Boucleme Colour Toning Drops

 Hi Loves,

Anyone that knows me will know of my transition from what was once a Burgundy bob hair cut through to bleaching in an aim to eventually become fully grey, which is thankfully where I am now, interestingly so many people on my social media are attempting to become fully grey during this Covid situation, I think during lockdown so many missed their hairdressers they decided to brave the grey roots and embrace the transition.  The relief of no longer having to deal with root touch ups has been a blessing for me, but as anyone with grey or blonde hair knows keeping hair vibrant and avoiding the brassy look is a constant issue.

 I have to admit to trying virtually any brand that produces a shampoo and conditioner that promises to remove the brass, some are good, some are gimmicks, one of the downsides to using these matching products is that you are limited to what brands you use. Boucleme have totally solved that problem with their new Colour Toning Drops, I have never experienced anything like it! this little 30ml bottle contains the deepest indigo formula made with an innovative bioactive complex derived from three Australian coastal flowers, known for their unique rejuvenating and hydrating properties. The Red Spider Flower helps nourish and protect from free radical damage. Banksia, is full of potent anti-oxidants known to restore and shield from environmental stresses. Kangaroo Paw is packed full of potent regenerative properties and helps boost and lock in moisture. The innovative formula is also infused with nutrient rich Blue Spirulina, full of amino and essential fatty acids to stimulate hair growth and improve overall hair health. You simply add the drops to your existing hair products, shampoo, conditioner or hair styling products.

I added a couple of drops to both my shampoo and conditioner and the results were amazing, not only did it give my hair an almost pearl tone the condition was visibly shiny and softer.  What I would say is if you intend to use these in a stronger application it would be advisable to use gloves as I would imagine the colour could affect your nails, I used 3 drops each time and didn't need gloves.

This product has got to be the discovery of the year for me! I had no clue this way of toning was even possible and am delighted to have been introduced to them, I actually think these will become a regular purchase as I love not only the results but the freedom to mix with your own products.

I had to include a photo of the fur idiot ruining my perfect shot!!!  don't they say "Never work with Children & Animals?"

Suitable for Vegans.

Stay safe and well!

Lyn x

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