Dr Barbara Sturm Night Ampoules

 Hiya Darlins

I first heard of Dr Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics while having a facial from another brand at Harvey Nichols London, I won't mention the name of the brand as the therapist literally sang the praises of Dr Sturm the whole time I was there, telling me that I would never find another skincare brand to touch it!  ever since then I have literally lusted after the brand and it's VERY expensive products, thinking they must be priced that high as you get what you pay for in life.

Of late I have have tested out 

  • Sturm Cleanser
  • Sturm Facial Scrub
  • Sturm Face Mask
  • Sturm Hyaluronic Serum
  • Sturm Calming Serum
  • Sturm Glow Drops
  • Sturm Face Cream
  • Sturm Body Cream
  • Sturm Night Ampoules
This German skincare brand has a veritable arsenal available and in some cases ie: anti ageing  will have  you do a 13 step routine.........hold the mortgage payments! what I will say is if you are keen to try out the brand they do have what they call the candy shop where you can buy sample sizes before making your long term investment, I often think when brands do this it shows confidence in their products, happy in the knowledge that once you have sampled you will be back for more.

Dr Barbara Sturm Night Ampoules  - 7 ampoules 2 ml each 

The seven ampoules are said to boost the nightly renewal process for your skin. 
with active ingredients:
  • Purslane Extract
  • Beta-Glucan
  •  Hyaluronic Acid
  • Cotton Thistle Extract
  • Cassia Alata Leaf Extract
  • Tropical Reed Extract
  • Poria Cocos
  • Plankton

My first night using these was an utter disaster, the glass ampoules come with a small plastic cap that you are to use to snap open the glass bottles freeing up the contents, night one I had a small splinter of glass enter my finger leaving me applying not only serum but blood to my face! not impressed at all but I thought I must had been doing something wrong, I referred  back to the instructions and all seemed correct, so the next night I took more care. Things improved over the seven nights as I got used to handling broken glass with CAUTION. I hated this experience it felt so far from the luxury experience I had been anticipating. I used my ampoules religiously over the seven nights and saw nothing in the way of improvement to my skin or it's texture, on applying the serum it does feel really nice and your skin tightens slightly looking really quite fresh, but as for an improvement over the week, I was left disappointed.  That said, they are roughly the price of a decent facial and I have had facials before that left me lacking in excitement, so unfortunately they are a definite no from me and  I won't be repeating this purchase.  I have to admit to being totally disappointed as I know Dr Sturm has a huge fan base worldwide and I really wanted to love these, as much as other products I have tried from the brand.

I will be reporting on the other products in due course.

Lyn x

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