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I love it when something comes along that you can be truly excited about. Guava & Gold is that brand!

You probably haven't heard of them as they are very new to the beauty market. UK owned and made, being founded only a year ago by Ex Barrister Clare Price, yep I know it's a career transition beyond belief but Clare had a vision to to create an elegant, capsule collection of products with ethical credentials, inspired by heady reflections of the tropics and a desire to capture unforgettable, exotic holiday memories in a bottle.  As we all know scent is the perfect memory stimulant, and just the slightest hint of a fragrance can transport your mind to recall, places, experiences and even people, so for me the brand has hit the spot in that department.

There is something quite exciting about this brand not only the products but the ethos behind the branding is lovely, Clare is a firm advocate for women in business, has a strong passion for the environment, the collections all come in completely recyclable packaging and when you shop with them online they attempt to use the smallest least wasteful packaging possible. ( I love it)  But the work doesn’t stop there, with plans to move to bio-polymer bottles, made from sugar cane extract, and to incorporate water-free products into the collection so as to further limit Guava & Gold’s impact on the environment. The brand also donate 20% of sales during Covid-19 to Beauty Banks X NHS Campaign!

Let's talk about the products, there are four collections to choose from, here I have the Coco & Cherimoya hair care, and Paradise Found Body Lotion.

Guava & Gold Coco & Cherimoya Shampoo 250ml 

The first thing to hit you is the rather luxurious packaging, it actually looks like a very decadent treat, rather than just boring old haircare. I had to look up Cherimoya, I discovered it is a fruit, better known to us as a Custard Apple, high in antioxidants and Vitamin B6.

The very second you apply this shampoo you are transported somewhere incredibly exotic, literally just stand and breathe for a while in the shower!  Coconut, the slight Peach of Cherimoya and Bergamot combine in this creamy lather that leaves your hair feeling super clean and refreshed. I tend to do only one wash when using this as I honestly didn't feel like my hair needed two washes.

Guava & Gold Coco & Cherimoya Conditioner 250ml

Again with its luxurious matching packaging, my usual criticism of matching shampoo and conditioner packaging is that if, like me you need glasses to read, it's often quite difficult to differentiate the bottles when in the shower, not so with Guava & Gold, the shades are clearly visible in the clear bottles, so no confusion on my part, which was a bonus!

The conditioner has the richest creamiest consistency with a pearl shimmer running through it that is honestly a luxury experience, applied to the roots and run through to the ends your hair is left like silk with no tangles or knots.  Trust me, once used you will want to be smelling your own head! 

Guava & Gold Paradise Found Body Lotion 200ml

Again with its luxury packaging this body lotion could not fail to delight you, the fragrance combination, Mandarin, Freesia, Pear Blossom couple with Tuberose and Jasmine are literally mind blowing, just the most gorgeous long lasting fragrance that deeply moisturises the skin leaving it fully hydrated, fragranced and not slightly tacky, the moisture in this lotion lasted and could still be felt on my skin at the end of the day, that said you may be tempted to jump in the shower again just so that you can use it for a second time in the day.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this brand, everything from the ethos to the quality of products have been a joy to discover.

Check out the Guava & Gold website here.

Lyn  x

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