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Skin Chemists Instant Facelift + Instant Eye Lift

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift + Instant Eye Lift

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as you know I have a real fondness for Skin Chemists and have written about them previously here and here.

I have recently tested the Instant Facelift and Instant Eye Lift which are new additions to the vast range of skincare available from Skin Chemists, I have to be honest and say I have tested out a lot of similar products with similar claims and have been hugely disappointed, as they all tend to work immediately, only to crack and flake within under an hour, to me it is no better than applying egg white under your eyes and letting it dry, works brilliantly until you attempt to smile, so if you are a misery guts go for it !  but if like most of us you love a giggle it is best avoided.

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift + Instant Eye Lift

First up was the Instant Facelift, a fine almost clear gel like formula which when applied to wrinkles on the face Instantly goes to work in plumping and smoothing even the deepest lines, it does feel dry but it doesn't feel tight and uncomfortable like other products I have tried in this category, there is no smell at all and feels really quite pleasant to use, it will have you doing a double take every time you pass a mirror as it is a bit of a miracle formula, it isn't intended to permanently aid with wrinkle reduction but it will knock YEARS off for an occasion or nights out. At a COST this is not cheap by any means at £167.00 it really did need to be good, and it is - but at a premium price, that said I have tried out "egg white" versions at over £100.00 that seriously didn't work, this does !

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift + Instant Eye Lift

The only warning I would give you with this product is that it could become  addictive, once you get used to seeing your skin looking seriously younger it would be easy to get used to. 

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift + Instant Eye Lift

Skin Chemists Instant Facelift + Instant Eye Lift

If your only concern is wrinkles around the eyes, then this is good news, the Instant Eye Lift works just as beautifully as the Instant Facelift, but just targets your eye area at a much lesser cost, £100.00 this really will give you the look of surgery but without the pain, please do bear in mind that these are not permanent, BUT really will give you instant lift.

You can find Skin Chemists Here 

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