NEW SBC Hydra-Collagen Super Boost Shampoo & Super Shine Conditioner


NEW SBC Hydra-Collagen Super Boost Shampoo & Super Shine Conditioner

Hiya Darlins

Here's something brand new from our favourites at SBC, we already know and love the brand for their fantastic skin and body ranges plus the super value QVC offers that appear and now we can enjoy the very same quality Collagen for our hair!

This shampoo and conditioner is described as Anti-Ageing..........I'm not convinced that you can Anti-Age your hair but what I will say is that at a certain age our hair definitely has different needs, again affected by hormones, so while I think this range is fabulous and does a marvellous job of restoring and conditioning dull lacklustre hair I don't think it will turn back time time permanently.  ( sang in my best Cher voice) 

I have been using these for a couple of weeks and have to say I am pretty flipping impressed, they are designed to suit all hair types, mine tends to be pretty normal but with dry ends.  

SBC Hydra-Collagen Super Boost Shampoo. All hair types. 300 or 500ml 

Firstly the fragrance is super refreshing with a hint of citrus, perfect for that morning wake up boost. Containing a nourishing blend of Collagen, Keratin,  Marula, Passion Flower Seed and Kukui Nut Oils, this shampoo contains no sulphates or silicones which is fab as silicones tend to weigh the hair down and give a false coating shine rather than a truly lightweight feel and shine. 

Lathers really well and rinses easily leaving you with clean fresh locks every time.

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SBC Hydra-Collagen Super Shine Conditioner.  300 or 500ml

Again Marine Collagen and Keratin are joined with Kuku seed, Passion flower seed and Marula oils plus added Pro-Vitamin B5, the conditioner will leave your hair soft, shiny, feeling lightweight and super moisturised with the most incredible shine and bounce. Again Sulphate and Silicone free.

SBC has the biggest army of loyal fans, definitely worth giving them a try to see if you join the army!

Lyn x

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