel
AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel 

Hiya Gorgeous Face

I honestly don't know where to start with this, my love for this brand is totally off the scale ever since my first outing with Liquid Gold.  And you know my love of all things peeling and exfoliating !

For those of you that don't know AlphaH as a company please please do look at the website, and if you ever fly with British Airways pick up the limited edition AlphaH Liquid Gold 50ml size that is available to BA passengers, I promise you with everything holy that you will become an Alpha addict, I would like every one of you to come to my house for a quick wipe over with this magical liquid just to see what I mean.  Anyway this post isn't about Liquid Gold it is all about Beauty Sleep Power Peel with 0.5% Retinol.

AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel
AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel 

This is no mamby pamby product it really is skincare at it's absolute finest, a powerhouse of active products that literally munch away dead skin cells and boost the skins ability to re-new and repair itself.  Whilst AlphaH are synonymous for the anti ageing label, I would say this peel is for anyone that wants, brighter, clearer non congested skin, it works to repair pigmentation, acne scars and kills off dry cells overnight, it literally eats them up ( yum )


14% Glycolic Acid
0.5% Retinol
Fruit Enzymes

Used twice a week on clean skin at night, you will have instant gratification from the very first application, applying from the decolletage upwards covering neck and face in upwards circular motions ( avoid eye areas) you may feel a very slight tingle ( I love this bit )  to me it's the ingredients getting to work, sleep in your Peel and just see the difference in the morning, I find this especially good if I go through a run of not sleeping too well, as in the morning there are no signs of a rough night.

Get it HERE   with Free Delivery 

Are you an AlphaH Lover ? please do let me know what products you have tried.

Love n Hugz
Lyn 💋


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

10 joys of being an " Older Woman "

  1. I don't have to keep up with what Cosmo says I need to wear
  2. I don't have to show everyone hysterical clips on my phone every 30 seconds
  3. I don't have to swipe to get a boyfriend
  4. I feel no pressure to be out of the house every Friday night
  5. I don't care who went where or who has what
  6. I don't need sky blue pink lips coz MAC tells me so
  7. I have learned that a designer bag will not keep you off Prozac
  8. I can have one non perfect brow without a breakdown 
  9. I can say I want to holiday without children without being Mum cursed
  10. Just for luck.........I can write stupid lists just to amuse myself.
Lyn 💋

Heaven Skincare Bee Peel

Heaven Skincare Bee Peel
Heaven Skincare Bee Peel 

Hi Loves

by now you know my mad passion for exfoliation and I have to admit to always wanting a full on salon peel, but have been afraid of the recovery look and time, when I was offered this Bee Peel from Heaven Skincare I thought it would be pretty good as I had used a product previously from Heaven  ( Silver Bee Venom Mask ) which you can read here  This product is described as Face Lift in a jar !  well that sentence worked for me.

Let me start with the packaging, as always from Heaven it is truly beautiful, from opening the box to discovering the container everything about this brand screams luxury, and so it should this mask retails at £109.00 for 50ml but when you consider a 30 minute average clinic peel starts at £60.00 for one session the price of this jar is a bargain.  To be honest I didn't take it as seriously as I probably should have, this is serious shizz, not to be underestimated, the instructions tell you to use this product for 2 minutes if you have sensitive skin, I did not think my skin was even slightly sensitive so ignored the stinging sensation on application ( it is normal for a Bee product )  and left the product on for a full 15 minutes, and to be honest couldn't wait to remove it, the stinging did not subside.  What I should have done is a sensitivity test 24 hours prior to doing a full face mask, then I would have only waited the two minutes before removing.

Heaven Skincare Bee Peel
Heaven Skincare Bee Peel 

On removing the mask my skin was pretty amazing, although highly coloured I wasn't worried as I thought it would settle by morning, in the morning I discovered that my stupidity at leaving it longer than I should have resulted in tiny blisters around my bottom lip and chin, that said my skin was pretty glowing, soft and visibly different.   Not one to be deterred a couple of weeks later I was back again applying the product, same sting but this time for 2 minutes, NOW this is how to do it, the same high colour, the same visible results in the morning, but with no skin damage at all.

Given my first experience I was not particularly happy but in fairness to the product it was my fault for underestimating it's abilities, the second time round was how it should be done properly.   Used correctly this Peel will give you salon results in the comfort of your own home.

Check out the Heaven website here

Lyn 💋


Monday, 9 January 2017

Skin Chemists Advanced Caviar Range

Hello Darlins

When you think of Caviar it's either a love or hate for those little black fishy balls, but one thing always springs to mind......expensive as with everything luxury there comes a price tag, and the Skin Chemists Advanced Caviar Range is no exception with prices from £79.00- £129.00.

Regular readers will know that I have a bit of a thing for Skin Chemists and have written about them a few times previously which you can catch up on here.

Starting with Advanced Caviar Hand Moisturiser 50ml £ 99.00

Designed to Protect, repair and regenerate this cream contains Caviar extract, Seaweed extract and Coconut Oil, a tiny bit of this really does go a long way, it is absorbed really quickly and leaves your hands super soft, the thing I will say about this against other hand creams is that the effects last, a lot of creams will soften instantly and withing an hour or so leave you feeling as though it needs applying again, this, ( with the exception of hand washing ) lasts literally hours.

Advanced Caviar Facial Serum 30ml £ 119.00

This really is luxury at it's best, this serum is designed to be your first step after cleansing, it is silky smooth absorbs beautifully and is the perfect base for your moisturiser, from the very first use you can see a visible difference in the reduction of fine lines and even deeper lines appear softened. There is a daily moisturiser in this range but as with all Skin Chemists products they work quite happily with your existing skin care.  Designed to boost, hydrate and smooth, containing Caviar extract, Seaweed extract and Aloe Vera this super serum will last ages as a tiny pea size amount is all that is needed for your face and neck.

Advanced Caviar Night Moisturiser 50ml £ 109.00

Unlike a lot of night creams this Caviar night moisturiser literally sinks into the skin leaving you feeling clean not greasy, for a night cream it is surprisingly light, I used this after applying the serum and the effect the two give together is nothing less than stunning, to be fair at these prices you would be disappointed with anything less, on waking my skin looked fresher, more alive and actually had a bounce to the touch. ( seriously impressed )

As a brand I know Skin Chemists are not cheap and I also know that the rule you get what you pay for does not always apply !  but I can honestly say I have never ever been dissapointed with anything I have tried from them, there are also a couple of products that even Mr LB swears by.

You can find Skin Chemists Here

Skin Chemists are so confident in their products they are offering you one for FREE Click HERE

Love n Kisses 

Lyn 💋
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