A Chat With Dorota Zelazny at Hypoxi Chiswick


Two career choices that might, initially, seem like polar opposites would be, in my

mind anyway, a Prison Officer at Wormwood Scrubs and a Health and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach working in the leafy hamlet of Chiswick West London – and from the

outside looking in, I’d be right! However, Dorota Zelazny has been both. Initially

she chose working with HMPS, as she thought it would be a way to help people

who maybe life had dealt a rough hand to. She gradually came to realise that

wasn’t what it was about at all, and after four and a half years, standing her

ground, whilst taking all sorts of abuse from many of the Wormwood Scrubs

inmates, she got up one morning, faced her reflection in the mirror, and decided it

was time for a change!

Let me set the scene! Working all hours in a stressful and demanding job, that didn’t

allow for regular meal breaks, and dealing with some of the worst people of society

would be bad enough, but to then see that your lifestyle is a contributing factor in

piling on the pounds, well, I think we would all feel a little depressed. Dorota was no

exception: “when I reached 30 I noticed that my body had started to change. The

weight gain was gradual, and I went from a size 10 to a size 14. I started to feel

extremely unhappy with myself and didn’t feel good in my skin at all! My

confidence was very low and it was a case of ‘stop the World I want to get off’, but

I didn’t know how to!”

It was August 2013 when Dorota happened on a treatment she hadn’t heard of

before, called HYPOXI. She decided to try it out: “I knew I had to be committed and

so I followed all the nutritional guidelines. HYPOXI is an appointment-based

programme, and as I had always avoided hard core gym sessions, this suited me

down to the ground. I noticed first results when my uniform trousers became much

looser – and compliments from friends just spurred me on. I realised this was a

turning point for me -and if I was going to change my lifestyle, I had to change my

job”. Within 6 weeks Dorota lost about 7 kg and was wearing size 8/10 clothes. Her

lower body came back into shape, and she lost fat at the problem areas such as

stomach, buttocks and legs. This transformation meant that there was no going back

for her. She decided to leave her job in the prison service and have her own HYPOXI

Studio so that she could spread the word! Her own self-esteem having returned, she

wanted to help others feel as good as she was feeling.

I caught up with Dorota just before Lockdown No. 2. I wanted to know more about

this remarkable woman, who decided to set up her own business, motivated solely

by her desire to help others.

Before & After

Before & After

Could you start by telling me what life was like as a Prison Officer, Dorota.

I worked at Wormwood Scrubs for four and a half years. In the first two years, I was

based on D wing, which holds 244 high-risk prisoners, all single-occupancy cells. After

that, I moved to the detox unit. It’s a place where prisoners, committed from Court,

have been identified as having a drink or drug-related problem. They spend their first

3-10 days getting medicated until they are stable enough to be moved to a standard

residential location. I enjoyed the structure and discipline of my job, so in that

respect it was well suited to me. I also learned a lot about people, how to deal with

difficult, challenging, and unpredictable situations. The whole experience made me

much more assertive, and I am sure all those skills have contributed to the success of

my current business.

What was a key factor in your decision to change jobs?

It might sound corny, but because HYPOXI had made such a difference to my life, yes

I lost weight, but I also regained my confidence and felt so good in my skin, that I

really did want to help others. I suffered for a long time with low self-esteem, so I

know how difficult it is to get out of it. I wanted to build a business where people

could really achieve their goals. It had worked for me and I knew it could work for

others too.

How does HYPOXI work?

HYPOXI is a targeted exercise programme that eliminates body fat three times better

than usual exercise routines. It is a combination of low impact exercise and a healthy

diet. It achieves results by reducing the cellulite content in the body through

increased blood flow which metabolizes fat. It isn’t a one-off treatment, it is a series

of treatments and you need to commit.

What keeps you committed to what you do?

My motivation has always been, and continues to be, my clients. I have built some

long-lasting relationships through what I do. People come in, unsure of themselves

and the treatment, and of course wondering if it will work? I am there to help and

reassure them. Together we build a programme specifically around what they want

to achieve. It isn’t just about weight loss or body image however, it is as much about

providing a kind of therapy. People want to make changes to their lives, to their

appearance, for many different reasons and sometimes this is their first step to

helping create that change. I provide a listening ear, and when I see their growth,

both physically and emotionally, after a short while, it gives me so much satisfaction.

I joined the prison service initially because I wanted to do something rewarding. I

thought I would be contributing to prisoners rehabilitation, but what I learnt was

that you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. Working in this

environment is, for me, very similar. The one difference is that when people walk

through my studio door, they do so voluntarily, and is often their first step towards

change! If they are not willing to give it their time, to see for themselves the results

that can be achieved, then I can’t help them.

What challenges did you have to face to start your own business?

I worked seven days a week, taking every over-time possible, trying to save money to

be able to invest. HYPOXI isn’t a franchise, so I had to buy the equipment. After

approximately 18 months of negotiating with HYPOXI and working all those

impossible hours, I was ready to open. It was pretty scary. I didn’t know anyone in

the area, and I was worried about how to get my first clients. I had no savings left, so

failure was not an option. I had to go through some very hard times; at one point, I

almost became homeless, and there were times I wasn’t sure how I was going to buy

food. Before leaving HMPS, I remember someone asking me what my plan B was, my

answer: ‘I don’t have one because if you have a plan B, plan A will never work’!

What are the high’s and low’s of your job?

The highs: the sky is the limit; there are no lows – except of course the challenge of

lockdown, which could, and has, put paid to many small businesses. I just keep my

fingers crossed that this second lockdown will be the last.

What is your typical day at work?

I work a minimum of twelve hours a day. I open the studio at 8 am most days and

finish approx. 8-9 pm. I spend my days providing services for my clients: HYPOXI,

Formostar and NanoTech. The other beauty treatments are provided by my beauty

therapists. The job is very social, so all I do all day long is chat with my clients.

You offer other beauty services, besides HYPOXI?

Yes I do! We all enjoy being pampered and taking care of our physical health and

well-being, so I spent a lot of time listening to my clients. I learnt a lot about them

and their needs, before deciding to introduce other high-quality services to

complement HYPOXI. This means that my lovely clients can enjoy and make the

most of their time whilst in the studio. Other services include massage, reflexology,

laser hair removal, beauty treatments, infrared body wrap – and my latest find,

NanoTech Therapy.

What is NanoTech Therapy?

It is a really monumental anti-ageing treatment! It uses the latest Nano Technology,

and some of the results that can be achieved are amazing. There are no needles

involved, no downtime, no contraindications and requires minimum contact (which is

specially useful in these days of Covid-19). At present I am the only one to have this

in the UK, but I want to spread the word, so that everyone in this country can have

the opportunity to try it. There is more information about how it works on my

website https://www.hypoxichiswick.co.uk/nanotech-therapy

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I moved to these larger premises a little while ago, which meant I was able to provide

more treatment options for clients. Once I have all this in place, the next stage of this

exciting journey is to open more studios!

You’ll find Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio at 28 Chiswick High Road, London W4 1TE


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