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Hi my lovely friend, 

I have to be honest and say during lockdown I have been pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, what I mean by that is visits to the hairdressers didn't take place and my hair GREW! that in itself isn't a major problem but the one major concern I have is the ends, you know those crispy little buggers that let your hair down and are visible evidence that you need a good trim! mine weren't great if i'm honest and really did need a little TLC, this is where Ogario came into play.

I have had the pleasure of treating my hair to to the Restore and Shine hair mask from the brand that specialise purely in plant based hair care with no animal testing. The beauty of plant based hair care is that it leaves no chemical build up on the hair leading to dehydration and dullness, with Ogario the products are highly concentrated which means that a little goes a long way, representing both quality ingredients and value for money, as there are no silicones in this mask added for *fake* shine the products produce better results with regular use as they are actually working on restoring the hair rather than just coating it for instant *temporary* results.

The brand offer a complete natural hair care range from shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products.

Ogario London Restore and Shine with Lavender & Sage 200ml

This mask offers all the goodness of Lavender & Sage in a concentrated formula that is suitable for all hair types, simply wet the hair before shampooing soak up excess water with a towel and apply the formula to where your hair needs it most, mine was obviously the ends, leave for 10 minutes or longer, I wrapped my hair in an Aquis turban and left it for an hour for a really deep treatment, the result was fabulous and the fragrance gave a real salon/spa experience, the product rinsed easily and followed by shampoo and conditioner my frizzy end problem looked a whole heap better than when I started, what I will say is that I have experienced better results over time with this masque, it's not an instant fix it's designed to work deep into the cuticle with pro vitamin B5 to plump each strand with moisture while healing split ends.

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Lyn  x

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