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As many of you know I had my brows microbladed and subsequently ombre tattooed by Laura Kay a few years ago and have relied on Laura to top them up when needed, in fact I think they only needed doing once?  having my brows permanently done was a complete game changer for me, my brows had been abused during the decades and I was left with sparse old lady brows that had to be filled in whenever I left the house, now I don't ever have to worry!

The last time I went to Laura's salon/training academy in Radlett, Laura showed me her latest venture which was an amazing brow tool, I tried it, loved it and wrote about it here Laura Kay Brow Tool.

Talk about keeping things under wraps!  I had no clue that Laura's next venture would be into cosmetic makeup, and being the perfectionist that she is the quality of the range is outstanding.

Laura Kay Illuminate  4 shades

In it's beautiful glass bottle with handy pipette this illuminator highlights and adds a stunning glow to your complexion, the quality of shimmer and pigment on this highlighter allows you to be gently subtle for daytime and seriously glowing for a night out. The product blends beautifully and stays put unlike a lot of cream highlighters that end up shifting as the day goes on, the other aspect of this highlighter that I absolutely love is that on mature skin the formula does not overly highlight fine lines which is often a serious problem with even the finest powder highlighters.

Shades available.

  • Bronze
  • Antique
  • Nude
  • Highlight

Laura Kay Lipgloss 6 shades.

OK here's the thing, you could be forgiven for thinking just another lipgloss!  Nope, this is more of a pigmented hydrator, this gloss is easy to apply, not even slightly sticky and truthfully leaves your lips in better moisturised condition than before you used it. Let's be honest it's a gloss so isn't going to last for hours but 2 or 3 applications a day after eating will see you through.

Shades available.

  • Peachy
  • Ribbon
  • Love
  • Cinnamon
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry

Laura's range is available at her salon and online at Laura Kay 

Lyn  x

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