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 Hiya Darlins,

I hope you are staying safe and well in these crazy times! I think we all find our own way of dealing with it all, whatever that may be I think the secret is to be kind to yourself, no point beating yourself up for things you can't control. Personally I can't wait for the day we can hug someone without fear and the day I can get into the shops using the back of my hand for all the beauty testers again.

In today's post I want to talk about the new craze for ampoules, yes I can hear you saying these have been around forever and Elizabeth Arden first did them, and you are right, but of late I seem to be seeing a massive increase in the use of ampoules and it looks as though if it can go on your face someone somewhere has put the ingredient into an ampoule, the tiny little pods that you twist open to reveal just the perfect amount of product for your skin. I have to confess to being a little obsessed with this application method, firstly for not allowing me to overdo when it comes to application, I tend to be very heavy handed when it comes to skincare, and secondly for the fact that it keeps the product fresh and hygienic with no exposure to air or light. * no double dipping* anything that leads to freshness and less waste is a pure winner in my book.

Of late I have been using 2 types of skincare ampoules from Skin Doctors;

Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals Potent Vit C Collagen Boosting Day Ampoules  

Each pot contains 50 ampoules that you use daily. 

Designed for daytime use Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Antioxidant properties allow the skin to regenerate and stop low levels of UV damage, Ascorbic Acid is renowned for it's collagen synthesis rejuvenating properties brightening dull complexions and reducing the look of age spots and discolouration. I found each ampoule plenty of product to cover my whole face and neck, they contain silicone which allows a perfect base for make up and leaves a smooth feeling to the skin.  I definitely notice a difference in the brightness to my skin with Vitamin C  and found these to be a super convenient way to apply the product they absorb easily and leave the skin feeling soft and comfortable, as always be sure to use SPF daily. 

Skin Doctors Cosmecuticals Potent Vit A Collagen Boosting Night Ampoules

Again 50 ampoules per pot to be used nightly in conjunction with the daily Vitamin C ampoule, these Retinol ampoules contain .15 pure Retinol treatment and have a patented technology Microsponge® which produces a slow release effect to minimise the irritation often found in Retinol, renowned for it's skin regeneration properties you will experience a faster cell turnover while helping to increase collagen levels that are lost as we age. Again the creamy formula in the ampoule covered face and neck, was easily absorbed and caused me no irritation, caution is always advised with Retinol, you may experience a slight tingling effect on first use and feel the need to start slowly to get your skin acclimatised if you are new to Retinol products, although the .15 is a good starting point so you shouldn't experience any problems.  Worth doing a 24 patch test first. And as always wear daily SPF.

Here's a weird sidenote, I became seriously curious about what the coating of these ampoules are made of and whether they could be recycled........I know! don't ask lol. After a lot of searching, and I think this is something the brand should SHOUT about although I couldn't find it anywhere on the website,  I discovered that they are biodegradable. Well, not being one to believe everything I read I put it to the test and popped an empty one in water (as you do) anyway you can see from the photo the result of half an hour in water, so YES I can confirm that they are fully biodegradable. 


Skin Doctors being cosmeceuticals are not a cosmetic "fluffy" brand, you will find all the care and advice you need on their website with the facility to ask questions directly. Products are suitable for Vegans.

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Stay safe and well

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