Smile Science Harley St. D Crease Rapid Wrinkle Reduction

 Hiya Darlins

Let me start by saying that this post is not slating wrinkles, we all have them or will have them, they are part of life and what makes us.  Would I go out and buy a product that promises to Rapidly Reduce my Wrinkles? No!  with that said I can see there is a definite market for this type of product and I can see why people would be attracted to it.

This product is actually really honest in what it claims to do, it makes no false promises about being the elixir of youth and makes no promises about long term benefits, it literally does what it says on the box.

Smile Science D Crease Rapid Wrinkle Reduction 12ml 

It reduces the look of lines and wrinkles instantly......... let me say that again, reduces the LOOK, this is a product that will literally tighten your face for up to eight hours using Silicate Minerals, so if you have a special occasion or just want to lift and tighten this is the product for you, like I said previously I can see why people would be attracted to it. Wedding, Interview, hot date.........although don't stay out too long or he will be in for a shock! I have no clue why but it makes me think of Cinderella and midnight! 

I actually love the lab looking syringe packaging it makes it feel very clinical and  sciencey, the fact is that it dispenses just the right amount of product if you want to treat specific areas. I used it on my marionette lines as this is the area that bothers me the most, you can see the difference in the picture, from the side that I applied the cream, it was even by my critical standards pretty impressive, I have to admit to being slightly disappointed that it worked so well, I have never ever believed in this sort of product and have always likened them to egg white, BUT credit where it's due this product proved me wrong as the photo shows.

No makeup, Untouched and unfiltered live photo.

If you have an occasion or just fancy seeing what your face looks like with a few less lines, give it a try.

Smile Science Harley St

Stay safe, well and happy.

Lyn x

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