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You may remember a little while back me talking about another book by Sara Davenport Reboot Your Brain at the end of that post I mentioned that I had another book by Sara and this time around I have read Reboot Your Health.

In truth this is not what you would call a reading book in the strict sense although I did struggle to put it down, for me it's more of a reference book and something that I think I will re-visit often, not only are there DIY tests for you to do enabling you to assess your current health situation, there are detailed guides on understanding the tests and acting on the results.  I am not for one moment suggesting you skip your GP if you have an illness but for overall general health you couldn't go far wrong than with this book.

The book contains everything you need to know about vitamins and nutrition, if you have ever stood in a health food shop and looked at bottles of pills with weird looking names in a blank and vacant fashion then this is definitely a read for you, I have learned so much about those weird looking names it has made me feel more confident about what I do and don't need, If, like me you just throw down a multi- vitamin in the hope that you are covering all bases, Sara's book will give you the confidence to know and understand what your body truly does need so you can shop with confidence.

The action plans are laid out in a simple practical way that are easy to both understand and follow, with little "Top Tips" scattered throughout the pages. it's a comfortable no complicated read that gives practical sound advise. Alongside my Dairy Book of Cookery that I have held onto since the 70's I definitely think this one is a keeper that will have you searching it's pages time and again.

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Stay safe and well my gorgeous friend.

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