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 Hi My Loves,

I do love it when I can bring you what is to me a totally new discovery. Thalgo is just that brand, obviously like everyone I had heard of them but had not got round to trying them out, sowhen Thalgo got in touch  with an offer to try out some items I was delighted to say a very quick "yes please" 

It's always interesting trying something out that has been on your radar, as in the past I have been super excited only to be left feeling a little flat and  somewhat disappointed as quite often in beauty the hype is far better than the products themselves, Thalgo are that quiet confident brand that don't have to shout out to you by being brash and loud they just kind of sit there in quiet classy confidence! 

The history of the brand as written on their own website.

THALGO : a unique art of enhancing your Beauty, inspired by the five Oceans

In a little over 50 years, THALGO, a French brand and family business, has become the world leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics in Thalassotherapy centres, Spas and Beauty salons.

Our DNA makes us a committed brand, which draws its inspiration from the heart of the five Oceans and regularly wins awards for its innovations.

We champion Outstanding Marine Cosmetics, in perfect affinity with our skin, based on four pillars:

  • A very high level of innovation
  • Visible efficacy
  • Tolerance guaranteed
  • A unique sensory experience

The emblems of our Professional Excellence, our professional Face and Body Rituals combine technical expertise, performance, sensory pleasure and well-being to enhance the beauty of every woman.

Find THALGO in over 12,000 partner centres worldwide, who trust us for our professional expertise.

Let's talk about the three products I have sampled.

Thalgo  Exception Marine Redensifying Cream 50ml

This rich luxurious complex is by no means a one hit wonder, whilst you will notice a visible glow from the first application, this product proves its worth over time, Fortified with the brand’s patented Marine Replenishment Complex made from Algae extracts this cream is a treatment rather than a quick beauty shelf product. Designed to redefine the facial contours and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles this cram delivers on all aspects, given time and patience you will begin to see the results improve the further down the jar you go, talking of the jar, can we take a moment to appreciate just how gorgeous the design and shape of the jar are, way too good to hide away although as with all beauty products make sure it is protected from damaging light.

I found this cram a joy to experience, it melted into the skin without leaving a greasy residue, leaving a softer look to harsh lines and a definite visual improvement in tiny fine lines, my skin felt and looked plumper which we know gets rather diminished with age.

Thalgo Exception Marine Eyelid Lifting Cream 15ml jar ( 10ml shown here)

Purified Oat Sugars and a plant complex working with the brand's unique Marine replenishment complex have produced this super lightweight eyelid lifting cream, the tiniest amount used on the eyelids will show an instant improvement in reducing the looseness of the eyelid skin while hydrating and refreshing the skin for a more smoothed out look. I found this to be easy to use, rather habit forming as the results were fabulous and it worked well under makeup given a few moments to absorb.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks 8 x 2 patches 12ml

Hyaluronic acid with its ability to retain 1,000 times its weight in water is ideal for replenishing moisture to the eye area, and these little fabric patches are drenched in moisture making them perfect to use at anytime or an ideal pck me me up while getting ready for a night out, you only need 10 minutes for them to work their magic and unlike a lot of other eye masks these stay in place perfectly, allowing you to either relax while wearing them or get on with the job of getting ready, it is tempting to leave them on longer but there really is no need and they will dry out if left too long. Once removed your skin is boosted with moisture leaving you looking more awake and refreshed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using these products and was delighted with the results,I do believe that Thalgo are heading towards the "must have" firm favourites list!

Lyn x

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