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 Hi Loves,

House Cats London was something totally new to me I had not heard of them until I was asked to trial these products, what a fantastic discovery!

The Brand are actually a Manicure & Prosecco Bar based in both Fulham London, and Teddington Middlesex. You can experience a Blow Dry, Manicure, Pedicure, Prosecco Bar, Coffee Shop and a Professional Makeup Treatment all under one (two) roofs!!

What the brand say........... Since its foundation, House Cats London has always been striving to provide the highest quality treatments to our clients with mainly focusing on improving and highlighting their health, well-being and natural beauty.

That is why we have decided to design and create a collection of Body and Nail Care products, which will naturally boost our customers’ health and wellness.
Working with the best laboratories and botanical companies we have developed exceptionally high quality selection of Scrubs, Butter creams and Oils with remarkably high percentage of natural ingredients”

I tried and tested 5 products from the brand.

House Cats Hygiene Gel 500ml 

 I have to start by saying this Gel literally blew me away, so much so that I have purchased smaller bottles to be able to decant and carry this with me, at only £9.00 for a whopping 500ml it's the bargain of the year!  This clear Gel is 60% Alcohol  so you absolutely know it's going to do its job on the hygiene stakes, but the tiny aqua dots you see throughout the gel are Aloe Vera spheres which moisturise beautifully, you would expect this gel to be harsh and damaging on the skin, but no, whilst it does its work at protecting from germs it leaves you with soft fragrant skin.  Be aware that you are hit instantly with a strong alcohol fragrance this very quickly subsides to leave you with hydrated fragrant hands. 

I honestly cannot praise this gel highly enough!

House Cats Ultra Rich Foot Cream Ginger & Verbena 300ml

Anyone that uses any kind of foot cream or products knows that there is a huge difference between what works and what is literally hyped up hand cream for your feet. This cream is 83 % natural ingredients with the addition of Urea, this for me is what makes this product stand out, Urea WORKS in softening  and reducing hard skin.  The cream is deeply moisturising, smells fantastic and quite simply works! Although you would probably get far more pleasure having it applied in the salon than doing it yourself, what you do get is a product that is outstanding value and can be used on both feet and lower legs.

House Cats Ultra Rich Hand & Body Cream  Melon, Guava & Mango 300ml

This is honestly a dessert in a tub!   firstly the fragrance is out of this world, so good you will want to eat yourself!  This rich luxuriant cream absorbs easily leaving your skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated. Again with that magic ingredient Urea with glycerin to lock in moisture while the jojoba seed oil and shea butter deliver the softening and moisturising. 

House Cats Cuticle Oil 15ml

I tested out two of these oils both with equal results both with added vitamins and jojoba oil, I think the only thing to choose between these two is your fragrance preference as they both delivered results. 

Ginger, Verbena & Lime  or Melon Guava & Mango, my personal favourite for fingers is the Melon Guava & Mango as it Matches the Rich Body Cream, if you wanted to be really exotic you could treat yourself to both and have Ginger, Verbena & Lime match your foot Cream with the same fragrance.  The thing I would say about these oils apart from the fact that they work in doing a fabulous job of hydrating and softening the cuticles is that because of the fragrances being so good it encourages you to keep reaching for them, which surely has to be a good thing?

When these products arrived I admit to being slightly underwhelmed, while the packaging is cute it comes across as a homemade kitchen table product, that said, my daughter picked up a jar from my desk and had an OMG how cute moment!  so each to their own I guess. What I will say though is this brand is honest to god a hidden gem!  talk about first impressions being deceiving!!!  I would definitely spend my own money on these and have been delighted to discover something new that really does work! talk about lucky find.

Check out House Cats London for more info.

Lyn  x

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