Smile Science Harley St. D Crease Rapid Wrinkle Reduction

Hiya Darlins Let me start by saying that this post is not slating wrinkles, we all have them or will have them, they are part of life and what makes us.  Would I go out and buy a product that promises to Rapidly Reduce my Wrinkles? No!  with that said I can see there is a definite market for this type of product and I can see why people would be attracted to it. This product is actually really honest in what it claims to do, it makes no false promises about being the elixir of youth an… Read more

Reeboot Your Health Sara Davenport

Hi Loves You may remember a little while back me talking about another book by Sara Davenport Reboot Your Brain  at the end of that post I mentioned that I had another book by Sara and this time around I have read Reboot Your Health. In truth this is not what you would call a reading book in the strict sense although I did struggle to put it down, for me it's more of a reference book and something that I think I will re-visit often, not only are there DIY tests for you to do enablin… Read more

House Cats London

Hi Loves, House Cats London was something totally new to me I had not heard of them until I was asked to trial these products, what a fantastic discovery! The Brand are actually a Manicure & Prosecco Bar based in both Fulham London, and Teddington Middlesex. You can experience a Blow Dry, Manicure, Pedicure, Prosecco Bar, Coffee Shop and a Professional Makeup Treatment all under one (two) roofs!! What the brand say...........  “ Since its foundation, House Cats London has always been … Read more

NEW SBC Hydra-Collagen Super Boost Shampoo & Super Shine Conditioner

Hiya Darlins Here's something brand new from our favourites at SBC, we already know and love the brand for their fantastic skin and body ranges plus the super value QVC offers that appear and now we can enjoy the very same quality Collagen for our hair! This shampoo and conditioner is described as Anti-Ageing..........I'm not convinced that you can Anti-Age your hair but what I will say is that at a certain age our hair definitely has different needs, again affected by hormones,… Read more

Alpha -H QVC TSV Liquid Gold Firming & Hydrating Collection August 15th

Hi Loves By now I don't need to tell you of my complete love for all things Alpha-H.  This family run award winning Australian business has evolved over the last 25 years into a global phenomenon favoured by ordinary women like us alongside celebrity fans worldwide.  The brand are celebrating 15 years in the UK with a special TSV (Today's Special Value) via QVC for the limited period of 24 hours from August 15th-16th You really don't want to miss out as these TSV promotions… Read more