Aldi Lacura Hemp Range

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Once Again Aldi middle aisle strikes again!  what is about Aldi that can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes? I am lucky enough to have a small one within walking distance which is seriously handy.

I know when it comes to Lacura beauty it is definitely a Marmite situation, in my years of blogging I have seen the products both hailed as the next best thing and also slated for the *dupe copy* situation, my opinions are based solely on the effectiveness of the products, I also love that good value skincare is available to everyone, I certainly remember the days of being a single parent and living on a really limited budget. Adding a 4.99 skincare item to my shop would have been a serious treat and nowadays having been lucky enough to trial some uber expensive skincare, finding a 4.99 product that works as well as something 10 x the price is still a serious treat, I love it! 

As always with my Lacura blog posts what I would say, is if you see it, either online or in store grab it!  and if budget allows grab more than one, my bugbear with Aldi producing such great products is the "when its gone it's gone" thing.  If it's good.....when it's gone I want more.  So if you can stock up!

What is.........

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is an herbaceous oil cold pressed from hemp seeds and has long been  recognised for its use as a food and beauty ingredient. The use of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil in skincare products has grown massively over the last few years as a result of an increasing interest in using plants in skincare formulations. This naturally green oil is composed of up to 90% omega fatty acids. Unlike CBD oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is mainly found in skincare products due to its powerful hydrating properties & antioxidants.

Aldi Lacura Soothing Concentrate Facial Serum 30ml

Housed in a dark glass pipette bottle to protect the product from daylight I cannot praise this serum enough!  I expected it to be oily for some reason?  it isn't it's light delicate fluid that absorbs beautifully leaving your skin instantly looking and feeling hydrated and plumped. It's stunning, and out rivals many many products I have tried at 10 x the price. The serum can be used both day and night either alone or under your favourite moisturiser, foundation applies beautifully over just the serum alone, with no pilling.  If you see this in store BUY IT!

I looked online and couldn't find it, but to be fair it is new so may well appear on the site at some stage.

Aldi Lacura Hemp Ultimate Body Butter 200ml

This Hemp body butter could be mistaken for a Hemp range from a certain b@@y Shop, trust me it's better!  In my opinion the fragrance of the other range is enough to stop me using it. This super rich body butter works an absolute miracle on any areas of dry skin, my shins are thanking me. It absorbs well and will not leave you greasy, the fragrance is light and  fresh but at the same time almost undetectable, which is nice as it won't clash with any other of your fragrances. 

An absolute joy to use and well worth stocking up on as it's definitely a winter skin saviour.

Aldi Lacura Hemp Intense Hand Preserver Hand Cream 65ml

The name of this hand cream says it all really!  Preserver is an understatement for just how well this hand cream works, you will want one of these, by the sink, bed, in your handbag and office drawer when you get back to work!  From the second you apply this non greasy rich cream you can SEE a difference in your hands!  the moisture lasts without leaving a tacky residue, it's honestly amazing.

I have to be fair and say I have always liked most of the Lacura range especially the skincare, but this range is bloody stunning!  You will be shocked from the very first use, I was and I had it in my head that Hemp was gross so really didn't expect to like these let alone love them!

What's your experience with Lacura? I would love to get some feedback from you.

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